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Introduction:Haicheng is located in 40°29’ north degree and 120°18’ east longitude.It's among the city group of Liaoning Peninsule with vigor and vitality. The city which administers four distr..

Districts: Shenyang Anshan Dalian Dandong Haicheng Jinzhou Panjin Tieling Yingkou Benxi Chanyang Fushun Fuxin Huludao Liaoyang Xingcheng

Attractions: Laobian Dumpling Yalu River Bridge Da Bijia Mountain Jade Buddha Garden Chessboard Mesa Shenyang Strange Slope Dalu Island Zhang's Mansion Phoenix Mountain Bihai Villa

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Haicheng Introduction

Haicheng is located in 40°29’ north degree and 120°18’ east longitude.It's among the city group of Liaoning Peninsule with vigor and vitality. The city which administers four districts, o­ne economic technological development zone and 27 townships covers 2,734 KM with population of 1.08 million of which 280,000 are in urban. 
  Haicheng is very beautiful with richer resources. Its magnesite reserves in east mountainous districts occupy o­ne of a quarter and talcum is the leading in the world with a good reputation "Capital of Talcum". Also this district is o­ne of the provincial fruits and tussah production bases. The middle-west plain abounds in rice, corn and bean with a reputation of "Granary in south of Liaoning".
   Haicheng links with port cities Yingkou and Dalian in south, "Steel Capital" Anshan and Shenyang, capital of the province, in north, "Oil Field City" Panjin in west and Benxi and Dandong in east. Many expressways and railways cross the city from north to south, east to west, such as Shenda Expressway, Changda Railway, Hada Railway, Gouhai Railway. The Tengao domestic civil aviation port is situated in north of the city. So the city enjoys exceptional geographical advantages.

Haicheng Traffic

   Dapan Highway passes across HETDZ, a belt highway goes through it from the east to the west. Shenyang-Dalian Expressway is in the west from south to north, Harbin-DALIAN Expressway is in its east, Haigou Railway is in the south, Bayuquan Port to its south, and Shenyang Taoxian Airport to its north.

Haicheng Festivals

Haicheng stiltwalking has had more than 300-year history since the development by folk artists started in the Year of Kangxi-12, Qing Dynasty, based o­n the Chinese ancient events, such as sacrifice and temple fair etc. It*s the traditional folk art with long history, full of the local features in northeast area in China. None but something with national features belongs to the whole world. Today, Haicheng stiltwalking has shown itself not o­nly all around China but also in the world, which enhances the international cultural exchange and plays an important role in the development of tourism.

The stilt-Walkers in Haicheng Stilt-Walking Art Troupe present the distinguishing art skills to visitors home and abroad by their happy, energetic action, optimistic, bold and generous personality as well as simple and interesting performance. Haicheng Stilt-Walking Art Troupe represented China to attend the 11th Krems International Folk Arts Festival and the 5th Krakow International Folk Arts Festival held in Austria, the 2nd Sava International Folk Arts Festival in Hungary as well as number of folk arts festivals, tourism & culture festivals in China from which got high praise of visitors.

Haicheng Service Telephones

Haicheng Tourism Complaints Tel: 0412-3605755
Haicheng Tourism Bureau Address: No.22 Huancheng Road, Xinghai district, Haicheng city

Zip Code: 114200
Tel: 0412-3221468

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