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Liaoning Introduction

Liaoning is a northeastern province of the People's Republic of China. Its o­ne-character abbreviation is Liao."Liáo" is an ancient name for this region, which was adopted by the Liao Dynasty (Khitan Empire) which ruled this area between 907 and 1125"Níng" means "peacefulness". The modern province was established in 1907 as Fengtian province and the name was changed to Liaoning in 1929. Under the Japanese puppet Manchukuo regime, the province reverted to its old name, but the name Liaoning was restored in 1945.Liaoning is located in the southern part of China's Northeast. Liaoning borders the Yellow Sea (Korea Bay) and the Bohai Gulf in the south, North Korea in the southeast, Jilin Province to the northeast, Hebei Province to the west, and Inner Mongolia to the northwest.The Yalu River marks the border between North Korea and the Chinese provinces of Jilin and Liaon

Tips: Liaoning Province Tourism complaints Tel: 024-86230222 Civil Aviation Cargo Information: 024-89392321024-89392499 Civil Aviation Ticket Information: 024-89392529024-23233835 Shenyang North S..

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Northeast Tourist Attractions

  • Zhao Maunoleum

    Zhao Maunoleum

    The Zhao Tomb is located 10 kilometers north of Shenyang, Liaoning and is therefore called "the north tomb". It is the emperor Huangtaiji and empress's tomb.

  • Chessboard Mesa

    Chessboard Mesa

    Introduction: ChessBoard Mesa is located in northeast Shenyang, o­n the east of Fushun, to the west of new high-tech agricultural zones, to the south of Hunhe River, o­n the no..

  • Da Bijia Mountain

    Da Bijia Mountain

    Introduction:Bijia (penholder) Mountain Scenic Area, 20Km away from the Cucurbit Island, o­n the east of Liaodong Bay, adjacent to Jinzhou Port, covering a total area of 8 square kil..

  • Forest Zoo

    Forest Zoo

    Introduction:Dalian Forest Zoo is located in the east of beautiful Baiyun(white cloud) Mountain Villa Scenic Area. The zoo attachs importance to the natural landscape, and give perfect com..

  • Dalishu


    IntroductionDalishu Dongsheng flower and fruit mountain. It is Located in the Dalishu village of Fengcheng city, It is 12 kilometers’ distance away from Fengcheng City, It is 2.5 kilomet..

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