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Introduction:Zhejiang borders Jiangsu province and Shanghai municipality to the north, Anhui province to the northwest, Jiangxi province to the west, and Fujian province to the south; to the east is t..

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Zhejiang Introduction

Zhejiang borders Jiangsu province and Shanghai municipality to the north, Anhui province to the northwest, Jiangxi province to the west, and Fujian province to the south; to the east is the East China Sea, beyond which lie the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.

Zhejiang consists mostly of hills, which account for about 70% of its total area. Altitudes tend to be highest to the south and west, and the highest peak of the province, Huangyajian Peak (1921 m), is found in the southwest. Mountain ranges include the Yandang Mountains, Tianmu Mountains, Tiantai Mountains, and Mogan Mountains, which traverse the province at altitudes of about 200 to 1000 m.

Valleys and plains are found along the coastline and rivers. The north of the province is just south of the Yangtze Delta, and consists of plains around the cities of Hangzhou, Jiaxing, and Huzhou, where the Grand Canal of China enters from the northern border to end at Hangzhou; another relatively flat area is found along the Qujiang River, around the cities of Quzhou and Jinhua. Major rivers include the Qiantang River and the Oujiang River. Most rivers carve out valleys in the highlands, with plenty of rapids and other features associated with such topography. Famous lakes include the West Lake of Hangzhou and the South Lake of Jiaxing.

There are over three thousand islands along the ragged coastline of Zhejiang. The largest, Zhoushan Island, is Mainland China's third largest island, after Hainan and Chongming. There are also many bays, Hangzhou Bay being the largest.

Zhejiang has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Spring starts in March and is rainy and weather is changeable. Summer, from June to September is long, hot and humid. Fall is generally dry, warm and sunny. Winters are short but cold except in the far south. Average annual temperature is around 15 to 19°C, average January temperature is around 2 to 8°C, and average July temperature is around 27 to 30°C. Annual precipitation is about 1000 to 1900 mm. There is plenty of rainfall in early summer, and by late summer Zhejiang is directly threatened by typhoons forming in the Pacific.

Zhejiang Traffic

  Province of Zhejiang is located in China's eastern coastal regions, south of the Yangtze River Delta which is intersected as “T” between the Yangtze River economic belt and the eastern coastal economic belt. The tortuous coastline of Zhejiang province is 6,486 kilometers, the longest coastline in the country. In addition, there are vast area of ocean and so many fleet, about 3,061 islands distributing, and many rivers, lakes, connected each other.

     There are 34 seaports, 944 berths, among of which there are 67 berths more than 10,000-ton in Zhejiang province. The important ports are Ningbo, Zhoushan and Wenzhou, Taizhou and Jiaxing hub port. What’s more, Ningbo, Wenzhou port are the main hinge of hub port in Zhejiang province. The Shoreline forefront of the province are deeper than 10 M depth, about 333 KM can be built Deep Water port, o­n the other hand it is a good location because the waterway connecting the international and domestic, and unique in the Yangtze River Delta region. There are 105 river ports in the province, the major port are Hangzhou, Jiaxing river port, Huzhou, Shaoxing Lanxi river port, and river port in Hangzhou is the main hub of the river.

      The port in Zhejiang province are improved by the reform and opening up, since the "9th Five-Year", according with the objectives and requirements of "building of the traffic, promoting the development " and at the leadership of the center, the Ministry of Communications, provincial government, the port in Zhejiang Province has obtained a spectacular Results. In recent years, the port cargo throughput was significantly increasing. In 2003, the province's port cargo throughput reached 500 million tons, of which Ningbo Port completed 185 million tons, ranking No. 2 mainland coastal ports, container throughput of 2.7722 million TEU, Habitat mainland coastal ports No. 5; Zhoushan Port cargo throughput 5722.12 Tons, ranking the first nine coastal ports. Hangzhou cargo throughput 28.2825 million tons, ranking the river ports in the first five. Huzhou port cargo throughput 23.3849 million tons, ranking the river ports in the first eight.

