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Introduction:Located in the south end of Fujian Province, Zhangzhou neighbors Guangdong Province in the southwest, and is separated from Taiwan by the Taiwan Strait in the east. It lies in the half wa..

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Zhangzhou Introduction

Located in the south end of Fujian Province, Zhangzhou neighbors Guangdong Province in the southwest, and is separated from Taiwan by the Taiwan Strait in the east. It lies in the half way between two special economic zones, Xiamenin Fujian and Shantou in Guangdong. Zhangzhou administers2 districts (Xiangcheng, Longwen) and 8 counties (Yunxiao, Zhangpu, Zhao'an, Changtai, Dongshan, Nanjing, Pinghe, Hua'an) and1 county-level city (Longhai). It has an area of 12,873 square kilometres and a population of 4.6 million.

The earliest records about the administrative history of Zhangzhou area should be traces back to the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420). During the Sui Dynasty (581-618), Longxi County was established here, falling into the clutches of Quanzhou (present Fuzhou). Zhangzhou was set up later in southern part of the Longxi County in 686, Tang Dynasty (608-907).

Zhangzhou's northern area is mountainous, and its southwestern end is adjacent to the sea. That is the main trends the terrain of the city slopes along. Jiulong River, the second largest river in Fujian, flows through the city, producing valleys and basins o­n the river banks. o­n the lower reaches of the Jiulong River lies the largest plain of the province, Zhangzhou Plain.

Zhangzhou enjoys a moderate weather all the year round, bearing the subtropical humid monsoon climate. Its annual average temperature reaches 21 degree centigrade (70 degree Fahrenheit). Zhangzhou is favorable for visiting during the whole year, especially from February to October.

Zhangzhou abounds with flowers and fruit. Daffodil, camellia and orchid growing here are of good quality. Fruits prolific in Zhangzhou are Mandarin Orange, lithe, banana, longan, grapefruit and pineapple. Boasting a spacious sea area, the city is also teeming with various sea products.

Zhangzhou is located o­n the lower reaches of the Jiulong River in the southeast of Fujian Province. It was o­ne of China's chief ports for foreign trade in early times and is still a distribution center for commercial cargoes o­n the Jiulong River. The area around the city is rich in oranges, tangerines, bananas, shaddocks, longans, litchis, pineapples, and many others fruits. Zhangzhou has a developed food-processing industry.

There are many famous scenic spots in Zhangzhou , for example , Zhangzhou Coastal Volcano national geology park, the scenic zone of Zhangpu-linjinyu coastal volcano, south hill temple, ancient crater o­n niutou mountain, glossy ganoderma hilland so o­n.

Zhangzhou Traffic

By air:

Zhangzhou has no airport because it is o­nly 70 kilometers (43 miles) from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. After arriving Xiamen, visitors can change to the buses and trains to Zhangzhou.It is convenient to get to Zhangzhou from Xiamen by bus. From Xiamen South Hubin Bus Station, buses to Zhangzhou leave every 20 minutes.


By train:

Zhangzhou Train station is located in the north end of Yuanguangnan Road of the city and the ticket office is located in the east side of the building. The train tickets are also sold in the ticket centre which is located in the Xianxing Tourism Department at Xinhuabei Road (opposite of the Overseas Chinese Hotel).


Train schedule  

Zhangzhou–Shanghai    K175/K176 special express (boarding o­n Guokeng Train Station)


Zhangzhou-Nanjing (Hefei)    2522/2521common express


Zhangzhou-Hangzhou    K2249/K2250 common express

Zhangzhou-Yingtan 2049/2050 common express      

Zhangzhou-Beijing North      K308/K307(boarding o­n Guokeng Train Station)


Zhangzhou-Wuyishan  K982/K981 special Tourism Express (boarding o­n Guokeng Train Station)


By sea
Zhagnzhou port is composed of 6 ports at Shima, Houshi, Gulei, Dongshan and Zhao-an. Among them, Zhaoyin port is listed as the pilot project for accommodating ships sailing directly to Taiwan. The port in Zhangzhou has 53 berths, of which 6 berths are over 10,000 tons. Everyday, there are shuttle buses leaving the local bus stations for Xiamen, Quanzhou, Shishi, Putian, Longyan, Ningbo, Nanning, Shantou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Raoping.


By road


There are four long-distance bus passenger stations in Zhangzhou: Zhangzhou passenger station ,South station, West station, North station. From Zhangzhou station ,you can reach Ningbo, Nanning, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou, Raoping, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Shishi, Putian and so o­n. Starting from South station ,you can arrive in Longhai, Zhangpu, the sky, Dongshan, Zhaoan. From West station you can go to Nangjin, Pinghe and Longyan. From north station,you can reach Huaan, Changtai and so o­n.


By public bus:

There are 20 public bus lines in Zhangzhou urban,and 3 lines in the night. The price is different according the bus type. Automatic coin car is o­ne yuan / person, artificial ticketing car is 1.5 yuan per person and the air-conditioned car is two yuan / person.

By taxi:

The fare of taxi in Zhangzhou is 5 yuan for the first two kilometres, and then two Yuan per kilometre.

Gaoqi international airport inquiry Tel0592-57083695708441602894057060176020033
  Zhangzhou railway station Tel0596-6366782
  Zhangzhou passenger station Tel0596-2022010
  Zhangzhou transportation bureau Tel2123628
complaint fax

Zhangzhou Festivals

Spring Festival (Lunar New Year o­n January 1)
Lantern Festival (Lunar New Year o­n January 15)
Qhing Ming Festival (April 5)
Dragon Boat Festival (Lunar May Chu Wu)
Mid-Autumn Festival (Lunar August 15)
Chung Yeung Festival (Lunar New Year o­n September 9)
New Year's Eve (December 30 Lunar New Year)


Chongyang festival:The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the traditional Chongyang festival. It usually falls in October in the Gregorian calendar.Enjoying the flourishing chrysanthemum becomes a key activity o­n the festival. Also , people will drink chrysanthemum wine. Women used to stick such a flower into their hair or hang its branches o­n windows or doors to avoid evilness.

The Mid-Autumn Festival: it falls o­n the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, usually in October in Gregorian calendar.people will enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes o­n that day.The moon looks extremely round, big and bright o­n the 15th day of each lunar month. People selected the August 15 to celebrate because it is a season when crops and fruits are all ripe and weather pleasant. o­n the Mid-Autumn Festival, all family members or friends meet outside, putting food o­n tables and looking up at the sky while talking about life. How splendid a moment it is!



Zhangzhou Service Telephones

Zhangzhou City Tourism Bureau Tel :86-2023939
Nanjing County Tourism Bureau Tel :86-7830719 Fax :86-7835118
Pinghe County tourism Bureau Tel :86-5232522 Fax :86-5239559
Huaan Xian Tourism Bureau Tel :596-7368566
Dongshan County Tourism Bureau Tel :596-5888548

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