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Introduction:Nanchang means 'a prosperous south part of China'. Being over 2,200 years old, Nanchang is a city with significant historical relevence. As the capital city, it is undoubtedly t..

Districts: Nanchang JingdeTown Jinggangshan Jiujiang Lushan Shangrao Wuyuan Pingxiang Dexing Fengcheng Fuzhou Ganzhou Gao'an Guixi Ji Ruijin Xinyu Yichun Yingtan Zhangshu

Attractions: August First Nanchang Uprising Museum Meiling Mountain Scenic Area Tengwang pavilion Revolutionary Site of Ruijin County Mingyue mountain Poyang lake Longhu mountain Badashanren Former Residence Dragon Pool Waterfall Group Tengwang pavilion

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Nanchang Introduction

Nanchang means 'a prosperous south part of China'. Being over 2,200 years old, Nanchang is a city with significant historical relevence. As the capital city, it is undoubtedly the political, economic and cultural center of Jiangxi Province. Nanchang has an area of 7402 square kilometres and a population of 4.48 million. It administers four counties and five districts. Nanchang belongs to the sub-tropical monsoon climate; therefore it will bring you mild and pleasant weather for almost all the year round.
Nanchang is a beautiful city with the Gan River, the mother river of local people, traversing through the whole city. Water is her soul or in other words water carries all her beauty. Lakes and rivers in or around Nanchang bring a special kind of charm to the city. Nanchang is honored as 'a green pearl in the southern part of China' thanks to its clear water, fresh air and great inner city virescence.
Long and splendid history endows Nanchang with many cultural relics, among which the Tengwang Pavilion is the most famous. It is no exaggeration to say that Tengwang Pavilion is the pride of all the locals in Nanchang. Many men of letters left their handwritings here which tremendously enhance its classical charm.

Nanchang Traffic

By air
Nanchang Changbei International Airport (KHN) was built in 1996. It is located in Lehua Town, about 26 kilometers (about 11 miles) north of the downtown area. Changbei International Airport is the o­nly o­ne in Jiangxi Province which has an international air route. Airplanes here can take you to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou and other major cities in China. The o­nly international air route at this time is to Singapore.
By train
Built in 1996, the Nanchang Railway Station is about three kilometers (about 1.9 miles) from the downtown area. Trains leave here for Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chongqing, Shenyang and other cities. Take the No.5, No.2, or No.9 public buses to get to the railway station.
On June 9th, the first tourist special train from Nanchang to Tibet will start operation. Like other trains running o­n the Roof of the World, the tourist train is prepared with best facilities. Twelve carriages that can hold 400 passengers are all fitted with soft sleepers. Considering the high altitude of Qinghai-Tibet area, some special facilities are added. Except for the oxygen giving system, there are 400 oxygen masks for each passenger to relieve altitude stress. Anyone who wants to take the trip should have a health checkup in a regular hospital first. The entire journey will take 11 days with a fare of CNY3970. As there is no direct train to Tibet from Nanchang, visitors have to change trains in Xining. They can enjoy the magnificent Mt. Tanglha, glacier, and grassland as well as the mysterious Hoh Xil Natural Reserve o­n the way.
By long-distance bus
The road system in Nanchang is fairly good. National roads No.105 from Beijing to Zhuhai, No.320 from Shanghai to Kunming, and No.316 from Fuzhou to Lanzhou intersect here making it very convenient to get in or out of Nanchang City. Major transport companies are the Chang'an Transport Company Limited, the Nanchang Long-distance Bus Station, and the Xufang Bus Station. Buses from the first two stations primarily leave for Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hefei and other cites outside Jiangxi Province; buses from Xufang Bus Station go to cities, towns and counties within Jiangxi Province.
By water
Water routes in Nanchang consist of the Gan River, the Fu River, Elephant Lake, Qingshan Lake, and Aixi Lake. Nanchang Port is the biggest port o­n the Gan River and also the most important water transportation transfer point in Nanchang City. From Nanchang Port you can travel by yacht or the Jinggang Shan and Tengwang Pavilion passenger ships to visit Poyang Lake , Stone Bell Hill, Poyang Lake Bird Protection Area , Dagu Hill and other attractions.
By city bus
There are over 40 city bus routes in Nanchang City. Almost all the attractions within the city can be reached by bus. Bus service operates from 6:00 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. Generally speaking, the city bus fare is CNY 1 for non-air-conditioned buses and CNY 2 for air-conditioned buses.
By taxi
Most taxis are the Volkswagon Santana model; some others are the Volkswagon Jetta or the Citroen.ZX. The flat rate fare is CNY 6 (CNY6.6 after 11:00 pm.) for the first two kilometers (about 1.2 miles) plus a distance surcharge of CNY 2 for each extra kilometer.
Nanchang airport ticket sale Tel :0791-7112176
Nanchang International Air Tel :0791-6491241
Nanchang long-distance bus Station Tel :0791-6243217, 6223950
train tickets inquiry TEL :0791-7023222
Bus tickets inquiry TEL :0791-6243217

Nanchang Festivals

Besides the traditional festivals ,there are several unique festival in Nanchang city:
 September to October: tourism cultural festival
October: Junle Festival
October :Poyang Lake Crab Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat race in the city of Nanchang is held o­n the fifth day of the fifth mouth in Chinese lunar calendar also known as Duanwu Festival. The most famous dragon boat race in Jiangxi takes place in the Liao River. Every year o­n the morning of the dragon boat festival, thousands of people gather in the banks of the Liao River and wait there to watch the race. Usually, at 9:00 am, the dragon boats of every village wait there and they are ready for the race. When the race starts, the whole river cheers. It is really wonderful.

Nanchang Service Telephones

Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management instute TEL  :0791-6269965, 6227860

Nanchang Tourism Bureau inquiry and complaint TEL :0791-3760263

Nanchang Hotels

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