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Introduction:Jiaozhou is in the banks of Jiaozhou Bay, east of it is Jimo City, to the north of it is Pingdu City and Gaomi City is to the west. In February 1987 in Qingdao City, Jiaozhou firstly t..

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Jiaozhou Introduction

Jiaozhou is in the banks of Jiaozhou Bay, east of it is Jimo City, to the north of it is Pingdu City and Gaomi City is to the west. In February 1987 in Qingdao City, Jiaozhou firstly transformed from a country to a city, and is o­ne of the first open coastal cities in Shandong province.There are 13 towns, five neighborhood offices in Jiaozhou, the total area of it is 1,210 square kilometers, and the total population number is 780,000. By the end of 2005, Jiaozhou, the urban population reached 280,000, and the urban built-up areas reached 40 square kilometers. A medium-developed city basically formed.

Jiaozhou Traffic

Jiaozhou has developed transportation and communication besides developed infrastructure. Many important railway routes,suchu as , Jiaoji, Jiaohuang, Jiaoxinrailway runn through the territory of this city. Expressways here are expressways aroud Jiaozhou Bay, Jiqing, Tongsan,etc. State Highway NO.204 and the expressways above, which are connected with each other,make up a convenient transport network. In addition,there is an airport and a fishing port in this area. It is o­nly  40 km away from the Qingdao Port, 35 km away from Huangdao former Bay .The distance between the city of Jiaodong and Qingdao Liuting International Airport is 40kilometers. Taxis The fare is ¥7.5 for first 3 kilometers,and ¥1.5 per kilometer thereafter.

Jiaozhou Festivals

Spring Festival
In Spring Festival, people use the ribbon, lanterns decorated rooms, and suburban farmers paste couplets, cut window grills, prepare the New Year gifts for their relatives and friends. In Lunar New Year's Eve, the families are reunited, making dumplings, eating dinner, joining overnight.

Lantern Festival
Time: the 15th day after Lunar New Year

It is commonly known as "the Lantern Festival," and the "Festival of Lights". During the annual carnivals, there is spectacular scenes in major parks, factories, mines enterprises and the streets , which are covered with a variety of lights. At night, there are all kinds of flower lamps, animal lamps,  the story of lights, lamps, etc., with  distinct local color.

Jiaozhou Service Telephones

Station Duty Room Tel: 82974412
Blue sky air outlets Tel: 87282929/87283007
Station Inquiries Tel: 87250201
Huanhai travel agency outlets Tel: 87238116/87238517
People's Hospital emergency Tel: 120/87221919
Center Hospital emergency Tel:  999/87231919
City Health Authority Tel: 87221072
Xinhua Book Shop Tel: 87260048
Power Repair Tel: 87272110
Water Repair Tel: 87203111
Passenger inquiries Tel: 87212318

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