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Introduction:Nantong City is o­n the north bank of the Yangtze River, neighboring north Jiangsu Plain and separated from Shanghai by the Yangtze River. It is a fine port and the hinge of coastal ..

Districts: Nanjing Changshu Changzhou Huaian Jiangdu Jiangyin Kunshan Lianyungang Liyang Nantong Qidong Suqian Suzhou Taicang Taizhou Tongli Wujiang Wuxi Xuzhou Yancheng

Attractions: Changsha Beach Hao River Langshan Se Garden Yunv Lake Zhouenlai Residence House Li Lake Zhou Enlai Memorial Donglin College Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre

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Nantong Introduction

Nantong City is o­n the north bank of the Yangtze River, neighboring north Jiangsu Plain and separated from Shanghai by the Yangtze River. It is a fine port and the hinge of coastal transportation in Jiangsu's coastal area.
Enjoying a subtropical and warm temperate monsoon climate, Nantong has relatively moderate and favorable weather with enough sunshine and abundant rainfall. Its average temperature of a year is about 15 C (59 F). Just as other cities in Jiangsu Province, the rainy season of the city usually ranges from July to September.Spring is the most favorable season to visit Nantong, for the weather is neither hot nor cold. The water, garden and mountain landscape make the city in spring the most charming. The special local products of Nantong are marine products, embroidery, blue printed cloth (blue cloth with design in white)

There are two Scenic Spots in Nantong city: Hao River Scenic Area and Langshan Scenic Area.
Hao River Scenic Area: The Hao River was o­nce an ancient moat encircling Nantong City in the year of 958. With over a thousand years' history, the river is o­ne of the four existent ancient moats in China. Along the Hao River, there are Tianning Temple, Nantong Museum and many squares, parks along with altogether 28 bridges and various species of old trees.
Langshan Scenic Area: It is located in mountain area reputed as o­ne of the six famous scenic areas in Jiangsu Province. It consists of five hills and boasting total 43 ancient buildings, 23 stone inscriptions, 13 caves and some springs, ponds, ancient paths.
The special local products of Nantong are marine products, embroidery, blue printed cloth (blue cloth with design in white)

Nantong Traffic

Nantong airport lie in urban area the Northeast kilometer of coherent states cities revitalize the east town. Have offered flights such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Xiamen, etc. and freight transportation to Japan service and chartered plane at the airport, the medium and small-scale special plane of nationality can arrive at the airport direct .

Nantong is the city of the o­nly obstructed train in 14 open coastal cities in our country at present, new long railway under construction (XinYi -- Changxing ) a branch line leads to Nantong from Hai'an. New long railway of Nantong section have put operation into already, Ningqi railway start building construction, the Tong- Hu railway already list in and plan.

Nantong long-distance bus station lies in the people west No. 86. The Ningtong expressway and 204, 328 National Highway are vertical-horizontal whole area. The Yan-Tong expressway link with the expressway of Lianyugang to Yan city of north, connect with Xulian expressway, the south is linked with Ning-Qi expressway and the bridge of Su-Tong, with Hu-Ning expressway, Su-Jiang-Hang expressway. There is Yan-Tong expressway and expressway of Tong-Qi are under construction.

Water Carriage
Nantong harbour is open up to navigation with 199 harbour of more than 70 countries and area, open from Nantong to Hong Kong , Japan , South Korea three international line of Container. Nantong is o­ne of ten major ports of our country, and it is the river system rivers of the Changjiang River that transport the direct pivot that changes trains too. Two yachts come and go with Shanghai every day in Nantong. The river steamer of Shanghai --Hankow, Shanghai -- Chongqing stops at Nantong. The inland water transport of Nantong is very developed, communicate with Beijing-Hangzhou Canal. The Ning- Tong expressway and 204, 328 National Highway vertical-horizontal whole area, four the Changjiang River vapour cross and join the north and south of great river.
The fare of taxi s 6 Yuang for the first 3 kilometres,and then 1.8 Yuan for per kilometre.
Nantong Aviation inquiry and  complaints Tel :0513-6560588
Air ticket inquiries and complaints Tel :86-6560588
Nantong water Enquirer and complainant Tel :0513-3512270
Long-distance station Enquirer and complainant Tel :0513-3512816
Nantong Station inquiries and  complaints Tel :0513-85060579
Nantong bus station inquiries and  complaints Tel :0513-83518800
Nantong Bus inquiries and complaints Tel :0513-85517659
Nantong Youhao rental complaints Tel :0513-85508358
Nantong Chinese Garden rental complaints Tel :0513-85107900
Nantong rental complaints Tel :0513-83521000
Nantong blue sky rental complaints Tel :0513-85183330
Nantong public rental complaints Tel :0513-85530000
Nantong Zhongnan rental complaints Tel :0513-85591234

Nantong Festivals

Lunar July 7 : Qiqiao Festival
 It is also called Daughter Festival. There is a folk custom that people will hold a fete for the Zhinv, and beg for the wisdom and techenique, so the festival is called Qiqiao.
Lunar June 24: Eat Leizhaisu
There was a legend that the Lunar June 24 is the birthday of Mine God. Eating  leizhaisu is to respect the Mine God. And it is said that people can avoid the eviness and safe and peaceful.
Lunar June 6 : Pushufangjing
 On lunar june 6 each year, there is a custom of basking the books in Suzhou. Each temple will put their lection books they  have colected to bask. And the monks will take the opportunity to convene the rural women to hold a Fangjing meeting.
Lunar April 14 : Yashengxian
It is the birthday of Lvdongbing

Nantong Service Telephones

Nantong tourist complaints Tel: 0513-85098110

Nantong quality supervision and complaints Tel: 0513-5588315

Service Telephone: 0513-5128052

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