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Introduction:The capital city of Henan Province, Zhengzhou is located in the middle of China, about 760 km (about 472 miles) south of Beijing and 480 km (about 298 miles) east of Xian. After the Lon..

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Zhengzhou Introduction

The capital city of Henan Province, Zhengzhou is located in the middle of China, about 760 km (about 472 miles) south of Beijing and 480 km (about 298 miles) east of Xian. After the Longhai Railway (Lanzhou to Lianyungang) and Jingjiu Railway (Beijing to Kowloon) were completed, their intersection, Zhengzhou, became a vital transportation hub. Thanks to this important position, the city has prospered.
With a pleasant climate, Zhengzhou is welcoming all year round. The hottest month is July and the average temperature is about 27  C (80.6  F) while the coldest month is January with an average temperature of -0.2  C (31.64  F). Autumn and spring are the best and the peak tourist seasons. You can enjoy a more beautiful Zhengzhou at that time.
The city is a national historical and cultural city and also the first destination for any Henan Tour. The ancient city was the capital of Shang Dynasty (16th - 11th century BC) 3,500 years ago when porcelain and the Chinese technique of bronze smelting were comparatively more developed. A green ceramic glaze pot unearthed in Zhengzhou has been shown to be the most ancient porcelain in China. A long history has left Zhengzhou with many cultural and historic sites. Shaolin Temple situated at the foot of Mt. Song is the cradle of Shaolin Kong Fu. If you are interested in Chinese Kong Fu, the temple and the performances must be seen. o­ne of the four Academies of Classical Learning in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), Songyang Shuyuan, gives a complete depiction of Chinese ancient education. In addition, many ancient tombs, temple buildings and battle sites all show the dense culture of Zhengzhou.
Transportation provision in the city is excellent. Arriving and departing, whether by air, train or bus, is a smooth process as Zhengzhou is a center of transportation in middle China. You can find various grades of hotels inside and near the city. With comprehensive facilities, they provide safe and clean places to stay at a reasonable price. As a provincial capital, Zhengzhou is the height of fashionable entertainment and shopping in Henan - you won't be disappointed.
For anyone interested in Chinese ancient history and wishing to know more o­n it, Zhengzhou is o­ne city that should not be missed.

Zhengzhou Traffic

By Air
Zhengzhou Airport , also named Xinzheng International Airport (CGO) is situated in Xinzheng City, about 37 km (about 23 miles) southeast from Zhengzhou downtown. It handles around 48 domestic airlines covering 56 destinations within China including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou and Sanya (Flights between Zhengzhou and Sanya depart o­nce per day; at 17:50 o­n Monday and 11:50 from Tuesday to Sunday), etc. Along with two regional routes, to Hong Kong and Macau and International airlines with flights to Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Korea.
By Train
Zhengzhou Railway Station, sitting in the center of Zhengzhou, is the junction of two major railway lines, those of Jing - Guang (Beijing to Guangzhou) and Long - Hai (Lanzhou to Lianyungang). As o­ne of the largest passenger transport stations in China, you can travel to most Chinese cities from Zhengzhou Railway Station. Usually, passengers can book tickets up to 10 day prior to your departure date at commissioned ticket offices; the 5 Yuan handling charge is your responsibility
By Bus
Being o­ne of the seven highway hubs in China, Zhengzhou provides bus service to Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha and Xian, etc. The city has 14 first grade and highly praised bus stations offering transportation services to main destinations both inside and outside Henan Province. Below we recommend some reliable bus stations for your reference.
Zhengzhou Long Distance Bus Center Station offers 24 hours ticket service and mainly luxury and mid-ranged buses. Bus routes cover Henan Province and many major cities within China.
Zhengzhou Long Distance Bus Center Southern Station
Address: opposite Zhengzhou Railway Station
North Route →
Inside Henan Province: to Jiaozuo, Xinxiang, Anyang, and Handan
Outside Henan Province: to Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan and Dalian
West Route →
Inside Henan Province: to Luoyang, Shaolin Temple, Sanmenxia and Gongyi
Outside Henan Province: to Linfen, Yuncheng, Xian, Xiaolangdi, Yinchuan, Urumqi, Lanzhou and Chengdu
Zhengzhou Long Distance Bus Center Northern Station
Address: Erma Lu
East Route →
Inside Henan Province: Kaifeng, Shangqiu
Outside Henan Province: Heze, Jining, Jinan, Rizhao and Weifang
West Route →
Inside Henan Province: Luoyang, Xin' an, Sanmenxia and Nianchi
Outside Henan Province: Taiyuan
South Route →
Inside Henan Province: Pingdingshan, Ruzhou, Nanyang, Zhoukou
Outside Henan Province: Xiamen
North Route →
Inside Henan Province: Anyang, Puyang, Hebi, Jiaozuo and Qinyang
Outside Henan Province: Shijiazhuang
It is easy to take taxi in Zhengzhou, the cost is about 6Yuan for the first 5 km, with an additional 1.2 Yuan for each additional km.
Public Bus
The public bus lines of Zhengzhou cover the area circled by the third ring road and each districts and towns. In order to offer more convenience to citizens and tourists, local government put forward the plan that open bus lines to Kaifeng, North Yellow River, etc. which is exciting especially for tourists. Tickets of buses run inside the downtown area cost o­ne Yuan; passengers should put the ticket fair into a box near the front door when boarding the bus and alight from the rear door. Please prepare the correct fare prior to boarding as no change is given. For the bus run between the downtown area and the local villages and towns, the cost will charge according to distance.

Zhengzhou Festivals

May 1 to 20 : Chinese rose fair
Sep 1 to 5: Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival
August 28 to 31: Zhengzhou National Commodities Fair
April 20 – 22:Yanhuang Culture Tourism Festival
Lunar March 3 : Gongyi xuehua hole paishoudingqing festival
Lunar May 5 : Dengfeng Song mountain lu cliff falls water-splashing festival

Zhengzhou Service Telephones

Zhengzhou tourism complaints Tel :0371-67188061

Henan Provincial Tourism complaints Tel :0371-65506775

National Tourism complaints Tel:-65275315
Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport Inquiries :0371-68511688
China Southern Airlines 24-hour air ticket booking hotline: 91887
Zhengzhou Kirin Civil Aviation air ticket sale Tel :0371-65951880
railway Station booking Tel :0371-68352222
Zhengzhou Coach passenger station Tel :0371-68728294
The road coach station in Zhengzhou :0371-66955596
Zhengzhou long-distance passenger North Station Tel :0371-65728861 Zhengzhou long-distance passenger South Station Tel :0371-66322269 Zhengzhou Long-distance passenger East Station Tel :0371-65921705
Zhengzhou Long-distance passenger west Station Tel:0371-67651339

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