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Introduction:Shaoguan is China outstanding tourist city and the Guangdong Province cultured and civilized city, located at Guangdong's north gate, north meets Hunan, Jiangxi, south the Zhujiang De..

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Shaoguan Introduction

Shaoguan is China outstanding tourist city and the Guangdong Province cultured and civilized city, located at Guangdong's north gate, north meets Hunan, Jiangxi, south the Zhujiang Delta, already more than 2100 year urban history, is the Guangdong famous historical city until now continually. o­n May 29, 2004 authorized the Shaoguan partial administration regionalization adjustment after the State Council, presently governs Zhenjiang District, Wujiang District, the Qujiang area, Renhua County, Shixing County, the Wengyuan county, Xinfeng County and the Ruyuan Yao national minority autonomous county, acted as an agent Lechang, the Namyung city. Total area 18,400 square kilometers, at the end of 2003 total population 3,148,500 people. Shaoguan urban district area 2856 square kilometers, population 894,700 people. Zhenjiang, Wu Jiang converge the Beijiang River in the urban district. The Shaoguan urban district, the green hill surrounds, as beautiful as a painting. The industry and trade travel three forms of karma are developed, the economical website is prosperous, is the North Kwangtung politics, the economy, the cultural center and the transport hub.
Shaoguan transportation position is superior, the Jing-Guang Railroad, the Beijing bead highway and 106 federal highway north and south to, 323 federal highway things to pass through the throughout after the urban district, 107, 105 federal highways separately after this city north and southeast area. Therefore Shaoguan becomes north part of China and middle and lower reaches Yangtze River local and between the South China coast place of the most important land route channel. Shaoguan is the subtropics moist monsoon climatic region, the rainfall is abundant, the four seasons are pleasant. The Shaoguan species fruitful in resources, is honored as the South China biology gene bank. The forest resources occupy the Guangdong first place, is the national key forest region, in 2003 the round-off work reached 71.9%. Shaoguan is the nation famous “township of the non-ferrous metal”, already verified the minerals have 49 kinds, the copper, the lead, the zinc, the stibium, the bismith, the mercury, the sodium, the rare earth and the coal and so o­n 22 kind of reserves occupy entire province first. The hydro-energy resources potential quantity accounts for entire province total quantity 19%. The Shaoguan mountains and rivers are elegant, the scenic spot is numerous, is honored as accomplishment of the collection South China landscape. And the ecology, the Buddhism culture traveling rich characteristic, the national key temple Southern China imperial sacrifices temple and scenic areas and so o­n world geology park Danxia Mountain are well-known everywhere.

Shaoguan Traffic

 Shaoguan to Guangzhou's road is the second-level road surface, the entire journey 290 kilometers, because Beijing bead highway Shaoguan section's was already open to traffic Gan Tang to the old man city, already reduced from Shaoguan to Guangzhou time for 1 hour. Embarks from Shaoguan to neighbor various scenic spots has the tourist car, generally take China and Pakistan as many. If has not gone directly to the scenic spot the vehicle, may transfer various cities county first in the station, generally the driving distance about 2-3 hours, after arriving, again transfers to another vehicle various scenic spots.
Beijiang River as well as branch Zhenjiang, Wu Jiang the river navigation may achieve places the such as Zhujiang Delta as well as Hong Kong and Macao harbors. In the near future, the Shaoguan urban district will become the north and south transport hub center.
 In Shaoguan the public transportation mostly is the self-service ticketing, the ticket price 1 Yuan. The rental car start price is 4 Yuan /3 kilometers, hereafter 1.6 Yuan/kilometers. After late 9 o'clock, starting price 5 Yuan.

Shaoguan station switchboard telephone: 0751-8882904
train station information desk: 0751-6172222
Chihing motor station telephone: 0751-3326608
Shaoguan Wengyuan motor station telephone: 0751-2875515 Shaoguan Sinfeng motor station telephone: 0751-2252156
Shaoguan Qujiang motor station telephone: 0751-6680150 Shaoguan Namyung motor station telephone: 0751-3822038
Shaoguan Lechang motor station telephone: 0751-5580603

Shaoguan Festivals

Shaoguan residents besides general conventional holiday, because here is the Guangdong national minority's main community, therefore each region also haas the being characteristic national holiday: long inspiration: o­n the holiday jubilation, the honored guest comes visiting, the Yao national minority must jump long inspiration welcome. Before handing down the long time, the Pan Gu king's daughter sha 13 younger sisters and a world young fellow ties for the husbands and wives. An evil person wants to kill the young people to wrest away 13 younger sisters is a wife. The Pan Gu king knows this matter, recalls the forehead the sha 13 younger sisters. The sha 13 younger sisters tell the husband, so long as chops the qin tree to Mt. Nan o­n to make the long drum, when Pan Gu Wang Podan that day beats a drum to jump up 360, might o­n the forehead reunite with her. Henceforth the posterity that day must jump the long inspiration o­n Pan Gu Wang Podan. opens sings the festival: The precious family custom stipulated that from lunar calendar in February second day yizhi dao in July seventh day, does not permit to sing and to talk love, will otherwise receive the public opinion the condemnation. In July seventh day, the fable is Yao national minority's ancestor - - Pan Gu king's birthday. The Pan Gu king is epoch-making, has compiled the song in the work, therefore area the North Kwangtung Lianshan's destitute yao people of no fixed home decides as this day “opens sings the festival”. Yao national minority marriage interest: The precious butcher marries the vulgar large cymbal to have the charm, until now is also retaining “male marries off a daughter”, “the children from the mother” the custom. The newly married date, the bridegroom walks the bride's family, the male and female both sides attends the wedding ceremony relatives and friends to the bride's family. the Shaoguan's folk art type extremely is also rich, including: North Kwangtung picks tea the play, the flower drum opera, the flowered lantern opera, the mountain opera, the folk song, the storytelling, the allegro, the Guangdong tune, the lion dance and so o­n. in first lunar month first day Spring Festival in first lunar month 15 Lantern Festival in April Qingming Festival five month Dragon Boat Festival in August Mid-Autumn Festival in September double ninth festival in December winter solstice

Shaoguan Service Telephones

Shaoguan Travel agency telephone: 0751-8916131 facsimiles: 0751-8916130
Shaoguan Lechang Travel agency telephone: 0751-5551113
Shaoguan Shixing County Travel agency telephone: 0751-3312828
Fax: 0751-6131999
Shaoguan Namyung Travel agency telephone: 0751-3822010
Fax: 0751-3822909
Shaoguan Renhua Travel agency telephone: 0751-6358911
Shaoguan Ruyuan Travel agency telephone: 0751-5384529
Shaoguan Zhenjiang District Travel agency telephone: 0751-8883069 Shaoguan Wengyuan County Travel agency telephone: 0751-2875251 Shaoguan Xinfeng County Travel agency telephone: 0751-2262181 Shaoguan Wujiang District Travel agency telephone: 0751-8760269 Shaoguan Qujiang Area Travel agency telephone: 0751-6666003
Fax: 0751-6667088

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