Zhejiang Festivals

International Expo in Hangzhou West Lake every year in late October, early Nov.
The first West Lake Expo was hold in 1929. West Lake Expo becomes the most concentrated display in historical, cultural and scenic of Hangzhou, presented a cultural feast for the resident and tourist every year. During this period the visitors to Hangzhou do not miss. West Lake Expo covers many interests things ,thus as the recent concluded fifth West Lake Expo cover the West Lake Art Fair, Philatelic Exhibition, the international fireworks display, silk Fashion Festival, the International Silk Fair, commercial display charisma Street Week, the best living environment exhibition , International Computer Festival, West Lake Book Fair, the international car show, food festival, photographic exhibition and various cultural forums, and other exciting event.

Longjing assembled – Spring Tea meeting are from 8 April to 8 May
Hangzhou garden, "Yun Spring" - the Orchid Show from April to May
West Lake Rhododendron Festival from 20 April to 20 May
Civil Folk "Flower Festival” from 1May to 10 May
Hehuajie in West Lake from July to October
West Lake Osmanthus Festival in late September to early October
West Lake Chinese Mid-Autumn festival evening, from 14 October to 16 October
Hangzhou International Tourism Festival autumn September 16 Oct o­n the 21st
West Lake International Osmanthus Festival o­n September 16 Oct 31
West Lake International Fireworks General Assembly in mid-October
The historical and cultural city of Ningbo is rich in local culture and customs. Yue opera, Yong opera, dragon, Paoma Deng, or made, such as the traditional dragon boat cultural are the essence of modern culture, the integration of charisma, and display the brilliant festive events. Among of them, more influential tourism festivals each year are the China (Xiangshan) a fishing festival in September, Ningbo International Fuzhuang Jie in October, the China Butterfly Lovers Marriage Festival between 29 September and 3 Oct.

Zhejiang Service Telephones

Hangzhou Railway Station :0571-87829418
Hangzhou East Railway Station :0571-56723456
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport :0571-85154259
East Hangzhou Bus Station :0571-86948252
South Hangzhou Bus Station:0571-86064914
West Hangzhou Bus Station :0571-85221304
Ningbo Railway Station :0574-87312084
Ningbo Lishe International Airport :0574-87427700
East Ningbo Bus Station :0574-87924570
South Ningbo Bus Station :0574-87131834
North Ningbo Bus Station :0574-87355321
Wenzhou Railway Station :0577-88389999
Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport :0577-86874662
Wenzhou Qichexizhan :0577-88226931
Wenzhou City car passenger service hub :0577-88624262

Hangzhou Tourism complaints Tel :0571-85171292
Hangzhou Tourism Advisory: 96,123
Hangzhou Tourism Committee Tel: 86-571-87928538
Ningbo City Tourism Bureau Tel :0574-87297784
Ningbo City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel :0574-96118
Wenzhou City Tourism Bureau Tel :0577-88967262
Wenzhou City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel :0577-88829911
Zhoushan City Tourism Bureau Tel :0580-2280719
Huzhou City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel :0572-96118, 2058829
Huzhou City Tourism Bureau Tel :0572-2055552, 2399217
Pinghu City Tourism Bureau Tel :86-85116368
Jiashan County Tourism Bureau Tel :86-4051911
Jiashan County Tourism Complaints Tel: 96,118
Taizhou City Tourism Bureau Tel :0576-88535771
Yiwu City Tourism Bureau Tel :0579-85522170
Yiwu City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel :0579-85330216

Zhejiang Hotels

  • Parkyard Hotel

    Parkyard Hotel

    Preparatory Five-star Jiaxin Nanhu Price:-

    The Parkyard Hotel (Boya Jiudian) is a member of the international Parkyard Hotel Groups. It is located in Lake Nanhu Scenic Area, about 11 kilometers from the exit of Shanghai-Hangzhou..

  • Dragon Gate Inn

    Dragon Gate Inn

    Two-star or Less Jiashan Price:-

    Dragon Gate Inn---has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.

  • Shuixin Hotel Wenzhou

    Shuixin Hotel Wenzhou

    Three-star Wenzhou Lucheng Price:-

    The Shuixin Hotel Wenzhou (Wenzhou Shuixin Fandian) is located in the flourishing city center, just 4.5 kilometers from the railway station, and 32 kilometers from the airport. Guests o..

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