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Located in the northern part of Jiangxi province, Mt. Lushan faces Yangtze River to the north and borders Poyang Lake (the largest fresh water lake in China) o­n the east. Overlooking southward o­n top of the mountain, the Poyang Lake is like a silver mirror. In the north, the Yangtse River looks like a jade ribbon flying to the east. The mountain consists of 99 peaks, of which, the major Peak Dahanyang rises 1474 meters (914.1 miles) above the sea level. Lushan is a hoist style fault block, which integrates mountain, river and lake into o­ne unit. The picturesque mountain is famous in China and worldwide for its grandeur, queerness of shape, perilousness and elegance. Lushan's views of the plains and the Yangtze are breathtaking. It is full of lovely trees, hills, pavilions, and old Tang pagodas and temples. Since the surrounding water contributes to a rainy and humid weather of the mountain area,..

Tips: Jiujiang City Tourism Bureau Tel :0792-8225571 Address: xunyang road 338, Jiujiang cityLushan Tourism Bureau Tel :0792-8282998, 8285760 Address:, Olive Road 849, Lushan cityLushan administ..

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Lushan Tourist Attractions

  • Lushan Mountain

    Lushan Mountain

    IntroductionSituated in the north of Jiangxi Province, at 115°52'-116°08E'29°26-29°41'N, it occupies an area of 302 square Kilometers, The Great Hang Yang Peak, the highe..

  • The Five-Old-Man Peak

    The Five-Old-Man Peak

    IntroductionFive-Old man Peak are located in the southeast of the Lushan Mountain, next to the Poyang Lake in the east, with an altitude of 1,358 meters. It is towering against the sky a..

  • Three Stage Spring

    Three Stage Spring

    IntrouductionThe three stages are formed by spring water flowing down two huge rocks and it is called the "first wonder of Lushan." A saying goes that "a visit to Lushan doesn't co..

  • Hanpo Pass

    Hanpo Pass

    IntroductionFrom this mountain pass overlooking the vast and misty Poyang Lake, visitors can see the junk-dotted lake blending with the sky and the towering Hanyang and Litoujian peaks shro..

  • Flower Path (Huajing)

    Flower Path (Huajing)

    IntroductionThis park is said to be where the distinguished Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi (772-846) o­nce recited poems to eulogize the beautiful peach blossoms. Here, flowers, grass, a..

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Hotels in Popular Jiangxi

  • Wangjiangting Hotel

    Wangjiangting Hotel

    Three-star Lushan Price:-

    The Wangjiangting Hotel (Wangjiangting Binguan) is located adjacent to Wangjiang Pavilion, about 200 meters from the North Gate of Lu Shan and 1.5 km from the center of Guling Jie.The hot..

  • Lushan Kuangcheng Hotel

    Lushan Kuangcheng Hotel

    Three-star Lushan Guling Town Price:-

    Set against Ganlan Shan, Lushan Kuangcheng Hotel (Lushan Kuangcheng Binguan) is located on the bustling Guling Zhengjie, adjacent to the Administration Bureau of Lushan Scenic Area. The..

  • Jingong Hotel

    Jingong Hotel

    Two-star or Less Lushan Guling Town Price:-

    The Gold Palace Mountain Villa (Lushan Jingong Shanzhuang), lies in Mount Lushan's east valley an area known as a "natural oxygen bar." Green hills encircle the villa on four sides, a..

  • Lushan Hotel

    Lushan Hotel

    Five-star Lushan Guling Town Price:-

    The Lu Shan Hotel (Lushan hotel) is a garden-style villa located in the center of Gu Ling with convenient access to local transportation networks.The Dining area serves fare based on "Ol..

  • Lushan Sanatorium of the National People's Congress

    Lushan Sanatorium of the National People's Congress

    Two-star or Less Lushan Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

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