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Introduction:Wu xi is located between north latitude31°07' – 32°00', east longitude 119°31' – 120°36'; it is situated in the middle of the Yangtze Delta, Taihu Plain southeast ..

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Wuxi Introduction

Wu xi is located between north latitude31°07' – 32°00', east longitude 119°31' – 120°36'; it is situated in the middle of the Yangtze Delta, Taihu Plain southeast of Jiangsu province; the Yangtze River to the north and Taihu Lake south;183 kilometers away from Nanjing, 128 kilomenters from Shanghai.
Wuxi was already settled in the Zhou period (11th-3rd c. BC), as the capital of the Wu kingdom, when it was known as Youxi, “a place having tin.” The current name, meaning “without tin” came into use by the early Han dynasty (2nd-1st c. BC), suggesting the tin deposits used in bronze metallurgy were already played out by that time.
The Climatic Features of Wuxi are  subtropical monsoon maritime climate; mild and humid with 4 distinct seasons; long frost-free period of 230 days, enough sunshine of 2000 hours annually.
Wuxi is o­ne of the less well-known cities in China, which seems strange to those who live here. Interestingly, o­nly three or four years ago expatriates were rarely seen in the city, and not many cars were privately owned. Now Wuxi is listed as o­ne of the 15 economic central cities in China as well as o­ne of the ten leading tourist cities.
The first thing visitors will notice when approaching Wuxi, especially when arriving by train or bus from the west, is the lush vegetation and the abundance of water in the many rivers, lakes and canals. Wuxi is located in the rich, fertile, low-lying area of the Yangtze River delta, often referred to as the “land of fish and rice”.
The main tourist attraction is Tai Hu (Lake Tai), o­ne of China’s four main freshwater lakes. There are a number of sites to visit and activities to enjoy in and around the lake, including islands and boat rides, parks and gardens, and even a movie set. For tourists who choose to make the lake the centre of their visit, there are plenty of hotels and resorts near the lake.
Near Tai Hu visitors can also enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Plum Garden, and closer to the city, Li Yuan (Li Garden) o­n the shores of the smaller Li Hu (Li Lake). At 88 metres in height the bronze Ling Shan Buddha at Ma Shan (Ma Hill) is another o­ne of Wuxi's most spectacular sites.
Very close to the city centre is the hilly area of Xihui Park. The park contains many attractions including a small zoo, a cable ride, and a pottery museum. Xihui Park is located just across the Grand Canal, the largest and busiest canal that crisscrosses the city.

Wuxi Traffic

Wuxi is set conveniently o­n the Beijing-Shanghai railway line with the Great Canal flowing through the city. The transportation system is well developed.
By Air
Wuxi has a small airport with flights to Beijing (1.5hours, RMB720), Foshan (2.5hours, RMB740) and Kunming (2hours, RMB1160). Tourists to other destinations should go via nearby Changzhou, Nanjing or Shanghai airports.
By Train
There are about 60 fast trains that stop by Wuxi daily, heading for nearby cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and distant cities like Beijing, Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Xining, Chengdu and Urumqi. Almost every major city in China is directly connected with Wuxi. The train station is north of the canal ring. You can take bus no.11 to get there. If you have to line up for a ticket, try window No.2, where the service tends to be a little quicker than elsewhere.
By Water
The Xishan ferry dock is to the southwest part of the city. There are daily tourist boats to Changzhou (3hours) and Suzhou (3.5hours). It is also pleasant to go to Huzhou across Taihu Lake (RMB114 for a twin room). The boat departs around 17:30 and arrives at 07:30 the next day.
By Road
There are three long distance bus stations in Wuxi. The main o­ne (Wuxi keyun zongzhan) is o­nly minutes' walk northwest of the train station at No.18 Guangqin Lu. There are bus services to Shanghai (2 daily; 07:50, 12:10) and Wenzhou (1 daily; 13:30). Wuxi Bus Station (Wuxi qiche zhan) is at No.114, Tonghui Dong Lu. It operates daily buses to Shanghai (RMB43, 20 minute intervals), Suzhou (RMB18 20 minute intervals), Nanjing (RMB52, 10 minute intervals), Qingdao (RMB250; 2 night buses daily at 19:30, 20:30) and Wuhan (RMB280, 3 daily). The West Station (Wuxi qiche xizhan) is o­n the west bank of the Great Canal o­n Liangong Lu near a roundabout. (Take bus No.20 or No.820 from the railway station.) Most expresses headed for Zhejiang and Anhui depart from here. Also there is a daily bus to Shanghai (RMB44), 4 to Nanjing (RMB44), 1 to Nantong (RMB43), 5 to Suzhou (RMB15), 1 to Hefei (RMB90; 09:10) and 3 to Wuhan (RMB280).
The fare of taxi in Wuxi is 8 Yuan for the first 3 KM, and then 1.8 Yuan for per kilometre.
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Tel :021-62688918
Shanghai Pudong International Airport Tel :021-38484500
Wuxi passenger train station Inquiries Tel :0510-2301217
Wuxi Station (Station Road No. 1) ticket Office Tel :0510-2301033
Wuxi station group ticket bookings Tel :0510-2303249
Wuxi Railway Station Ticket (booking) Tel :0510-2303589
Wuxi people Road train ticket Tel :0510-2708838
Wuxi the third train o­n Liangxi road ticket Tel :0510-5868704
Wuxi Xishan City Railway Ticket Office Tel :0510 the vote-8700390
Wuxi passenger station Tel :0510-2453125
Wuxi west bus station Tel :86-5802297
Wuxi bus station  Tel :86-2300751

Wuxi Festivals

Februnary 4 to 6: Taibo Temple fair
Lunar Feb 2: Shitangwang Temple fair
March to April: Yangshan peach blossom Festival
April 19 to 21: Xigaoshan Temple fair
April to May: Sakura trip
May: Yixing Ceramic Art Festival
May 1: Hudai temple fair
September to October: Taihu lake tourism festival

Wuxi Service Telephones

Wuxi City Tourism Bureau Tel :0510-5052576

Travel inquiry TEL :0510-4016081

Tourism complaints Tel :0510-5052599

Tourist traffic assistance and inquiry Tel :0510-4016081

Wuxi Hotels

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    Green Tree Inn(wuxi chuanmeizi)

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