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Introduction:Located in southwest Guangdong, Maoming is adjacent to the South China Sea in the south and borders o­n southwest China in the north. It became a city in 1959 and was upgraded to be..

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Maoming Introduction

Located in southwest Guangdong, Maoming is adjacent to the South China Sea in the south and borders o­n southwest China in the north. It became a city in 1959 and was upgraded to be a municipality in 1983. It exercises jurisdiction over 1 county, 2 districts and is mandated to govern 3 county-level cities. It covers a land area of 11,459 square kilometers with a population of 6.8 million.
Inhabitants were found to live here in late Neolithic Period which dates back 4500 years ago. The people were called Baiyue Tribe in the Xia and Shang Dynasties. Thanks to thousands of years' history, Maoming has developed its profound culture with prominent local feature. Maoming is home to 550,000 overseas Chinese living in 52 countries and regions, 300,000 of them are now residing in Malaysia.
Maoming is o­ne of the largest petrochemical production centers in China and an important energy resources base, with an annual production capacity of 13.5 million tons of oil and 1 million tons of ethylene. Thanks to the modernization of agricultural industry, Maoming has for many years ranked top in Guangdong in terms of fishery, grain, fruit and meat outputs and gross agricultural output as well. As the largest fruit yielding city in China, its lychee output accounts for 1/4 of the nation's total and 1/5 of the world's total.
Maoming connects Guangdong with Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou in southwest China. Guangzhan Expressway and National Highway No. 325 and No.207
Intersect the city. It's o­nly 3-hour ride to Guangzhou. Sanmao railway and Hemao railway connect to Lizhan, Nankun, Zhiliu, Jingguang, Jingjiu, Guangmeishan railroads. The Luozhan railway which will pass Gaozhou and Xinyi is under construction. Maoming Port is a Category-1 Port approved by the State Council.
Xiyi jade carving, bamboo art craft, Huazhou mandarin orange carving,Gaozhou horn carving, eggplant carving and Dianbai shell carving.

Maoming Traffic

The port has a rapid rise. Before 1989, in particular the reform and opening up, in Maoming City, the building of shui dong port and bohe port is very slow. o­nly some small boats are out at the Bohe Hong Kong; shui dong port is not a decent berths.
After the reform and opening up, Maoming city is aware of the importance of building the port, self-reliance, hard work, trying financing for building the port, the port opened a vigorously pursued the construction of the new history. Since 1987, the city's investment in port construction completed more than 20 billion yuan, built from 500 tons to 250,000 tons of 46 berths, of which 10,000 tons more than four, an annual handling capacity reached 17.59 million tons, launched More than 10 of the domestic and international routes
Maoming City taxi starting price is five yuan, because of rising oil prices now, so from July 1 start of the city's taxi increase fuel surcharge o­ne yuan, the other in accordance with the odometer to billing.

Maoming Festivals

Lichi Festival
July is the perfect time for you to visit the Lich Festival in Maoming, where you can feed yourself with the delicious Lichi,enjoy fabulous entertainment shows and artistic photograph exhibition at the same time.

The Duanwn Drangon Boat Festival
Time:5th,May of lunar calendar
It is right time to experience the atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Day during the Duanwu Festival
in may see hundreds of dragon boats competing for the championship o­n the Pear River.

Maoming Service Telephones

Maoming City Civil Aviation ticket outlets: 0668-2275702
Maoming railway station outlets Tel: 0668-2321466
Mao-East train station Booking: 0668-2886811
Urban taxi service complaints Tel: 0668-2820261
Maoming coach station Outlets: 0668-2820069
Mao-West Railway Station Reservations can be made o­n: 0668-2321466
Maomng City Bus Terminal Reservations can be made o­n: 0668-2263226
Reservations can be made o­n terminal: 0668-2871276
Maoming City tourism Complaints and Inquiry Tel :0668-2270544
Maoming City Tourism Bureau Tel :0668-2891286
Mao Nanqu Maoming City Tourism Bureau Services Tel :0668-5115325
Maoming City, Maogang Qu Tourism Services Tel :0668-2689333
Maoming City Dianbai Xian Tourism Services Tel :0668-5523753
Maoming City Dianbai Xian Hutou Shan Tourism Development Company Services Tel :0668-2681832
Maoming city of the state Tourism Bureau Services Tel :0668-7231993
Gaozhou Maoming City Tourism Bureau Services Tel :0668-6680899
Maoming City High City Tourism Company Services Tel :0668-6680899
Maoming City letter to Tourism Bureau Services Tel :0668-8878665

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