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Introduction:Zengcheng is a city in Guangdong. It falls under the administration of Guangzhou A o­nce densely forested area, Zengcheng was founded in the year 201AD, and is a well developed town w..

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Zengcheng is a city in Guangdong. It falls under the administration of Guangzhou A o­nce densely forested area, Zengcheng was founded in the year 201AD, and is a well developed town with good transportation. Within China, Zengcheng is famous for its high quality and juicy lychees, which are sold under the brand-name of Gualu. It cannot be considered a tourist destination but if you find yourself there, head towards the river to see the locals going about their business much as they have done for centuries. There are a number of good restaurants and a few moderate bar/clubs, just 2 serious supermarkets and o­ne multi storey shopping mall. There is a new Buddhist Temple about 8km east o­n the road to Guangzhou.
The best time to visit Zengcheng is in June and July when the lychees are ripe and dripping with juice.
Baishuizhai , a high waterfall, is a pleasant spot to visit set in pleasant surroundings not far from the city. The waterfall is no giant but is claimed to be the highest in mainland China: it is best appreciated from a short distance away. If you enter the park, entrance about 70 yuan, the entire pathway to the mountain summit above the waterfall has been developed. In the lower reaches it is a plankway, some o­n swinging chains, often crossing the cascade. After that, it is what appear to be granite steps. The park claims there are 9999 steps. For the less strong there is a bus service for 20 yuan. If you are walking you should allow maybe 5 hours for the return trip from the entrance.
There are unnumbered buses from Zengcheng city to the park and the trip takes a little over an hour.
Gualuyuan Park is famous for its grand momma of lychee trees; it is also a center for shopping, eating, and recreation.

Zencheng Traffic

Buses run from Guangzhou from around 07:00 to 21:00. There are several routes (including the 637 and 638 - others are not numbered) departing from different places in Guangzhou. A good place to get a bus is from Tianhe bus station. You can catch a bus from a mini bus station at the front of the main o­ne or cross the road and catch o­ne of many routes. A o­ne way ticket costs from 16 yuan from Tianhe, and the journey takes about 1 hour 45 minutes from the Liuhua bus station opposite the main railway station, or about 1 hour 20 minutes from Tianhe bus station.
Taxi: the charge is 7 yuan for the first 2.3km, and 2.4 yuan/km from 2.3km to 8 km. If the mileage is over 8km, you should pay the backhual at 3.6 yuan/km.

Zengcheng Branch Terminal Tel :020-82752215
Zengcheng Bus Terminal Tel :020-82755205 Fax :020-82576901 Zip code: 511300 Address: City by the new bridge o­n the 4th
Liuhua Bus Terminal long-distance bus terminal 86678262
Western suburbs 81931676
Huangcheng Bus Terminal 86664123
 Liners Tel 16840800
Yuexiu South Terminal 83833949
Guangfo Station Bus Terminal 81815490 Tel 87157222
Zengcheng taxi Motor Service Centre Tel :020-82658000 Fax: 82618888 

Zencheng Festivals

Litchi Festival, the annual July, the season of cicada singing and the mature Litchi , Zengcheng, Conghua City, is o­ne faction, and other festive holiday scene, here organizes the annual festival of litchi. Litchi festival, in addition to taste, watch the Lingnan litchi this unique high-quality fruit, but also organized dance performances, sports performances, art photography, book exhibitions, sales of goods, trade negotiations and other activities. Since 1990, Zengcheng Litchi Festival held every year, Lai Chi town is famous Yuan Bo, Muxi Park Gualv Zengcheng to the name of the tourists come at home and abroad. Businessmen are still here to do business, and pave the way for the bypass, and jointly promote local economic development.

The fifth of the five month in Lunar Year, which is a traditional festival for the Chinese nation o­ne of the oldest, is a traditional festival for Chinese people - the Dragon Boat Festival.
The annual Lunar New Year o­n August 15, is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. It  is the middle of autumn , known as the Mid-Autumn Festival.
The annual September 9 as the Chung Yeung Festival (Festival for the Elderly), traditional and modern skillfully combining a respect for the old, respect for the elderly, caring for the elderly, the elderly and assist the old festival.

Winter Solstice
 Avery important solar terms in China's Lunar New Year and a traditional festival, there are still many places for the custom of the Winter Solstice Festival. Winter Solstice, commonly known as "Winter Festival", "long to Day", "Asia-year-old."

in first lunar month first day Spring Festival
in first lunar month 15 Lantern Festival
in April Qingming Festival five month Dragon Boat Festival
in August Mid-Autumn Festival in September double ninth festival
in December winter solstice 

Zencheng Service Telephones

Zengcheng Tourism Bureau Tel :020-82634111 Fax :020-82634111
Zengcheng Planning Board Tel :020-82610188 Fax :020-82610188
Zengcheng Guotufangguan phone :020-82629802 Fax :020-82629922 Zengcheng Sports Bureau Tel :020-82753124 Fax :020-82752531
Zengcheng Kou'an Ban Tel :020-82778932 Fax :020-82778603
Zengcheng Shijingmaoju Tel :020-82743715 Fax: 020 -- 82751848 by urban development and reform of the Tel :020-82730636 Fax : 020-82737536

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