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Introduction:Jiaxing, a major city in Zhejiang Province, stretches out o­n the great plain of Hanghzou-Jiaxing-Huzhou, with Shanghai to its east, Hangzhou to its west, Suzhou to its north and Ha..

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Jiaxin Introduction

Jiaxing, a major city in Zhejiang Province, stretches out o­n the great plain of Hanghzou-Jiaxing-Huzhou, with Shanghai to its east, Hangzhou to its west, Suzhou to its north and Hangzhou Bay to its south. Covering an area of 39.15 million square meters with a population of 3.28 million, Jiaxing has five counties (namely Jiashan, Pinghu, Haiyan, Haining and Tongxiang) and two districts (namely Xiucheng and Jiaoqu) under its jurisdiction. In 1997, its gross domestic product amounted to 42 billion yuan with GDP per capita reaching 12,766 yuan.

Long known as a "land of fish and rice" and the "home of silk", Jiaxing is a nationalcommodity grain base and o­ne of Zhejiang's important production bases for farm and sideline products. The amount of the commodity grain supplied by the city accounts for 20% of the province's total; Its output of freshwater fish ranks second in the province; Its output of silkworm cocoon constitutes over 50% of the province's total ; and its output of white steam filature accounts for 40% of the province's total and 20% of the nation's total.

Jiaxing has a sound base of industry. Now an industrial system complete with a fairly variety of branches including silk, wool, mechanical, chemical, paper and electronic industries has been established. Its knit, silk and leather garments have been renowned both at home and abroad. Jiaxing also boast quite a few of products of some repute, such as wool fabric, industrial technological paper and refrigerator compressor.

Jiaxing enjoys fast and convenient communications. The Shanghai-Hangzhou double-tracking railways traverse the territory. The Shanghai-Hang- zhou Expressway which will be open to traffic at the end of 1998 has five exits in Jiaxing area. Port Zhapu, which is 40 kilometers away from the city proper, enjoys uniquely favorable sea-and-river coordina ted transport facilities. It was accepted as a first-grade state port open to the outside world. Traversed by the Grand Canal, Jiaxing has a crisscross network of inland waterways. Advanced management has been employed in its highway system. Jiaxing is becoming a communications hub connecting Zhejiang with Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui.

Jiaxing boasts of smooth telecommunications facilities and rich energy resources. The "East China Power Base" has taken shape. In the area, there is the first nuclear power station designed by China, Qiushan Nuclear Power Plant, whose installed capacity of nuclear power will reach 3 million kilowatts at the beginning of the next century. The Jiaxing Power Plant is to be built into o­ne with an installed capacity of 4.2 million kilowatts.

It is o­ne of famous lands of the south of the Yangtze River with a long history; it is the site of a large site of a meeting of the Communist Party of China. Revitalize the south wing of the river delta of division chief of ground well, lie in three province (market ) intersection in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, it is the city closest to Shanghaiof Zhejiang, meanwhile, is o­ne of the 14 cities planned in advance, developed in advance in the Changjiang Delta which the country developed especially of the 1990s too. “Up above there is Paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou, Jiaixng is in the central authorities ". Jiaxing, lie in 15' for 31 degrees of north latitude, east longitude is 18' for 121 degrees. Located in the south edge in the north subtropical zone, belong to the monsoon area of East Asia. Here makes a clear distinction between the four seasons, the sunshine is abundant, the rainfall is plentiful, it is temperate in climate and moist, spring and autumn is relatively short, summer of winter is relatively long, the average temperature of the whole year is about 15.7 degrees. About 230 days of frost-free period of the whole year, annual sunshine is more than 2000 hours; annual average rainfall is 1100 millimetres. Coastline is 121 -km-long, among them it build water front of port reach 67 kilometers, easily accessible, the hinterland is broad, the geographical position is superior. Jiaxing city have jurisdiction over 7 county (city, district) now, Xiucheng area, Xiuzhou district, Jiashan county, Pinhu city, Haiyan county, Haining city, Tongxiang city. 5 counties and cities had jurisdiction over have already entered o­ne hundred prosperous counties of national comprehensive strength for the third time in succession, all counties (municipal or district) are named as “the well-to-do level county of province of Zhejiang “.

Jiaxin Traffic

External traffic
Jiaxing lie in mid point of the Shanghai-Hangzhou railway, 90 kilometers respectively from Shanghai, Hangzhou. Lead to Nanchang, Xiamen, Huaihua, Nanning, Foochow, HengYang, Guangzhou, Wuchang, Chongqing, Liu Zhou, Kunming, Hangzhou, Ning Bo, Yiwu, Lanxi, Quzhou, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Buyang, Huaibei, Jinan, Beijing, Baotou, Jilin, Qiqihar and other places.

Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway, 320 national roads, Shanghai-Hangzhou multiple track the arterial highway traverse the whole area fast. There are two main long-distance bus stations of the west; the north to the urban area of Jiaixng, there is Bus No. 20 that links to each other between two stations. The west station have leave for Shanghai, Hangzhou, Haining, Tongxiang, Wuzhen, north and south lake and other places. the north station have leave for Suzhou, Huzhou, Jiashan, Xitang, Pinghu, ZhaPu, Haiyan and other places.

Internal traffic
The bus of the urban area of Jiaxing, the majority adopts gold dragon's Zhongba, all self-service ticketing, single admission fee 1 yuan, 5-10 minutes every o­ne.

The main style is Santana or Alto, the starting fare of 5 yuan (2 kilometers ), the urban area of Jiaxing is not big, walk between railway station, bus stop, south lake and city center, car money is just about 5-10 yuan.

Jiaxin Festivals

The South Lake Boat Culture Festival of Jiaxing, China
Wuzhen Cultural Festival
Water-melon Lanterns Festival of Pinghu
Fengqiao Peach Festival of Xiucheng District
Qiangjing(Haining) International Tide Watching Festival
South-North Lake Touirism Festival of Haiyan

Jiaxin Service Telephones

Jiaxing City Tourism Bureau Tel: 86-2159711 Zip codes: 314000
Jiaxing City Tourism complaints Tel: 0573-96118
Xiuzhou district of Jiaxing Tourism Bureau Tel: 86-2082507 Fax: 86-2069855 Zip code: 314001
Jiaxing Pinghu City Tourism Bureau Tel: 86-5117833
Henin-Hardenne in Jiaxing City Tourism Bureau Tel: 86-7288401
Jiaxing Jiashan County Tourism Bureau Tel: 86-4051911
Jiaxing Tongxiang City Tourism Bureau Tel: 86-8029293
Jiaxing Haiyan Tourism Bureau Tel: 86-6121106

Jiaxin Hotels

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