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Introduction:JINHUA, o­nce called Wuzhou in the ancient time, is an important transportation hub and a key city in the middle region of Zhejiang province. It is the connection area between the inl..

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Attractions: Tongjun Hill 1000-pace Sand Beach Autumn Moon over the Clam Lake Qingshan Lake Xiangshan Tiamuxi Stream Baishuichong Waterfall Double-Dragon Cave Longquan Mountain Zhailiao Stream

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Jinhua Introduction

JINHUA, o­nce called Wuzhou in the ancient time, is an important transportation hub and a key city in the middle region of Zhejiang province. It is the connection area between the inland and the coastal economically developed areas of Shanghai Economic Development Zone. The city is rich in natural products and beautiful scenic area, populated with large number of talented men and men of letters. It is a place with obvious superior geological position and good environment for investment .The total area of Jinhua city is 10918 square meters, mainly hilly lands and basin topography, among which 167,000 hectares is arable land, 660000 hectares is forested, the coverage is 57.6%. It has four county-level municipalities such as Lanxi, Dongyang,Yiwu, Yongkang and four counties such as Pujiang, Wuyi, Jinhua, Panan and Wucheng District. It has a total population of 4.38 million people, with 36 minority nationalities. “Splendid is th' Eight-Chant Tower ages through, / leaving the posterity deep in blue; / A thousand miles in South the river flows, / Above the fourteen towns the City glows.” 860 years ago, Li Qingzhao the famous poetess in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) o­nce described the verve of Jinhua with this poem when she visited the Eight-Chant Tower of the City.

Jinhua Traffic

Jinhua enjoys convenient transportation, being the communications center in Southeast China between coastal and inland areas, and o­ne of the major hubs of landway transportation in the country. The Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Jinhua-Wenzhou and Jinhua-Qiandaohu Railways intersect in the City. The Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway, the Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Expressway, the No. 330 and 320 National Highways, and other provincial highroads, also traverse the area. Among other roads, the Jinhua-Ningbo and Jinhua-Jiaojiang Expressways are under construction, and the Jinhua-Xin'anjiang-Hangzhou Expressway is under programming. The city aggregation around Jinhua Proper has formed a "Half-an-Hour's-Ride Economic Circle", there being merely a 90-minute and a 3-hour journey driving from the City to Hangzhou and Shanghai respectively. At present, the Yiwu Civil Airport in the City offers airlines destined for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, et alibi. With the 3 ports (Shanghai, Ningbo and Wenzhou) in its vicinity, Jinhua is a broad hinterland and intermediate between coastal and inland regions. Today the "On-Carriage Port" - an international container freight station - has been fulfilled in the City, where a straight-through CIQ supervision office will be set up.

Jinhua Festivals

Latern Festival
Date: 15th of the first lunar month
Activities: Lantern expositions, garden parties, fireworks displays, and folk dances
Remarks: During this festival, red lanterns can be seen everywhere. Many types of delicate and splendidly ornamented lanterns are exhibited. Every family eats yuanxiao (a kind of rice ball stuffed with beans, sugar, and other sweets), which is a symbol of family reunion, unity, affection, and happiness.

Jinhua Service Telephones

Jinhua City Tourism Bureau Tel: 0579-82384000 Fax:-83183555
Jinhua City tourist complaints hotline: 0579-96118
Jinhua Wucheng scenic tourist service center Authority Tel:-2320445 Fax: 0579-2337419
Jinhua Wuyi County Tourism Authority Services Tel: 0579-7673301 Fax: 0579-7663739
Jinhua Yiwu scenic tourist Authority Services Tel: 0579-5523100
Jinhua Pan'an County Tourism Authority Landscape Services Tel: 0579-4660666
Jinhua Jindong Tourism Bureau Tel: 0579-2176617 Fax: 0579-2176619
Jinhua Lanxi Tourism Bureau Tel: 0579-8927925 Fax: 0579-8927918
Jinhua Dongyang Tourism Bureau Tel: 0579-6636939 Fax: 0579-6631310 Jinhua Pujiang County Tourism Bureau Tel: 0579-84124145

Jinhua Hotels

  • Today Hotel

    Today Hotel

    Two-star or Less Jinhua Wucheng Price:-

    The Today Hotel (Jinri Dajiudian) is located in downtown Jinhua city, only 2 km from the Jinhua Railway Station.Guests entering the Today Hotel are welcomed by a bright, luxurious lobb..

  • Home Inn (South Bayi Street)

    Home Inn (South Bayi Street)

    Two-star or Less Jinhua Wucheng Price:-

    At the intersection of Binhong Road and South Bayi Street, the Home Inn (South Bayi Street) (Rujia Kuaijie Jiudian Bayi Nan Jie Dian) is close to several shopping cent

  • Jinhua International Hotel

    Jinhua International Hotel

    Three-star Jinhua Wucheng Price:-

    The Jinhua International Hotel (Jinhua Guoji Dajiudian) is located in downtown Jinhua, about five minutes' drive from the railway station, convenient to Wal-Mart and various department ..

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