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         Shangxi Province is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Loess Plateau starts from the Taihang Mountain in the east to the Wuqiao Range in the west. Its east part belongs to Shanxi Province. Most of the areas in the province are covered by loess. The depth of loess layer ranges from 30 meters to 100 meters. Shanxi Province is in the center of Loess Plateau. It has the Taihang Mountain and the Lvliang Mountain o­n the east and west sides as well as the Zhongtiao Mountain and the Henshan Mountain o­n the south and north sides. The Yellow River flows through the southwest of the province. It covers an area of 156,000 square kilometers.      Shanxi is o­ne of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilizations. It was the land of the Jin State during the Spring and Autumn Period. Therefore, it is called Jin for short. The str..

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Shanxi Tourist Attractions Maps

Shanxi Tourist Attractions

  • Tianlongshan Grottos

    Tianlongshan Grottos

    Introduction:Tianlong Mountain is also called Square Mountain, the altitude is 1,700 meters. The scenery here is beautiful. It used to be the summer palace of the father of Gaoyang Empero..

  • Twin Pagoda Temple

    Twin Pagoda Temple

    Introduction:The original name of Twin Pagoda Temple is Yongzuo Temple; it was first built in the period of Wanli of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).Two pagodas stand in this temple, making..

  • Chongshan Temple

    Chongshan Temple

    Introduction:Chongshan Temple was initially built in the early period of the Tang Dynasty and the later period of the Sui Dynasty. Its original name is Baima Temple, and then changed into..

  • Chunyang Palace

    Chunyang Palace

    Introduction:It was initially built in the later Song Dynasty (960-1279) for giving sacrifices to the Taoism supernatural being Lu Dongbin, so it also has a name of Luzu Temple. During t..

  • Jinci Temple

    Jinci Temple

    Introduction:Jinci Temple tourism area is located in the 25 km southwest of Taiyuan city. The main sights are Jinci Temple, built in North Wei dynasty; the former name is Tang Shuyu Temp..

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Hotels in Popular Shanxi

  • Mount Wutai Longhua Hotel

    Mount Wutai Longhua Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star Wutaishan Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Heng Shengfu Inn

    Heng Shengfu Inn

    Preparatory Three-star Pingyao Price:-

    The Heng Shengfu Inn (Pingyao Hengshengfu Kezhan) is located in UNESCO world heritage site Pingyao ancient city.The building of Pingyao guesthouse speaks of traditional Pingyao folk house s..

  • Home Inn (Taiyuan Shenglijie )

    Home Inn (Taiyuan Shenglijie )

    Two-star or Less Taiyuan Xinghualing Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Air Harbor Resort

    Air Harbor Resort

    Five-star Yuncheng Price:-

    The Air Harbor Resort (Konggang Dujiacun) is a deluxe vacation hotel located on East Guangong Street, Konggang New Area, Yuncheng city. It is situated close to the Yuncheng Airport and..

  • can RESERVED

    can RESERVED

    Two-star or Less Xiaoyi Price:-


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