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Introduction:Located in the northern part of Jiangxi province, Mt. Lushan faces Yangtze River to the north and borders Poyang Lake (the largest fresh water lake in China) o­n the east. Overlooki..

Districts: Nanchang JingdeTown Jinggangshan Jiujiang Lushan Shangrao Wuyuan Pingxiang Dexing Fengcheng Fuzhou Ganzhou Gao'an Guixi Ji Ruijin Xinyu Yichun Yingtan Zhangshu

Attractions: Lushan Mountain Flower Path (Huajing) The Five-Old-Man Peak The Brocade Valley Dragon Head Cliff (Longshouya) Academy of White Beer Cave Hanpo Pass Three Stage Spring Xiufeng Peak Longhu mountain

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Lushan Introduction

Located in the northern part of Jiangxi province, Mt. Lushan faces Yangtze River to the north and borders Poyang Lake (the largest fresh water lake in China) o­n the east. Overlooking southward o­n top of the mountain, the Poyang Lake is like a silver mirror. In the north, the Yangtse River looks like a jade ribbon flying to the east. The mountain consists of 99 peaks, of which, the major Peak Dahanyang rises 1474 meters (914.1 miles) above the sea level. Lushan is a hoist style fault block, which integrates mountain, river and lake into o­ne unit. The picturesque mountain is famous in China and worldwide for its grandeur, queerness of shape, perilousness and elegance.

Lushan's views of the plains and the Yangtze are breathtaking. It is full of lovely trees, hills, pavilions, and old Tang pagodas and temples. Since the surrounding water contributes to a rainy and humid weather of the mountain area, Mt. Lushan is best known for three wonders: the cloud sea, the waterfalls and the cragged cliffs, which have been depicted a lot in poems. Sudongpo, a well-known poet of Song dynasty (A.D.960-1280), honored the cloud sea of Mt. Lushan for its ever-changing mist, which enable the mountain to pose diversely. In o­ne of his poems he o­nce pointed out: The failure to get the real looks of the mountain o­nly results in the fact that you are right in the midst of it. In fact, the trick of Mt. Lushan is played out by the cloud, which shrouds the mountain all the year round, the dense fog hiding it from a clear view.
The imposing and magnificent peaks, unique waterfalls, luxuriant woods, changing sea of clouds and pleasant climate make it a most famous summer resort in China and the perfect place for patients to recuperate. Roaring through the land, the precipitous and gorgeous Lushan wins itself the honorable title of the most beautiful mountain under heaven. With both natural scenic spots and historical and cultural Sites, Mt. Lushan is listed as o­ne of the 40 best tourist attractions in China. The UNESCO listed it as o­ne of the World Natural Heritages in 1996.

Lushan Traffic

Five main railways such as Beijing-Jiujiang, Wuhan-Jiujiang, Hehui-Jiujiang,and Tonglin-Jiujiang,Jingdezhen-Jiujiang both to be built soon, meet here. From lushan station,you can directly reach Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao, Xiamen, Xian, Dongguan, Chongqing, Lianyungang, Tongling, Hefei, Wuhan and so o­n.
By water:
There are a total of twenty ships that call at the port of Jiujiang daily. Jiujaing port is o­ne of the biggest ports of Yangtze River valley, its passenger transportation and freight transportation is numbering the second and the fourth of all the ports along the Yangtze River.
By bus:
Here intergrate roads and highways like Nanchang--Jiujiang , Jiujiang-Jindezhen and No.105 national road .Inside the city, Shili Road, Changhong Road and Jiuwei Road radiate in all directions
By taxi:
 The starting price of taxi is 5 Yuan for the local people, and 10 Yuan for the tourists.

Lushan Festivals

September 1 is the  " Lushan People's Police Day." This is the third festival established by  Lushan Authority according to their own situation The other two festivals are Reading Festival and Respect for the elderly Festival.
Chongyang festival:  The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the traditional Chongyang festival. It usually falls in October in the Gregorian calendar.Enjoying the flourishing chrysanthemum becomes a key activity o­n the festival. Also , people will drink chrysanthemum wine. Women used to stick such a flower into their hair or hang its branches o­n windows or doors to avoid evilness.

Lushan Service Telephones

Jiujiang City Tourism Bureau Tel :0792-8225571
Address: xunyang road 338, Jiujiang city
Lushan Tourism Bureau Tel :0792-8282998, 8285760
Address:, Olive Road 849, Lushan city
Lushan administrative instute Complaints Tel :0792-8287906
Lushan tourist service centre Tel :0792-8296565
Foreign hotel complaint phone :0792-8225571
Railway Station inquiry Tel :0792-8589812
Lushan Golden LEAF Ticket Center :0792-8285343, 8289672
Coach Station Inquiries :0792-8582369
Port Authority :0792-8222087
Public  Bus inquiry Tel :0792-8553416, 8552425,8222405,8583743,8574864
First People's Hospital of Jiujiang City emergency call:0792-8553120
Jiujiang City, maternal and child health centres  Tel :0792-8222051, 8224449
Jiujiang City Chinese medicine hospital Office Tel :0792-8188809, 8188812 

Lushan Hotels

  • Lushan Tian Fu Hotspring

    Lushan Tian Fu Hotspring

    Preparatory Three-star Lushan Price:-

    Situated at the foot of the famed Mount Lu, the Lushan Tian Fu Hotspring (Lushan Tianfu Wenquan Dujiacun) enjoys a serene setting surrounded by mountains and rivers.All rooms in this Lus..

  • Donggu Hotel

    Donggu Hotel

    Two-star or Less Lushan Guling Town Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Longwan Hot Springs Esort Mt.Lushan Jiangxi

    Longwan Hot Springs Esort Mt.Lushan Jiangxi

    Four-star Lushan Price:-

    The Longwan Hot Springs Esort Mt.Lushan Jiangxi (Lushan Longwan Wenquan Dujuacun) is located in Wenquan, Xingzi County, at the foot of Mt. Lushan's south face.This Lushan hotel feature..

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