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Introduction:Lianchen lies in the Northwest of Fujian province, it has a population of 330000.  it administers 7 towns : Lianfeng, Beituan, Gutian, Pengkou, Juxi, miaoqian and 10 rural areas: ..

Districts: Fuzhou Fuding Jinjiang Liancheng Longyan Ningde Putian Quanzhou Sanming Shishi Wuyishan Xiamen Zhangzhou Fuqing Nanping AnXi ChangTing Fuan JianOu Longhai

Attractions: Xiamen Gulangyu Island Qifeng Mountain Anzhen Fort Fujian Tulou Xiamen University Nature Museum Heavenly Tour Peak Mount Wuyi State National Reserve Nanputuo Temple Lion rock

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Liancheng Introduction

Lianchen lies in the Northwest of Fujian province, it has a population of 330000.  it administers 7 towns : Lianfeng, Beituan, Gutian, Pengkou, Juxi, miaoqian and 10 rural areas: Hele, Tangqian, Gechuang, Sibao,Linfang, Wenxiang, Quxi, Laiyuan,Xuanhe . There are many famous scenic spots in Lianchen, for example,  Yonglong Bridge, Yunlong Bridge.and so o­n.
 And the most famous o­ne of these is the Guanzhai Mountain. It Covers an area of over 120 square kilometers (46 square miles), the Guanzhai Mountain scenic area is consisted of five tourist zones, including mountain and lake sceneries and villages. The exploitation of the mountain for sightseeing can be traced back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), making the mountain resort a beautiful natural park with a great many historical relics left for dynasties

Lianchen is o­ne of the Hakka settlements.Numerous tourists rom both home and abroad are being attracted by the romantic feeling and culture of Hakka such as Hakka Folksong, Han Opera of West Fujian, Tea-picking Dance of Longyan, Dancing Dragon the Great in Liancheng, Running Folk–Tale Pageant etc.

Liancheng Traffic

Liancheng (Guanzhaishan) Airport stands in Jiangfang Village Lianfeng Town. It is 3.9 kilometers (2.4 miles) from Liancheng County, just at the foot of the Guanzhai Mountain.
The airport has opened air lines to Shengzhen, Shanghai, Xiamen and so o­n.
Lianchen  is a transportation pivot and the important material transferring and distributing center for Minzhong area (the middle of Fujian Province).With Yingtan-Xiamen Railway crossing through, 28 trains pass over with the destinations to Beijing, Shanghai or other places.

N571 (Sanming-Xiamen)
N572 (Xiamen-Sanming)
N577/N580 (Yong’an -Fuzhou)
N578/N579 (Fuzhou-Yong’an )
N581/N584 (Wuyishan-Xiamen)
N582/N583 (Xiamen-Wuyishan)
The starting price of taxi in Lianchen is 4 Yuan.

Lianchen county Transportation Bureau
Address:Donghuan South Road 62, zhifeng street, Lianfeng Town
Office TEL:0597–8972253165
Longyan Guanzhi Mountain airport ticket office:0597-891882089188258918828(fax)
13850661000(at night)
Lianchen bus station TEL:0597-8922310

Liancheng Festivals

Spring Festival (Lunar New Year o­n January 1)
Lantern Festival (Lunar New Year o­n January 15)
Qhing Ming Festival (April 5)
Dragon Boat Festival (Lunar May Chu Wu)
Mid-Autumn Festival (Lunar August 15)
Chung Yeung Festival (Lunar New Year o­n September 9)
New Year's Eve (December 30 Lunar New Year)
Double seventh festival: The Double Seventh Festival, o­n the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, is a traditional festival full of romance. It often goes into August in the Gregorian calendar.
This festival is in mid-summer when the weather is warm and the grass and trees reveal their luxurious greens. At night when the sky is dotted with stars, and people can see the Milky Way spanning from the north to the south. o­n each bank of it is a bright star, which see each other from afar. They are the Cowherd and Weaver Maid, and about them there is a beautiful love story passed down from generation to generation.
The Mid-Autumn Festival: it falls o­n the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, usually in October in Gregorian calendar.people will enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes o­n that day.The moon looks extremely round, big and bright o­n the 15th day of each lunar month. People selected the August 15 to celebrate because it is a season when crops and fruits are all ripe and weather pleasant. o­n the Mid-Autumn Festival, all family members or friends meet outside, putting food o­n tables and looking up at the sky while talking about life. How splendid a moment it is!

Liancheng Service Telephones

Liancheng County Tourism Bureau Address: Zhi-Feng Street 44 Liancheng County, Tel: 8930358
Scenic Spot management
Guan Zhishan scenic spot management committee Address: Zhi-Feng Street 44,Liancheng County,
Tel: 8930358
Guan Zhishan Scenic Area Police Station Address: Zhi-Feng Street 44,Liancheng County Tel: 8922314

Liancheng Hotels

  • Liancheng Hotel

    Liancheng Hotel

    Three-star Liancheng Price:-

    The Liancheng Hotel (Liancheng Dajiudian) is located on Liangcheng's Zhong Shan Road. Enjoying an elegant environemnt, guests will benefit from convenient traffic conditions in the area. ..

  • Mountain Villa Guanzaishan

    Mountain Villa Guanzaishan

    Preparatory Three-star Liancheng Price:-

    Liancheng's Mountain Villa Guanzaishan (Lianchengguan Guanzaishan Senlinshanzhuang) is nestled at the foot of Guanzai Mountain. For recreation, there is a tennis court, a sauna and a ch..

  • Guanzaishan Youdian Dujiacun

    Guanzaishan Youdian Dujiacun

    Three-star Liancheng Price:-

    Beautifully set beside Shimen Lake, the Guanzaishan Youdian Dujiacun offers accommodations ranging from deluxe suites and queen rooms, to deluxe and standard rooms equipped with central air..

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