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Introduction:In ancient times, Yueyang was called Baling, or Yuezhou It is located in the northeast of Hunan province.  It is a 2500-year-old city of history, culture and tourism. City area cov..

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Yueyang Introduction

In ancient times, Yueyang was called Baling, or Yuezhou It is located in the northeast of Hunan province.  It is a 2500-year-old city of history, culture and tourism. City area covers an area of 824 square kilometers, with a population of 950 thousand. Its overall economic power is No 2 in Hunan Province, and No o­ne is Changsha, the capital city.
The Yueyang metropolitan area is made up of six outlying districts, two special districts and the city proper. The six city districts are Huarong, Linxiang, Xiangyin, Pingjiang, Miluo and Yueyang. The two special (smaller) districts are Junshan and Yunxi, which used to be part of Yueyang city proper but were separated into their own special districts for administrative purposes.
The area now called Yueyang has been inhabited for over 3,000 years. It was originally established as a prefecture called Hanchang in 210 BC during the Three Kingdoms period.
Under the Song Dynasty (AD 960-AD 1279) it was heavily fortified, with walls 4 miles in circumference, and became the seat of the military prefecture of Yueyang, whence its present name. During the Taiping Rebellion, its capture by the rebels in AD 1852 was an important stage in their advance up the Yangtze River valley to Nanjing. At the time of the foundation of the Republic of China in AD 1911, it became a county, taking the name Yueyang.
Yueyang has rich tourism resources. With various kinds of landforms, Yueyang has beautiful natural sceneries, such as Dongting Lake, Jushan Island, Dayun Mountain, Wujian Mountain, Tuan Lake and so o­n.
With a long history, Yueyang has also rich cultural scenic spots, such as the site of acient village Zhangguying Village, Quzi Memorial Temple, the tomb of Du Fu, etc.
Because of a pavilion, Yueyang was famous all over China. In Tang Dynasty, Zhang Shuo was banished to be governor of Yueyang. He rebuilt the parade pavilion built by Lu Shu, famous general of East Wu in Three Kingdoms Period to be South Pavilion, which was renamed Yueyang Pavilion. In Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan wrote the famous phrase in Notes of the Yueyang Pavilion: “Be the first to worry about the troubles across the land, the last to enjoy universal happiness”, which made Yueyang Pavilion famous all over China.
Yueyang is a place with rich resources, good location and beautiful sceneries. With various sorts of landforms, it has beautiful natural sceneries; with a long history, it has many historic sites and cultural scenic spots. Under its jurisdiction, there are 2 county-level cities, four counties, three city zones, Yueyang Economic and Technology Development Area, Nanhu Scenery Area, Qu Yuan Precinct, with a total area of 150 thousand square kilometers, a total population of 5.3 million. Yueyang has been authorized as the coastal city open to the outside world, a city of history and culture, China top tourist city, national sanitary city and national garden city.

Yueyang Traffic

There is no  civil aviation airport in Yueyang. o­ne has to go to Changsha or Wuhan to take plane.
Yueyang Railway Station is located at Xiangfenglu of the downtown. o­ne can take public bus No 5, 15, 17 or 36. Beijing-Guangzhou railway passes Yueyang City. From Yueyang, there are trains departing to Changsha, Guangzhou, Guilin, Nanning, Beijing.
There are many trains shunt between Yueyang and Changsha City. It takes about o­ne and half hours to travel between the two.
There are four Long-distance Bus Stations in Yueyang City, which are Yueyang City Bus Station in the cross of Baolingzhonglu and Chengdongbeilu, the bus station at Jianshebeilu, Baling Bus Station at Chengdongnanlu and the new bus station at Balingdonglu.
There are intercity buses to Guangzhou, Nanning, Wuhan, Changsha, etc.
Water Carriage
Yueyang is near Dongting Lake, with convenient waterways. Lingji Port of Yueyang is the biggest Port in Hunan Province. From here, o­ne can take ship to Chongqing, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc. It can be reached by public bus No 22. Behind Yueyang Pavilion, there is a passenger port, from where o­ne can take ship to Junshan Island, also with ships to Nanjing, Jiujiang and Hankou. It can be reached by public bus No 29.
Public Bus
All the scenic spots nearby can be reached by public bus.
The flag-fall price is RMB5/2 kilometers, RMB 1.5/ kilometers after that.

Yueyang Festivals

Dragon boat festival of Hunan china in Yueyang in June
To show their respect for the great patriotic poet the Chinese make it a point to mark the anniversary of his death by eating zongzi a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves and holding dragon boat races. Tourist activities are organized in various parts of the country but the celebrations in the city of Miluo are most fascinating. The International Dragon Boat Festival held in June 10-14 annually in Yueyang Hunan Province is perhaps the most famous known in China. More than 20 dragon boat teams from the United States Canada Australia and countries and regions in Southeast Asia attend the racing and demonstration shows every year

Chongyang Festival: o­n lunar March 3 and Sep 9 every year, lots of tourists go to Dayunshan to pray. The Yueyang tourism bureau has held the Chongyang climbing Festival since 1999, and this is another highsight of the tour in Yueyang.

Yueyang Service Telephones

Yueyang tourist complaints Tel :0730-8223012

Yueyang City Tourism Quality Supervision Bureau telephone :0730-8232528
Hunan Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management:
Complaints Tel: (0731) 4717614
Fax: (0731) 4720348
Address:Tuanjie Road, Wulipai, Changsha ,Hunan
Zip Code: 410001

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