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Introduction:Originally named Fushi, Tongli is an age-old but very well preserved water township with a history of more than 1,000 years. Located o­n the eastern shore of Taihu Lake, just 18 kil..

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Tongli Introduction

Originally named Fushi, Tongli is an age-old but very well preserved water township with a history of more than 1,000 years. Located o­n the eastern shore of Taihu Lake, just 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Suzhou City, Tongli town is 63 square kilometers (24 square miles) in area and has a population of over 33 thousand. True to its reputation, Tongli is a really wonderful travel destination where you can spend a marvelous holiday or experience traditional Chinese culture. Follow our guide and you will have a general idea of this captivating water-town.
Tongli is a town with a profound cultural background and achievement. From ancient times, it has been teeming with poets, painters, Confucian scholars and government officials. Their abilities have made great contributions to progress in many areas of the country. Dozens of stone tablets from different periods are preserved in Tongli and many of the streets are named after their official titles. Walking through the alleys of this venerable water town, o­ne cannot fail to appreciate its pristine and intoxicating atmosphere.
In 1981 Tongli Town was declared o­ne of the thirteen national standard tour towns of the Taihu Lake region. In addition, in 1982 it was listed for protection as the standard provincial town of cultural interest in Jiangsu Province. Tongli is now a highly praised historical site and tourist resort and enjoys increasing popularity with travel enthusiasts
There are many bridges as the vital links between the different parts of town. Forty-nine stone bridges in a variety of styles join the seven islands created by fifteen rivers and five lakes upon which Tongli stands. Each bridge has a name and these examples will give you an idea of the poetic nature of the inhabitants. Perhaps the most notable are Peace and Tranquility (Taiping) Bridge, Luck (Jili) Bridge and Lasting Celebration (Changqing) Bridge. These are known as Ternate Bridges as they cross three rivers at their confluence and form a natural ring road. The small and exquisite Taiping Bridge was built during the reign of emperor Jiaqing of the Qing dynasty; Jili Bridge is an arch bridge and inscribed with age-old couplets describing the beautiful painting-like views at either end; Changqing Bridge, also named Guangli Bridge, was originally constructed in 1470 and rebuilt by Xiezhen in 1704. Ternate Bridges are propitious symbols in the eyes of the local residents and they walk over them for good luck during wedding or birthday parties. The oldest bridge in Tongli is Reflecting Origin (Siben) Bridge which was built in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) while the smallest bridge is called Single Step (Dubu) which is o­nly o­ne and a half meter (5 feet) in length and less than o­ne meter (3 feet) in width. Standing motionless for hundreds of years, the bridges bear witness to the vicissitudes of history and remain an indispensable part of the township.

Tongli Traffic

Outer transportation:
Hongkou Stadium 2.5 hours, RMB 110

Shanghai Stadium 3 hours, RMB 110

The Railway Station Square 06:40-17:15, start every half an hour, RMB 6

Wuzhong District Bus Station 07:00-17:00, start every 15 minutes, RMB 6

By the bridge in the most east point of Zhouzhuang, there is mini bus heading for Tongli, 0.5 hour. Or tourist can take taxi, RMB 40, 2o minutes, or motor bike, RMB 10. Boat is also available, RMB 30.

inner transportation
Take a boat-town-viewing trip, RMB 60, 30 minutes.
The fare of taxi is 10 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres, and then 2.1 per km.
Tongli taxi complaints Tel :0512-65181399
Tongli Bus complaints Tel :0512-63335558
Tongli Transportation Bureau Tel :0512-63335199

Tongli Festivals

Walking over 3 Bridges
There is a custom in Tong Li, "Walking over 3 Bridges". These bridges are Tai Ping Bridge, Jili Bridge and Changqing Bridge. In wedding ceremony, people believe that newlyweds will live together forever after passing them. In the birthday of 66 years, old people will pass them after the lunch for their long life, or to pray happiness and good fortune for a new baby.  “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, you ought to go and leave your wish there.

Lunar January 1 :Dianluohan
Lunar March 28: Zhutianhui
Lunar April 14 : Shengxianhui
Lunar June 23: Shot the water dragon
Lunar July 30: the birthday of Dizang King

Tongli Service Telephones

Tourism complaints Tel :0512-63493024

Tourism inquiry TEL :0512-63493027
Style supervision Tel :0512-63493023

Tongli Hotels

  • Yingyan Holiday Inn

    Yingyan Holiday Inn

    Two-star or Less Tongli Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Gu Feng Garden Inn

    Gu Feng Garden Inn

    Two-star or Less Tongli Price:-

    The Gu Feng Garden Inn (Gufengyuan Mingqing Kezhan) stands in the attracting Gufengyuan scenic area.Rooms in this Tongli hotel come with furniture in Ming and Qing styles. Wireless interne..

  • the same in the three Xie Church Inn

    the same in the three Xie Church Inn

    Preparatory Three-star Tongli Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

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