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Introduction:Liaoning is a northeastern province of the People's Republic of China. Its o­ne-character abbreviation is Liao."Liáo" is an ancient name for this region, which was adopted by th..

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Liaoning Introduction

Liaoning is a northeastern province of the People's Republic of China. Its o­ne-character abbreviation is Liao.
"Liáo" is an ancient name for this region, which was adopted by the Liao Dynasty (Khitan Empire) which ruled this area between 907 and 1125"Níng" means "peacefulness". The modern province was established in 1907 as Fengtian province and the name was changed to Liaoning in 1929. Under the Japanese puppet Manchukuo regime, the province reverted to its old name, but the name Liaoning was restored in 1945.
Liaoning is located in the southern part of China's Northeast. Liaoning borders the Yellow Sea (Korea Bay) and the Bohai Gulf in the south, North Korea in the southeast, Jilin Province to the northeast, Hebei Province to the west, and Inner Mongolia to the northwest.
The Yalu River marks the border between North Korea and the Chinese provinces of Jilin and Liaoning. It empties into the Korea Bay between Dandong (Liaoning) and Sinŭiju (North Korea).

Liaoning Traffic

As a base of heavy industry in China, Liaoning has the most comprehensive and dense railway network of all provinces. It also has an extended highway connection, two international civil airports and the large Dalian sea port.
By plane: The Shenyang Taoxian International Airport has flights to Beijing, Chengdu, Harbin, Changchun, Dalian, Shanghai and Shenzhen, as well as international flights to Hongkong, Irkutsk, Osaka, Pyongyang, and Seoul. Dalian also has regular flights to and from cities in Japan and South Korea, as well as domestic destinations, such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.
By railway: Major railways pass Liaoning province including the Beijing-Harbin Line, Shenyang-Dalian Line, Shenyang-Jilin Line and Shenyang-Dandong Line. Shenyang is conveniently a railroad junction with many direct trains to and from most major cities, while Dalian is not as easily reachable from the south as it is set at the southern tip of the Liaoning Peninsula.
By road: Road transport is an alternative means of travel for short distances - for long routes the roads might not be good enough. The Shenyang-Dalian, Beijing-Shenyang, Shenyang-Fushun and Shenyang-Dandong (under construction) form the major provincial road network in Liaoning.
By water: Passenger boats connect Dalian port with several coastal cities in China, such as Weihai and Yantai in Shandong Province, Qinhuangdao or Shanghai.
Taxi: The basic charge is 5 RMB within 3 kilometers, and the exceeding is 1.5 RMB per kilometer.

Liaoning Festivals

First held in 1993, Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival is o­ne of China's increasingly celebrated winter tourist events. The festival combines recreation, sports and sight-seeing and it attracts millions of visitors from around the world each year. The festival has become a major contributor to the prosperity of tourism in Shenyang as well as Liaoning Province as a whole.
Dependent upon the weather, the festival can last for up to a month during the period from December to February and always gets under way with a magnificent opening ceremony. The Dongbeiya Ski Resort, the Qipanshan (Chessboard Hill) Ski Resort, and the Baiqingzhai Ski Resort are the main venues involved. There are three sections for the festival: the Ice and Snow Sculpture Area, the Entertainment Area and the Alpine Skiing Area.

Liaoning Service Telephones

Liaoning Province Tourism complaints Tel: 024-86230222
Civil Aviation Cargo Information: 024-89392321024-89392499
Civil Aviation Ticket Information: 024-89392529024-23233835
Shenyang North Station Inquiries: 024-62041168024-16056789 (voice calls)
Shenyang station ticket office: 024-62064262
Liaoning Province Bus Terminal: 024-28512188

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