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Introduction:Jinjiang is a county-level city of Quanzhou Municipality in Fujian. It is located in the southeastern part of the province, o­n the right or south bank of the Jin River, across from ..

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Jinjiang Introduction

Jinjiang is a county-level city of Quanzhou Municipality in Fujian. It is located in the southeastern part of the province, o­n the right or south bank of the Jin River, across from Quanzhou's urban district of Fengze. Jinjiang city also borders the Taiwan Strait of the East China Sea to the south, and Quanzhou's other county-cities of Shishi and Nan'an to the east and west, respectively. It has an area of 649 kilometres and a population of 1.029million.  Jingjiang administers 6 streets : Xiyuan, Qingyang, Meiling, Xintang, Luoshan, Lingyuan and 13 towns : Anhai, Yinglin, Shenhu, xibin,jinjing, chidian and so o­n. Jinjiang city is  the famous mother town of Chinese compatriots in Taiwan and overseas. The climate is warm and humid, comfortable for year-round travel, making it a popular tourist destination.

Jinjiang is known for the large number of foreign-invested factories which operate there, especially clothing and name-brand footwear. Despite appalling sweatshop conditions, many migrant labourers come from around and even outside the province to commit themselves to year-long contracts.
Jinjiang speaks a form of the Min Nan (Hokkien) dialect which is intelligible in Xiamen or o­n Taiwan. Most of its people can also speak Mandarin, which is used in schools and to communicate with non-minnan-speakers in business and daily life.
Experts believe that Jinjiang city is close to develop into the jacket city of the world.Jinjiag city is o­ne of the famous clothing production base in China, especially for men's casual-wear.Currently, there are over 1,000 manufacturing units that produce jackets. In 2005, the total sale of jackets from Jinjiang city accounted for 12.11 percent of the global sale.Jinjiang city takes the top spot when it comes to jacket output, raw materials’ supply, sales channels and jacket brands’ quantity in the world.Besides, there are over 800 jacket raw materials manufacturers and over 200 jacket supplementary manufacturers.Annual sale of branded jackets is around US $2.5billion, and that of processing jackets comes upto $2.13 billion.
In addition, Jinjiang City has become a major sports-shoes manufacturer, with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan (1.2 billion U.S. dollars), accounting for o­ne quarter of the country's total.

Jinjiang Traffic

Jinjiang airport is located o­n the east of Donghuan Road in Jinjiang city. Jinjiang airport has opened several air routes including lines to Hongkong, Manila, Philippines and so o­n.
There are 15 public bus lines in Jingjiang city . The price is o­ne Yuan per person.
The fare of taxi in Jinjiang is 6 yuan for the first 2 kilometres.
Jinjiang City Transportation Bureau complaints Tel: 85669110
Jinjiang Airport inquiry  Tel: 962668
Jinjiang Airport complaint phone :0595-85628811
Jinjiang Airport booking hotline: 962668
Jinjianglong-distance bus  Station Tel: 85684197
Jinjiang bus stations Tel: 85084665
Yongchen passenger station in Dongshi Town ,Jingjiang city Tel: 5583438

Jinjiang Festivals

People in Jinjiang are very plain, they have many interesting traditional folk customs and many interesting folk festivals:

1. The Spring Festival: it  falls o­n the 1st day of the 1st lunar month, often o­ne month later than the Gregorian calendar. The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West. All people living away from home go back, becoming the busiest time for transportation systems of about half a month from the Spring Festival. Airports, railway stations and long-distance bus stations are crowded with home returnees. People attach great importance to Spring Festival Eve. At that time, all family members eat dinner together. The meal is more luxurious than usual. Dishes such as chicken, fish and bean curd cannot be excluded, for in Chinese, their pronunciations, respectively "ji", "yu" and "doufu," mean auspiciousness, abundance and richness. After the dinner, the whole family will sit together, chatting and watching TV. In recent years, the Spring Festival party broadcast o­n China Central Television Station (CCTV) is essential entertainment for the Chinese both at home and abroad. According to custom, each family will stay up to see the New Year in.

2.Qingming festival :  It is o­ne of the 24 seasonal division points in China, falling o­n April 4-6 each year. The Qingming festival is a festival of commemoriation . this is the most important day of sacrifice . Both the Han and minority ethnic groups at this time offer sacrifices to their ancestors and sweep the tombs of the diseased.
Chongyang festival:  The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the traditional Chongyang festival. It usually falls in October in the Gregorian calendar.Enjoying the flourishing chrysanthemum becomes a key activity o­n the festival. Also , people will drink chrysanthemum wine. Women used to stick such a flower into their hair or hang its branches o­n windows or doors to avoid evilness.

3.The Dragon Boat Festival :
The Dragon Boat Festival, the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, has had a history of more than 2,000 years. It is usually in June in the Gregorian calendar. Zongzi is an essential food of the Dragon Boat Festival. It is said that people ate them in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC). In early times, it was o­nly glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed or other plant leaves and tied with colored thread, but now the fillings are more diversified, including jujube and bean paste, fresh meat, and ham and egg yolk. If time permits, people will soak glutinous rice, wash reed leaves and wrap up zongzi themselves. Otherwise, they will go to shops to buy whatever stuff they want. The custom of eating zongzi is now popular in North and South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian nations.

4.Double seventh festival: The Double Seventh Festival, o­n the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, is a traditional festival full of romance. It often goes into August in the Gregorian calendar.

This festival is in mid-summer when the weather is warm and the grass and trees reveal their luxurious greens. At night when the sky is dotted with stars, and people can see the Milky Way spanning from the north to the south. o­n each bank of it is a bright star, which see each other from afar. They are the Cowherd and Weaver Maid, and about them there is a beautiful love story passed down from generation to generation.
5. zhongyuan festival  is also called “pudu”

6.The Mid-Autumn Festival: it falls o­n the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, usually in October in Gregorian calendar.people will enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes o­n that day.The moon looks extremely round, big and bright o­n the 15th day of each lunar month. People selected the August 15 to celebrate because it is a season when crops and fruits are all ripe and weather pleasant. o­n the Mid-Autumn Festival, all family members or friends meet outside, putting food o­n tables and looking up at the sky while talking about life. How splendid a moment it is!

Jinjiang Service Telephones

Jinjiang City tourism hotline :0595-82980888
 (Ticket Hotline) :0595-85616263
Jinjiang City Transportation Bureau complaints Tel: 85669110
Quanzhou air tour agents Tel: 0595-56946005694500
Time: 117
Fire: 119
Alarm call: 110
Free phone: 800
Global: 130,131,135,136,137,138,139
Forecast: 121
phone number inquiry: 114
Traffic Accident Information: 122
Consumer complaint hotline: 12,315
Post's EMS enquiries: 185
Paging station: 126,127,128,129,191,192,198,199
Telecom customer service center: 170,180

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