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Introduction:The history of Haikou originates from Han Dynasty. In 110B.C. (the first year of Western Han Dynasty), General Lu Bode of Fubo conquered Baiyue, and set two prefectures-Zhuya and Zhan&#..

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Haikou Introduction

The history of Haikou originates from Han Dynasty. In 110B.C. (the first year of Western Han Dynasty), General Lu Bode of Fubo conquered Baiyue, and set two prefectures-Zhuya and Zhan'er-and 16 counties in Hainan. Haikou was under Zhuyadaimao County. In Tang Dynasty, Haikou became a port of Qiongzhou, and it was the transportation hub to the mainland. In Song Dynasty, in order to consolidate the frontier, Haikoupu was established, hence the name. In 1858 (the eighth year of Emperor Xianfeng), Haikou was opened up to be a trading port, the name was changed into Qiongzhou kou. After that, the consulates of various countries were set up here gradually. In the early days of the People's Republic of China, its name was changed to Haikou. It was liberated o­n 23, April 1950, and the People's Government was founded o­n June 1, the same year. After liberation, Haikou was a city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government of Guangdong, and was the capital of Hainan administrative. In March 1983, it was declared to be an open city. In 1988, it became the capital city of Hainan Province.
Haikou lies in 19°57′04″-20°05′11″ North Latitude and 110°10′18″-110°23′05″ East Longitude, and in the north of Hainan Island. It borders o­n Qiongzhou Strait in the north, and is separated from the mainland for about 18 nautical miles. It is contiguous to Qiongshan (a city) in the southeast, and is close to Chengmai County in the west. The longest part is 25.6km from east to west, and the widest part is 15.1km from north to south. The circumference of the border is 84.75km, and the total area is 244.55sq km. The planned area is 1127sq km, and construction area of modern city is 34sq km. Haikou is plain of the seashore for the most, and mainly consists of new and old deposits. High in the south and low in the north, it is low and flat.

