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Shaoguan is China outstanding tourist city and the Guangdong Province cultured and civilized city, located at Guangdong's north gate, north meets Hunan, Jiangxi, south the Zhujiang Delta, already more than 2100 year urban history, is the Guangdong famous historical city until now continually. o­n May 29, 2004 authorized the Shaoguan partial administration regionalization adjustment after the State Council, presently governs Zhenjiang District, Wujiang District, the Qujiang area, Renhua County, Shixing County, the Wengyuan county, Xinfeng County and the Ruyuan Yao national minority autonomous county, acted as an agent Lechang, the Namyung city. Total area 18,400 square kilometers, at the end of 2003 total population 3,148,500 people. Shaoguan urban district area 2856 square kilometers, population 894,700 people. Zhenjiang, Wu Jiang converge the Beijiang River in the urban district. The Shaoguan urban district, the gr..

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Shaoguan Tourist Attractions

  • Danxia Mountain

    Danxia Mountain

    China's Red Rocks Park,Danxia Mountain is located in Shaoguan City,covering an area of 290 square kilometers. It is the largest and most beautiful senic spot in Guangdong Province. Da..

  • The Lion Rock

    The Lion Rock

    Introduction:Located in southwest of Qujiang county, the Lion Rock is 18 kilometers from Shaoguan downtown. It is well-known far and near as a site of Maba ancients and Shixia culture rui..

  • Nine Torrents and Eighteen Shoals

    Nine Torrents and Eighteen Shoals

    Introduction       Nine Raids and Eighteen Beaches Drift lies in the Wujiang River between Pingshi Town and the urban area of Lechang city, It runs 60 kilo..

  • Nanhua Buddhist Temple

    Nanhua Buddhist Temple

    IntroductionNanhua Buddhist Temple lies o­n the side of Caoxi, six kilometers away from Maba Town, Qujiang County. The temple was first built in A.D.502, more than 1,500 years ago...

  • Bibei Yao Fastness

    Bibei Yao Fastness

    IntroductionBibei Yao Fastness lies in Bibei Town in Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, 56 kilometers from Shaoguan city. It is the point of origin for the overseas Yao nationality. It is surro..


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