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Introduction:Located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou is the largest city of northern Jiangsu as well as the most ancient city of the province. As the joining point of Jiangsu, Henan and S..

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Xuzhou Introduction

Located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou is the largest city of northern Jiangsu as well as the most ancient city of the province. As the joining point of Jiangsu, Henan and Shandong provinces, the city boasts of its most important geographic location that makes it the place all the states of ancient China scrambled for. Thousands of years' history has blessed the city with profound culture, especially when it was the second political center of the Han Dynasty (260BC-220). Now, Xuzhou is the center of the Huaihai economic development zone of China and also o­ne of the nation's most important agricultural product bases.
The first emperor of the Han Dynasty Gaozu was born in Xuzhou and the culture of that splendid period of China's history was rooted in Xuzhou, leaving the city countless historic treasures. The most symbolic are the 'Handai San Jue' (the three most important items to come from the Han Dynasty) including the Han tombs, the terracotta warriors and the stone sculptures. These ancient cultural relics, together with the beautiful natural mountains and lakes in and around the city, form a large picture of Xuzhou attractions. Additionally, Xuzhou has many special villages. A particular Chinese Martial Art, called Wushu in Pinyin, originated in Peixian County, where many people practice martial arts and have developed individual skills. There are also the 'Chinese Folk Custom and Culture Village'- Mazhuang Village in Jiawang District, and the 'Chinese Chess Village'-Qijia Village in Pixian County, which will impress you with very special Chinese folk customs.
Pengzu, the god of longevity in Chinese history who has profound knowledge of eating and keeping healthy, o­nce lived in Xuzhou about 4,000 thousand years ago, leaving the city its eating cultures and customs. In addition, many other famous people in Chinese history also left their beautiful stories there. As a result, nearly every traditional dish has an amusing legend, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the delicious food and interesting stories at the same time.
Xuzhou has many local specialties. Children's paintings, peasants' painting, paper-cuttings and straw-plaited articles are all interesting to buy as souvenirs. You can find these specialties and nearly all the necessities you want in many of the stores or malls, especially o­n East Huaihai Road and South Zhongshan Road.

Xuzhou Traffic

By Air
Located about 42 kilometers (28 miles) southeast of Xuzhou City, Xuzhou Guanyin Airport (XUZ) is o­ne of the main access points to the city. There are direct flights to Beijing (once a day), Shanghai (twice a day), Guangzhou (five times a week), Shenzhen (five times a week), Chengdu (four times a week), Xiamen (four times a week), Dalian (four times a day), Guilin (twice a week) and other large cities in China. The airport is also the transfer center of many other flights. For more detailed information, you can check our China flight information. Airport shuttle buses run from Xuzhou Restaurant to the airport two hours before flight time. The ticket is about CNY20.
By train
Xuzhou is called the 'Junction of China's Railways' due to its important role in the nation's transportation. Two of the nation's main railway branches connect here, so it's very convenient for you to come here from south or north China by train. There are direct trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Wuhan and many other trains usually stop here. You can check our train schedule for more information. If you want to go to southern or western cities, you should book well in advance as the ticket is not always easy to get.
By long-distance bus
There are many highways in Xuzhou with convenient service stations. There are three main bus stations. Xuzhou Long Distance Bus Station is located o­n Qingnian Road, from which you can travel to other provinces. Xuzhou to Beijing, Shanghai or Xian will take you about seven hours. Xuzhou Central Bus Station is located o­n North Zhongshan Road in the center of the city, from which you can go travel to districts and counties under the control of the Xuzhou government as well as other cities of Jiangsu Province. Xuzhou West Bus Station is located at the entrance of West Sanhuan Road along West Huihai Road, from which you can go to cities of neighboring provinces including Shandong and Henan, as well as Peixian County (the mother town of China's Martial Arts) of Xuzhou.
By city-bus
There are two kinds of city buses in Xuzhou, ordinary buses and air-conditioned o­nes. A ticket is generally CNY1 for the former and CNY2 for the latter. In addition, there is a special tourist bus from the east railway station to many tourist destinations including Yunlong Mountain, Yunlong Lake and Pengzu Yuan. This costs about CNY2. You can also take No.1 and No.2 tourist buses to other tourist spots. No.1 bus starts from Quanshan National Forest Park to the west railway station. No.2 bus starts and ends at the north gate of China University of Mining and Technology, which is o­n South Jiefang Road in Quanshan District.
By taxi
Xuzhou has thousands of taxis shuttling around the city. They are at your service anytime you beckon to them. Generally speaking, the flat rate for the first three kilometers (about 3 miles) is CNY5 and the distance surcharge is CNY1.4 for every extra kilometer.
Aviation Inquiry Tel :0516-3068123
Railway Station ticket booking Tel: 16,070
Long-distance bus stations Inquiry TEL :0516-3724118
Xuzhou Automotive  station Tel :0516-5744294
Xuzhou Western passenger station Inquiries Tel :0516-5753321

Xuzhou Festivals

 Culture and Art Festival: September 25 - October 5
Lantern Festival: o­n the Spring Festival in every year
Taihu Lake Arts Festival: lunar April
Taihu Lake Mid-Autumn festival: lunar August 14 - August 15
Suzhou Silk Tourism Festival: in September of Every year
Changzhou Chrysanthemum Festival: November 1 - November 5
Nantong International Kite Festival: September or October
Folk art festival: in  October every two years

Xuzhou Service Telephones

Jiangsu Provincial Tourism complaints Tel: 25-83418185

National Tourism complaints Tel: 010-65275315


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