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Introduction:Guangxi, called "Gui" for short, is situated in the southern part of China and is adjacent to the provinces of Yunnan to the west, Guizhou to the north, Hunan to the northeast and Guang..

Districts: Nangning Beihai Guilin Liuzhou Baise Dongxing FangchengGang Guigang Guiping Heshan Hechi Laibin Pingguo Qinzhou Tiandong Wuzhou Yangshuo Yulin

Attractions: Chengyang Wind and Rain Shelter Bridge Mount Qingxiu Guilin Rice Noodle Beihai Aquarium Mount Gupo National Forest Park Gongcheng Confucius Temple Liuhou ancestral temple Double Rivers and Four Lakes Braised Meat with Lipu Taro Detian Waterfall

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Guangxi Introduction

Guangxi, called "Gui" for short, is situated in the southern part of China and is adjacent to the provinces of Yunnan to the west, Guizhou to the north, Hunan to the northeast and Guangdong to the southeast. Bordering Vietnam, Guangxi is convenient for tourists crossing overland into Vietnam or vice-versa. With an area of about 230,000 square kilometers (88,780 square miles), topography of Guangxi is basin-like and the limestone distribution occupies half of the total area. Unique topography forms natural sights. You can breathe fresh air and relax yourself by enjoying wonderful landscape everywhere.
Characterized by marvelous seaside scenery and full-bodied ethical customs, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is blessed with colorful resources and is an imposing region for sightseeing.
Guangxi has history dating from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770BC ~ 221BC). From the Qing Dynasty (1644 ~ 1911), the region was named "Guangxi". In 1958, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was established, and it is now o­ne of the five Minority Autonomous Regions in China. Guangxi lies in a subtropical region: rainy, warm and wet. It is fit for traveling all year round. July is the warmest and average temperature is 23  C to 29  C; the coldest is in January, and average temperature is about 6  C to 16  C. In Guangxi, 80 percent of the rain occurs from April to September. Annual average rainfall is 1250 to 1750 millimeters (49.2 to 68.9 inches) in the most areas
People in Guangxi are multinational, and the total population is about 45 million. Besides the Han nationality, there are ethnic groups of Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Tong, Maonan, Yi, Shui and others. Various cultures are o­ne of the important characteristics of China; therefore, face-to-face communication with various cultures will bring you unexpectedly pleasant surprises.
Guilin, a popular tourist venue in China, is famous for its beautiful landscape. The picturesque Karst scenery along the Li River down from Guilin to Yangshuo has meant the city has become well known to foreigners. The cruise is an unforgettable experience. In addition, attractions in the city are well worth a visit. Among them, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Stars Park and Fu Bo Hill are very impressive.
Yangshuo, the end of the Li River cruise, is a small but peaceful town with stunning country scenery. The town's West Street, lined with western cafes, restaurants and hotels has welcomed countless foreigners from all over the world and is known as "the Earth Village in China". The city is an excellent place for bicyclists and backpackers. Small villages hide behind paddies, water buffalos patrol the fields while fishermen boat o­n the river. Each provides a feeling of tranquility far removed from the cement jungle of the large cities. You can rent a bicycle to visit the Moon Hill and the Big Banian Tree.
Longsheng and Sanjiang are known for their Dong and Zhuang minority villages. You will have a chance to taste the local food and appreciate the traditional singing and dancing performances. Do not miss the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces in Longsheng and the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge in Sanjiang.

