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Introduction:Wenzhou acquired its name due to its moderate climate. It was called Ou in ancient times. In 192 B.C., it is the capital of the king of East Ou, Zhou Yao. In the year 138, the county ..

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Wenzhou Introduction

Wenzhou acquired its name due to its moderate climate. It was called Ou in ancient times. In 192 B.C., it is the capital of the king of East Ou, Zhou Yao. In the year 138, the county started to be built and was called the “Yongning County”. In the year 323, a capital was founded here as the Yongjia Shire. According to the legend, when the capital was built, there was a white deer holding a flower in the mouth and running around the city, thus gaining the name of Lucheng (deer city ), which means auspicious. In the year 675, it started to be called Wenzhou and the name has continued up to the present. Wenzhou City has a total population of 7, 558, 000. It has a total land area of 11784 square meters, of which the urban areas have an area of 1082 square meters. It has a sea area of about 11000 square meters. The sea, land and air traffic systems of the Wenzhou City are complete and smooth. It has opened to navigation with 58 cities at home and has two airlines to foreign districts; there are passing freight transport sea routes between its harbor and all harbors at home and it has navigation trade intercourse with more than 50 ports from more then ten nations and districts. It has a rule over the three districts of Lucheng, Longwan and Ouhai, the two prefecture-level cities of Rui’an and Yueqing, and the six counties of Dongtou, Yongjia, Pingyang, Cangnan, Wencheng and Taishun.

Wenzhou Traffic

Yongqiang Airport of Wenzhou City is located 24 kilometers southeast of the urban areas. The ticket office of the civil airliner is located at the junction of the Jinxiu Road and the Minhang Road. There are civil airliner shuttle buses running hourly with a fare of 10 yuan. You can also take a taxi at the airport to the urban areas with someone else and share the fare for about 20 yuan per person. The taxi will run when filled with four people. The starting fare for chartering a taxi is 60 yuan. It will arrive there in 40 minutes.     

Now there are 12 pairs of trains running o­n the Jin-Wen (Jinhua – Wenzhou) railway o­n a daily basis. Apart from that the Wenzhou- South Jinhua train No.5151/5152 is an ordinary train, the rest are all clean, comfortable and air-conditioned trains of the latest type.

Wenzhou has the six coach stations of New South Station, Xincheng Station, West Station, East Station, Passenger Transport Center and Huanglong Station, and the three suburban coach stations of Feixia Bridge Station, West Ouhai Station and Oubei Station. There are more than 1000 passenger transport highway lines heading for all parts of the country, of which there are more than 130 trans-provincial passenger transport lines, heading first all over the country.

With the opening of the Jin-Wen (Jinhua-Wenzhou) railway to traffic, Wenzhou City, which had o­nce seen better days, experienced growing deterioration in the marine transport industry. The sea routes heading for Shanghai, Hongkong and other cities have successively been cancelled. At present, the remaining few sea routes can be reckoned o­n the fingers of o­ne hand, such as that heading for the Dongtou offshore chain islands and Damai Islet of Yuhuan, etc.

 Local Transport

The taxis of Wenzhou City are charged at a rather low fare. The fare of the taxis is ten Yuan for the first four kilometers and 1.40 yuan for each additional kilometer. The starting fare at night is 12 yuan and 1.68 yuan for each additional kilometer. The city of Wenzhou is not very large. Therefore, even if you take the taxi from the east urban areas to the west, the fare will generally not exceed 20 yuan. 

There are tens of large and medium sized bus routes in the urban areas of Wenzhou. Most of large sized buses have a unified fare of 1.5 yuan. The starting fare of the medium sized bus is 1.5 yuan and it is charged by the distance it covers. The bus route 26 is a sightseeing o­ne with a fare of 2 yuan.

Ferry from Anlanting in the urban areas of Wenzhou to the Oubei wharf of the Yongjia County Ferry,5:00--23:00,leaving every five minutes,fare: 1 yuan

Wenzhou Festivals

Lantern Festival is a China's traditional festival. It is celebrated o­n the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year. Lantern Festival is o­ne of the biggest holidays in China. Several days before Lantern Festival, people begin to make lanterns. Lanterns are made in the shape of different animals, vegetables, fruits and many, other things. While making lanterns people usually write riddles o­n lanterns. o­n the eve of Lantern Festival, all the lanterns are hung up. o­n Lantern Festival people go outside to have a look at the lanterns and guess the riddles o­n the lanterns. Perhaps you call see some wonderful folk performances,Dragon Dance and Yangko. Everything is very interesting and everyone is very happy. Our life is rich and varied.

Wenzhou Service Telephones

Wenzhou City Tourism Bureau Tel: 0577-88967262, 88967256
Wenzhou City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel: 0577-88829911, 96118
Wenzhou City Ruian Tourism Management Bureau Tel: 0577-65839810
Fax: 0577-658398
Wenzhou Yueqing City Tourism Management Bureau Tel: 0577-27812780
Fax: 0577-27812789
Wenzhou Yueqing City tourism complaints Tel: 0577-61608890
Wenzhou, Pingyang County Tourism Bureau Inquiry Tel: 0577-67862916
Wenzhou, Wencheng County Tourism Bureau Inquiry Tel: 0577-63812380
Wenzhou Dongtou County Tourism Management Bureau Tel: 0577-63483456

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