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Hubei Introduction

Hubei Province partly belonged to the Prefecture of E during the Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279), hence, its abbreviation of E. It is located in the central riches of the Yangtze River, to the north of the Dongting Lake. The region was under the administration of the State of Chu during the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods ( 7 720BC-221BC BC) , the Prefecture of Jing in the Han Dynasty ( 206BC 220), Hubeilu in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and Huguang Province in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Hubei Province was set in early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) with Wuhan as the capital city. It covers 180,000 sq. km with a population of 56.54 million. The physical feature of Hubei is higher in the west with the Daba Mountain and Shennongjia more than 3, 100 m above sea level and lower in the east with the Yangtz&Hanjiang Plain. There are countless lakes o­n the p..

Tips: Hubei Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Complaint Tel: (027) 84818760,84822512 Fax: (027) 84822513 Yellow Crane Tower Management Service 027-88877330 Tourism Bureau of ..

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Central China Tourist Attractions Maps

Central China Tourist Attractions

  • Dongting Lake

    Dongting Lake

    Dongting Lake, the second largest fresh water lakes in China, is located in northeastern Hunan with an extensive catchment area including the whole of Hunan and parts of the neighboring pr..

  • Junshan


    Introduction Junshan  is located in the East Dongting Lake, 12 kilometers southwest from Yueyang city. It faces the famous ancient building. Junshan is situated in the key position o..

  • Yandi Mausoleum

    Yandi Mausoleum

    Introduction The mausoleum of Emperor Yandi is in Luyuan Slope, 19 kilometers west of Yanling County, Hunan Province, the tomb area is 5 square kilometers. It is the State Preservation Un..

  • Yunyang National Forest Park

    Yunyang National Forest Park

    Introduction By the Mishui River, some 2.5 km west of Chaling County seat is Yunyang National Forest Park with the Yunyang Mountain, a well-known o­ne in East Hunan, as the center. ..

  • Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park

    Tortoise Hill (Guishan) Park

    IntroductionTortoise Hill (Guishan), which looks like a huge tortoise, is in the north of Hanyang across the Yangtze River from Snake Hill. With the Hanshui River also flowing by in the ..

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Hotels in Popular Central China

  • Yonggang Hotel

    Yonggang Hotel

    Two-star or Less Wuhan Hanyang Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Bogong Hotel

    Bogong Hotel

    Two-star or Less Changsha Kaifu Price:-

    The elegant hotel coffee shop environment, provide a wide range of drinks.---

  • Hengyang Kangnian International Hotel

    Hengyang Kangnian International Hotel

    Three-star Hengyang Price:-

    The Hengyang Kangnian International Hotel (Hengyang Kangnian Guoji Dajidian) is located in the commercial and entertainment area of Hengyang. Hengyang East Railway Station is a ten-minute d..

  • Milkyway Hotel

    Milkyway Hotel

    Three-star Changsha Furong Price:-

    The Milkyway Hotel (Yinhe Jiudian) is situated just 400 meters from the railway station, and is 25 kilometers from the airport. The hotel has 202 guestrooms with basic facilities.There a..

  • Motel 168 (Changsha Furong Branch)

    Motel 168 (Changsha Furong Branch)

    Two-star or Less Changsha Kaifu Price:-

    Set amidst Changsha's central business area, the Motel 168 (Changsha Furong Branch) is within easy reach to the capital's political, cultural and business hubs. The Hunan Provincial Mu..

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