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Situated in the central part of the coastal area of Fujian Province, Putian neighbors Fuzhou in the northeast and Quanzhou in the southeast, separated from Taiwan by the Taiwan Strait. Putian city administers 4 districts (Chengxiang, Hanjiang, Licheng, Xiuyu) and 1 county (Xianyou) . It has an area of 4119 square kilometres and a population of 3.04 million.Putian County was formed in the year of 568. Over the hundreds of years following that, it was abolished and then re-established several times. Through all these major and minor changes, Putian City emerged in 1983. The city nestles to the hilly area of southeastern coastal area of Fujian. The whole terrain inclines from the northwest to the southeast, and the land is higher in the north, lower in the south. There is a shortage of cultivated areas. Putian is adjacent to the sea, and consequently the weather is moderate and humid all the year round. Enjoying a typical..

Tips: Fuzhou Changle International Airport Tel :0591-28013249, 28013246,28013247,28013248 Meizhou Island Matsu temples inquiry Tel :0594-50962675092643 Putian City Tourism Bureau Tel: 2656677 Xian..

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Putian Tourist Attractions

  • Meizhou Island

    Meizhou Island

    Located in east-central coastal areas of Fujian,facing each other across the Strait,Meizhou Island is called Meizhou just as the shape like eyebrow.

  • Meizhou island national tourism holiday zone

    Meizhou island national tourism holiday zone

    Introduction Meizhou Island is located in the north of Meizhou Bay, it is national tourism zone now. It is 9.6 kilometers long in north south direction, 1.3 kilometers in east west direc..

  • Mulan Pond

    Mulan Pond

    Introduction The Mulan Pond is located at the foot of Mulan Mountain in Pitou Village, five kilometers south of Putian City, Fujian Province.The Mulan Ancient Dam, 5km from the city prop..

  • Sanqing hall

    Sanqing hall

    IntroductionThe Sanqing hall of Xuanmiao Abbey is o­ne of the best preserved Taoist architectural complex building in Tang Dynasty. This cultural relic under state protection is located..

  • Putian Jiuli Lake Scenery Area

    Putian Jiuli Lake Scenery Area

    Located o­n the summit of Wanshan Mountain, 25 kilometers from the eastern part of Xianyou County, the lake area is known for the lake, caves, waterfalls, and rocks, with cliffside w..

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