Guangxi Traffic

By plane: There are five civil airports in Guangxi province: Guilin, Nanning, Beihai, Liuzhou and Wuzhou. Guilin, the world popular tourist destination, has flights connecting it with most domestic cities as well as Hongkong and cities in Japan, Korea and Australia. Nanning, the provincial capital, has direct flights, some daily, to cities like Beijing (3hrs), Shanghai (3hrs) Chengdu (1.5hrs), Dalian (5hrs) and Guangzhou (1hr). (See the total list). Beihai, the port city, has also a dozen of flights available.
By railway: The Hunan-Guangxi Railway, the major railway in Guangxi province, is connected with the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway to the east and the railway in Vietnam to the west. Trains can go into Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Major tourist destinations as Nanning, Guilin and Beihai are conveniently connected by railway.
By road: Travel by bus within Guangxi is a good possibility. With the completion of several city-to-city highways, the major cites in Guangxi are well connected so that journeys by coach are usually cheap, convenient and take less time than years before, Nanning-Beihai (2hrs); Nanning-Liuzhou (2.5hrs); Nanning-Guilin (4hrs).
By water: There are ferries from Wuzhou to Guangzhou (2 daily; 17hours; about RMB80) and head o­n to Hong Kong (1daily; 8hours). Beihai is another transit port for tourists headed for Hainan Island. The daily Beihai-Haikou ferry takes about 11hours (Details please see the Beihai section).

Guangxi Festivals

Huapao Festival is a traditional festival which is popular in Tong, Miao,Zhuang ethnic groups in Sanjiang, Longshen and Rongshui. The time is different in these areas. Some are o­n junar Junuary 3,some are o­n Junar May 15 or Feb 2.
The Gexu Festival of Zhuang is o­n Junar March 3. o­n that day, the town of Zhuang ethnic groups will become of a sea of songs. From ancient times till now People of Zhuang ethic minority, who are good at singing and dancing, have developed and maintained their old tradition of meeting friends with songs, selecting the excellent through singing competition, and express affection through with songs. All these customs bring into forth the March 3rd (lunar calendar) Folk Song Festival. The activities to be hold during the festival include Choosing o­ne's Sweetheart through Singing; Singing Contests, including Gassing Game o­n Song Names, Singing in the Form of Making Couplets, Tale-telling Singing, and so o­n; Recreational Self-entertaining performance and sport competitions, such as Throwing XiuQiu, Banxie Dance, Dancing o­n High Stilt, Land Boat Performance, Peg-top Performance, Thick-stick Balance Show, and Cockfight, etc; art shows, for instance, Zhuang Opera, Shigong Opera, and Tea-picking Opera.

The Niuhun Festival of Zhuang is o­n junar April 8 . It is a festival respresenting the Zhuang minorty people’s tradition to respect and love cow.
Li ethnic minority:
Love birds Festival, Mending Road Festival, Fire Fishing Festival
Yangshuo Fire Fishing Festival
Time: autumn.Yangshuo Fire Fishing Festival, which is hold for three days in the Golden autumn season each year, is reputed as o­ne of the eight best sceneries in Yangshuo. Yangshuo Fire Fishing Festival is initiated by the local Government from 1998. Major activities during the festival are characterized by Lights o­n Fishing Boats, bonfire, and fireworks, the theme of the festival. There are joint art show, folk cultural and artistic performance at squares, fine arts exhibition, calligraphy exposition, photograph show, football events, chest contest, cycling competition and other forms of artistic events. All these activities display the happy and prosperous life in Yangshuo County. The major activities, together with lantern performance at the foot of Bilian Peak, such as Silong Chushui (four dragons rushing out of water) and Qianzhan Liandeng (means thousands of lanterns in the shape of lotus floating o­n river water), constitute the fantastic scenery featuring the integrity of fire, lantern and river.

Miao ethnic minority:
 Tiaopo Festival, Gushe Festival, Lusheng Festival

Guangxi Service Telephones

Nanning tourism complaints :0771-2821623 * 3184
Guilin Tourism complaints :0773-2800315
North Sea tourist complaints :0779-2051091

Civil Aviation tickets Inquiries: 2431459
Railway station inquiry: 2222222
Motor station inquiry: 2411284
China National Tourism quality surpervision instute complaint TEL :010-65275315, 65201521
Guangxi tourism quality supervision and management complaint
Tel: 2612216
Guangxi industrial and commerial Burear 3 15 complaints center: 5888315

Guangxi Hotels

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