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Introduction:Zhenjiang, a fresh and beautiful city o­n the south bank of the Yangtze River, and inlaying at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, connects Nanjing..

Districts: Nanjing Changshu Changzhou Huaian Jiangdu Jiangyin Kunshan Lianyungang Liyang Nantong Qidong Suqian Suzhou Taicang Taizhou Tongli Wujiang Wuxi Xuzhou Yancheng

Attractions: Maoshan Mountains Weigang Hot Spring Nanshan Mountain Xijin Ferry Street Jin Hill Baohua Mountain Jiao Hill Beigu Hill Ming Dynasty City Wall Bamboo Sea Scenic Area

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Zhenjiang Introduction

Zhenjiang, a fresh and beautiful city o­n the south bank of the Yangtze River, and inlaying at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, connects Nanjing to the west and Shanghai to the east. o­n the north bank across the Yangtze River, lies the city of Yangzhou. Being o­ne of the 13 cities directly under the jurisdiction of JiangsuProvince, Zhenjiang has the sub-cities of Danyang, Jurong and Yangzhong, Dantu District, Jingkou District, Runzhou District and Zhenjiang New District under its jurisdiction. Covering an area of 3,847m2, it has a population of 2.96 million, among which 1.131 million are urban residents. Zhenjiang has become a new and developing city with a combination of port, industry, commerce and trade and tourism among the Yangtze River Delta regions. It originated in early Western Zhou Dynasty.Zheng jiang is situated in the north part of subtropical zone with the monsoon climate

Zhenjiang is a famous historical and  cultural city, top tourist city, national hygienic city as well as a state model city o­n environmental protection. With a large number of cultural relics and historical spots, Zhenjiang boasts three state-class units preserved as cultural relics and nineteen provincial o­nes. It enjoys a natural picturesque scenery and a very rich cultural deposit, and many great names throughout the history, such as Shenkuo, Xin Qiji, Wang Anshi, Liu Xie and Wang Changling, etc., left here monumental works and masterpieces.
Zhenjiang is surrounded o­n three sides by hills and mountains. In the southern suburbs, these vertical peaks are planted with countless old trees and bamboo groves. The natural beauty and peacefulness of this area have camed Zhenjiang the nickname of "City Forest Hill".
The  Scenic Spots and Well-known Places in the city is as follow:
Jinshan Hill: Originally it was an island o­n the Yangtze River, joining the southsen bank in 1870s. A legend says in Dang Dynasty gold was drug by a monk named Fahai from hill, which was thus called " Jinshan " or " Gold Hill ". There is a beautiful legend about White Lady Snake drives floods to submerge the Jinshan Temple. The main attractions are Jiangtian Buddhist Temple, Buddhist Scripture Roll Building, Four-treasures of Jinshan , Pagoda of Benevolence and Longevity, White Dragon Cave, Seven-peaks Pavilion and the First Spring under Heaven.
Jiaoshan Hill: It looks like a piece of jadeite floating o­n the Yangtze River. It is a scenic and beautiful island that is unique o­n the Yangtze River with main attractions such as Dinghui Temple, Emperor's Tablet Pavilion, Guannan Cabinet, etc.
Beigu Hill: It is between Jinshan Hill and Jiaoshan Hill, overlooking the Yangtze River with the cliff being precipitous and steep. It is a relic of " the Three Kingdoms ".
Southern Mountain Scenic Aera: It is a national forest park nestling among the hills with natural beauty and historic sites. It is called "the Wooden and Hilly Land in the Town". The famous temples including Helin,Zulin and Zhaoyin were all built inthe Eastern Jin Dynasty dated back 1500 years ago.

Zhenjiang Traffic

Zhengjinag does not have its own airport, a passenger who want to get or leave there can draw surport from Nanjing Lukou international airport of Changzhou Benniu airport.
Almost all of the trains o­n the Huning Line are pass through Zhengjiang, in addition, there are trains starting from Shanghai,Tianjing,Wenzhou.
Road :
Like other tourist cities in China, Zhenjiang has a convenient public transport system. There are buses to each tourist spots in the city. the price of regular buses is 1 yuan per person.
Zhengjiang has thousands of taxis shuttling around the city. They are at your service anytime you beckon to them. Generally speaking, the starting price is 6 yuan.
Tiegongshui tickets sale  telephone :0511-5235376
Tiegongshui tickets sale complaints Tel :0511-5246332
Domestic air ticket booking Tel :0511-5220700, 5223874
International air ticket booking Tel :0511-5221561, 5223874
Zhenjiang railway station phone calls :0511-5351222
Zhenjiang City passenger station center Tel :0511-5238142, 5232762
Zhenjiang City passenger station complaints supervision Tel :0511-5229695
Zhenjiang south gate fast Station Tel :0511-5029860, 5013270,5021825
Zhenjiang south gate fast passenger station complaints Tel :0511-5017730
west Zhongshan Road Bus station Tel :0511-5621332
Bus company's external Tel :0511-8889066
Bus service supervision Tel :0511-8880118
Public Bus lines inquiry Tel :0511-8899924
Public Bus IC card inquiry Tel :0511-8889566

Zhenjiang Festivals

Lunar December 24 to Lunar March 18 of next year : Maoshan Xiangqi Temple Fair
Address: Jurong Maoshan
Activities : climb the mountain, folk art petformance, pilgrimage and so o­n.

April : Zhengjiang Sakura Festival
Address : Zhenjiang-Sakura Park
Activities : watch plum, plant cherry tree, plum tree. Sino-Japanese artists art exchanges, art performances, bonsai display, gourmet cuisine exchanges.

September 26 to Oct26th Jiaoshan Osmanthus Festival
Address : Jiaoshan Park
Activities: painting carving exhibition, live performances, latern riddle quiz, osmanthus series food  tasting.

December 31:Jinshan Temple prayer activities
Address : Zhenjiang Gold Mountain Park
Activities : Jinshan tourism, folk art performance, tourism commodity sale and so o­n.

Zhenjiang Service Telephones

Zhenjiang City tourist complaints Tel :0511-5237555

Jiangsu Provincial Tourism complaints Tel :86-25-83418185

National Tourism complaints Tel:-65275315

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