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Located in the west of Henan Province in central China, Luoyang occupies quite an important geographic location. It is in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and is encircled by mountains and plains. To its east and west are the Hu Lao Pass and Han Gu Pass which were essential domestic transportation junctions in ancient times. To its north, Mengjin County was an important ferry crossing of the Yellow River. Thus, Luoyang was selected as the capital city by 13 dynasties starting from the Xia Dynasty (21st-16th century BC) in the 21st century BC. In the period following the Han Dynasty (206BC-220), and particularly during the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) dynasties, the city experienced a period of growth and prosperity and ranked as o­ne of the international metropolitans of the time.Its long history endows Luoyang with a profound sense of culture. The city is the cradle of Chinese civilization where many Chin..

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Luoyang Tourist Attractions

  • White Cloud Mountain

    White Cloud Mountain

    IntroductionThe Baiyunshan National Forest Park was established in September, 1992. Located in the hinterland of the Funiu Mountain Ridge, southern Song County, Luoyang, the park occupies ..

  • Guanlin Temple

    Guanlin Temple

    Introduction Guanlin Temple, o­ne of the three famous tombs of Guan Yu, is the o­nly ancient architectural complex combining tomb, temple and forest and the national 4A level tour..

  • Ancient Tombs Museum

    Ancient Tombs Museum

    Introduction Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum, as its name implies, is a reputed museum devoted to the display of ancient tombs. It is located at Mang Hill, 10 km (6 miles) north of Luoyang..

  • Qiantangzhizhai


    Introduction Situated at the Tiemen Township in the west of Xin’an County, 45 kilometers away from Luoyang City, Qiantangzhizhai is o­ne of the collection spots of epitaphs of the Ta..

  • White Garden

    White Garden

    IntroductionThe White Garden is situated o­n the Pipa Peak of Dong Moutain , 12 kilometers (about 7 miles) away to the south of Luoyang City. This garden was constructed based o­..

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Hotels in Popular Henan

  • New Juhe Hotel

    New Juhe Hotel

    Three-star Luoyang Xigong Price:-

    The New Ju He Hotel (Xinjuhe Jiudian) is located at 19, Jie Fang Road, the city's political, financial and business center. This splendid location, just 11 kilometers from the Airpo..

  • Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel

    Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel

    Four-star Luoyang Jianxi Price:-

    The Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel (Luoyang Huayang Guangchang Guoji Dafandian) is located on West Kaixuan Road in Jianxi District and offers guests easy access to local shopping and entertainment a..

  • Jiudu Hotel

    Jiudu Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Luoyang Xigong Price:-

    North of downtown Luoyang, Luoyang's Jiudu Hotel (Jiudu Binguan) is a modern tourism hotel only 500 meters from Luoyang railway station and 7 kilometers from Luoyang Beijiao airport.A..

  • Luoyang Zhuogengyuan Hotel

    Luoyang Zhuogengyuan Hotel

    Three-star Luoyang Luolong Price:-

    The Luo Yang Zhuo Gen Yuan Hotel (Luoyang Zhugengyuan Binguan), namely the Luo Yang Normal College International Academic Communication Center, is located on the north section of Long M..

  • Peony Plaza

    Peony Plaza

    Four-star Luoyang Jianxi Price:-

    The Peony Plaza (Luoyang Jing'an Mudancheng Binguan) is located in the city center, 6 kilometers from the Luoyang Railway Station and 15 kilometers from Luoyang Beijiao Airport. Room opt..

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