Haikou Traffic

Air Transport
International, Domestic Air Routes (Charter) Airport
Covering a total area of 583 hectares, Haikou Meilan Airport is an important domestic airport. With an investment of ¥ 2.304 billion, it was constructed with 4E standard of International Civil Aviation Organization. By now, cities with direct flights to Haikou are: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Hefei, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shantou, Shenzhen, Guiyang, Wuhan, Nanchang, Beihai, Lanzhou, Nanning, Xiamen, Changchun, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Fuzhou, Haikou, Changsha, Kunming, and Bangkok.
Haikou Railway Station
Liuzhou Railway Station Haikou Office was founded o­n August 1, 1990. It is a branch of the Liuzhou Railway Station. Its business includes: cargo transportation from Hainan to any part of China, selling tickets of the trains departing from Zhanjiang Railway Station, conducting connecting tickets to any other railway stations via Liuzhou, and handling cargoes of 1, 6, 10 tons and containers of 20 feet.
Yuehai Railway
Yuehai Railway starts at Zhanjiang in the north, going through Leizhou Peninsula, Qiongzhou Straits and joins with the existent railways in Chahe leading to Sanya. It is o­ne of the key projects in 1998 and also the first railway over strait. It consists of 3 parts: railway from Zhanjiang to Hai'an in Guangdong Province, ferrying waterway across Qiongzhou Strait, and railway from Haikou to Chahe in Hainan Province.
Measuring 345km long, Yuehai Railway is expected to be put into operation in 2001.
Water Transport
Haikou Port
Haikou Port, also known as Xiuying Port, lies in the south of Haikou Bay, facing Leizhou Peninsula across Qiongzhou Strait. It has the strategic importance of holding the strait between Beibu Bay and South China Sea, hence the name "the Gateway of Qiongzhou". With a handling capacity of 4 million tons each year, it has 2 piers for 10,000 tons, 2 piers for 5,000 tons and 24 piers for below 5,000 tons. The port has 23 domestic routes and 47 international routes leading to almost all domestic ports and over 30 countries and regions including: Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. Besides passenger transportation, Haikou Port can also deal with domestic containers and containers with international standard.
Haikou New Port
Haikou New Port lies in the estuary of Haidianxi River. It has dams to the north and flat beach land to the west. The port has good condition with calm water. It has links with Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhenjiang, Nantong, Zhangjiagang, Jiujiang, Anqing, Shanghai. And ports along the coast line of Guangdong Province, and it also has business relations with Hong Kong, Macao, and Zhuhai, the voyage routes around the island can reach Basuo, Sanya, Qinglan, Xincun, and Baimajin. The key task of the port is the ferrying work of passengers and vehicles between Haikou and Hai'an Port in Guangdong Province.
The expressway in Haikou measures 618.23km as a total. The East Road running from Haikou to Sanya is 268.25km and the West Road is 349.98. The expressway between Haikou and Yangpu is 89.3km. o­n each square kilometer, there is 449 meter expressway and the rate is higher than the average level of China. Started in 1991, the East Road was compieted in 1994. It runs from Wugong Temple in IvHaikou to Sanya City via Qiongshan, Anding, Qionghai, Wanning, and Lingshui. The extension of the road from Haikou to Qionghai is in use now. The expressway from Haikou to Wenchang is still under construction. The West Ring Road of the island from Haikou to Yangpu starts at the western end of the Haikou industry Avenue, and ends at the Ancient City in Chengmai County through 10.64km-long highway. It is 52.75km from Sanya to Jiusuo, and 98km from Yangpu to Basuo, which is 4-lane expressway and had been put into operation by the end of 1998. Besides, the Middle Road and the expressway from Qionghai, Haikou to Meilan are also in planning. The highway networkof the island has 3 main lines of east, west and middle road. The expressway transportation network is convenient.
Taxis in Haikou totaled 4,100, belonging to 91 taxi companies. 80% of the taxis are under taxi companies, and 20% are private o­nes. There is no problem to satisfy the needs of passengers in terms of quantity. Taxi models are as following: 30 Honda 2.0, 60 Mazda 323 made in Hainan, 150 Santana made in Shanghai, 2,300 Xiali, 100 Mazda made in Japan, 100 Bluebird, etc. Taxis are roughly balanced in terms of different standards. The prime price for luxurious taxi is 15 yean, 12 yuan for taxi in category a, 10 yuan for taxi in category B, and 8 yuan for taxi in category C. the price is basically suitable for the consumption ability of the citizens and tourists at home and abroad. The taxi industry in Haikou features in enthusiastic service, reasonable charge, practicable under any kind of weather condition and equal treatment, which win its fame among citizens and tourists at home and abroad.

Haikou Festivals

Hainan International Coconut Festival
From the ancient times, Hainan was known as "Coconut Island", and the coconut palm is the symbol of Hainan. During April 3rd-7th, 1992, the first Hainan International Coconut Festival was held. After that, from every end of March to the beginning of April, there will be the coconut festival. And the festival has 8-year history. It has become an influential celebration in Hainan. Coconut Festival is the combination of touring, culture, customs, physical sports and trade. The aim of the festival is "developing tourist industry, culture exchange, trade promotion, and further opening up". It attracts lots of tourists and businessmen at home and abroad with the characteristic of Hainan folk customs and culture. It fulfils the function of "let the world know Hainan and let Hainan go to the world step by step". In 1993, the General Secretary Jiang Zemin attended the Second Hainan International Coconut Festival and the Fifth Anniversary of Economic Zone of Hainan, and he delivered an important speech at the meeting.

Haikou Service Telephones

Haikou Xiuying passenger transport ticket office: 0898-65351557
Haikou New passenger transport: 0898-66210596
Haikou railway station outlets Tel: 0898-68656554
China National Tourism Administration complaints Tel: (0898) 5358451,8008768188
Haikou Tourism Bureau tourist complaints Tel :0898-66250780

Haikou Hotels

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