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Introduction:Zhuzhou, named Jianning in the past, located in the eastern part of Hunan Province and aside the middle reaches of Xiangjiang River, with geographical position 112°57'~114°07' ..

Districts: Changsha Phoenix Shaoshan Xiangtan Yueyang Zhangjiajie Zhuzhou Chenzhou Changde Changde Hengyang Huaihua Jishou Loudi Shaoyang Xiangxi Yiyang Yongzhou Zixing

Attractions: Yandi Mausoleum Yunyang National Forest Park Shennonggu National Forest Park Yangtian Lake Mengdong River Huaminglou Yuelu Mountain Liudefang Rice Dumpling Jinbian Brook Badagongshan National Nature Reserve

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Zhuzhou Introduction

Zhuzhou, named Jianning in the past, located in the eastern part of Hunan Province and aside the middle reaches of Xiangjiang River, with geographical position 112°57'~114°07' east longitude and 26°03'~28°01' north latitude, is an important polar place in "Changzhutan Golden Triangle". Now, Zhuzhou has jurisdiction over 5 counties (Yanling, Chaling, You, Liling, Zhuzhou) and 4 districts (Hetang, Losong, Shifeng and high-tech industry development zone) and cover an area of 11420 square Km with 3.65 million population.
Zhuzhou has a typical hilly landform with the terrain generally slopes downwards from southeast to northwest. The Xiangjiang River winds south-north through the city. o­n the whole, plain and hill make up the main components of Zhuzhou's territory.Zhuzhou is definitely a fertile land enjoying favorable humid monsoon climate in subtropical zone. The annual average temperature falls between 16 and 18 degree centigrade (60.8 and 64.4degree Fahrenheit).

Aged-old history and culture: Emperor Yan, o­ne ancestor of Chinese nationality, was buried in Yanling County. The Mausoleum of Emperor Yan is a famous place in China and has the famous name of "the First Mausoleum of China". Every year, a lot of people come here to worship the ancestor, large memorial ceremony is held periodically by provincial and municipal government and social group. Touring resource is abundant in Zhuzhou. Many scenic spots, such as Dajing, Jiubujiang, Taoyuandong, are comfortable place for people to visit and travel.
Rich industry and agriculture base: Zhuzhou locates in subtropical monsoon climate zone, so it has warm weather, abundant rainfall, long growing period of crops, and kinds of landforms. With abundant mineral and organic resource, Zhuzhou is o­ne of the regions of high and stable agricultural yield in Hunan Province. In 1996, Zhuzhou became the first city whose rice output exceeding o­ne ton per mu in China. The industry category is complete in Zhuzhou. It has been formed gradually that metallurgy, machinery, chemical and building materials industry are Zhuzhou's four pillar industries and electron, electric-power, coal, ceramics and other industries have been made Zhuzhou's new industry system. More than 50 China's firsts have come into being in succession, including China's first air-engine, first electric locomotive, first carbide alloy top hammer. Zhuzhou is really key industry base in Hunan Province and south China, of which industry output volume stands second place in 14 cities Hunan Province.

Zhuzhou Traffic

Three bone railway lines (Beijing-Guangzhou, Zhejiang-Jiangxi and Hunan-Guizhou) cross here. Zhuzhou railway station is o­ne of five special class passengers and goods transportation stations in China and the biggest goods transportation marshalling station in South China, with 110.5 couples of trainsans more than 30 thousand passengers pass here everyday.
For air transportation, from Zhuzhou it is o­nly 30 kilometers to Datuo airport and 65 kilometers to Huanghua international airport arrived in an hour through expressway.
the coach located in the north of the Hongwei bridge and the central bus station located at the south Hongqi Square are the biggest sized station in Zhuzhou. They operate services to Jiangxi,Sichuang, Guangxi and so o­n.
In Zhuzhou the highway transportation reaches out in all directions. Two national highways No.106 &320, expressway Beijing-Zhuhai, expressway Shanghai-Ruili which will be build according to national plan and "three south" highway communicating south Fujian, south Jiangxi and south Hunan province, all pass through the city.
The Xiangjiang River passing the city is open to navigate for all seasons. From Yongli Wharf, which has a 1000-ton berth, container ships can sail directly into Dongting Lake and Shanghai.
Public bus
There are public buses to each corner of the city. some are the tourism bus. And thd price is 1 Yuan.
Zhuzhou city has more than 20 taxi companies and 2000 taxis. The fare of taxi is 5 yuan for the first 2 kilometres and 1.4 -1.6 yuan for per km.
Zhuzhou railway station Inquiries Tel :0733-2684222
Zhuzhou railway station complaints telephone:0733-2684692
Zhuzhou City Bus Company complaints telephone:0733-8231089-8809
Zhuzhou public transport buses limited liability company complaints Tel :0733-8221989
Zhuzhou City Coach Station Tel :0733-8413191
Zhuzhou City long-distance bus stations Tel :0733-8164261
Zhuzhou City south long-distance bus station telephone :033-8224228
Zhuzhou City jiangnan bus  Station Tel :0733-8215945
Zhuzhou City the north  long-distance bus station telephone :0733-8630467

Zhuzhou Festivals

Festival time: Sep 12 ---Sep 14
Festival address: Zhuzhou , Hunan
Festival theme: worship Chinese ancestor ,feel xiaoxiang humanity
Festival activities: “Happy Changsha,Happy Tour”, “red shaoshan tourism”,”the first Dongting Yuhuo festival”and so o­n.

China Zhuzho Yandi Festival
The grand fete ceremony in memory of Yandi is the theme of Zhuzhou yandi festival established in 1993. the festival is the o­nly festival named in yandi sponsored by chinese government. Since then,the festival has been recognized and welcomed by offspring all over the world. The festival is held o­n every october.

Zhuzhou Service Telephones

Hunan Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management:
Complaints Tel: (0731) 4717614
Fax: (0731) 4720348
Address:Tuanjie Road, Wulipai, Changsha ,Hunan
Zip Code: 410001
Zhuzhou City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel :0733-8815059
Hunan Tourism complaints Tel :0731-4717614
National Tourism complaints Tel:010-65275315

Zhuzhou Hotels

  • Dongfeng Hotel

    Dongfeng Hotel

    Two-star or Less Zhuzhou Price:-


  • Xiyuan Hotel

    Xiyuan Hotel

    Three-star Zhuzhou Tianyuan Price:-

    The Xiyuan Hotel (Zhuzhou Xiyuan Binguan) is a business and conference style hotel located near the downtown area and 4 km from the train station. The hotel is built in courtyard style. ..

  • Zhuzhou Newsky Hotel

    Zhuzhou Newsky Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Zhuzhou Price:-

    Standing in Tianyuan District's Changjiang Square, the Zhuzhou Newsky Hotel (Zhuzhou Xintian Dajiudian) is only a five-minute drive from the Zhuzhou Railway Station and the Jingzhu Expres..

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