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Introduction:Guanghan is the cradle of the Ancient Shu Culture, National famous Historical,Cultural and Tourism City, Cradle of China’s Rural Reform, Experiment Area for State Sustainable Development,..

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Guanghan Introduction

Guanghan is the cradle of the Ancient Shu Culture, National famous Historical,Cultural and Tourism City, Cradle of China’s Rural Reform, Experiment Area for State Sustainable Development, A City with Strong Economy and Unique Industrial Features, Famous Cultural City with Profound Historical Connotation
Located in the center of sichuan province, Guanghan is the important city to the nirth of chengdu and from the ancient time, it has been regarded as the thoroughfare in Sichuan province and the pivot to the Capital. Guanghan is o­nly 23km away from chengdu proper to its south and 18km away from deyang City proper to its north. The flat land, the mild climate, the interweaving rivers, the fertile land, the appealing city appearance, and the picturesque scenery, all these win  Guanghan the name of The Backyard Garden of Chengdu.Guanghan has a territory of 538 square kilometers  with 24 town and townships and 580.000 populations under her jurisdiction.
Guanghan is o­ne of the Top 10 counties in Sichuan Province in terms of economic strength .her industry-centered economy features the following leading lines of industries: machinery, building materials, light textile, foodstuffs and tourism. As a famous historical cultural city ,Guanghan possesses abundant tourist resources including world famous national key cultural relics protection unit, Sanxingdui Ancient Relics Culture, which is o­ne of the five ace tourist scenic spots designated by Sichuan province, etc.
Guanghan City is the country's and Sichuan Province's experimental area for comprehensive reform. In 1980s, township enterprises rose as a new force. Recently, the ownership transformation of enterprises has been quickened. Predominant industries like tourism, pharmaceutical and building material, etc. being driven by the development of the Sanxingdui ruins have been boosted in a whole range. The industrialization of agriculture has gained obvious achievement in development.

Guanghan Traffic

Baocheng railway: it begin from Shitingjiang, stop at qingaijiang, the total length is 28 km. There are two railway stations along the railway : guanghan railway station and xinxing railway station. It is built in June, 1953.
Guangyue railway : it is from guanghan to shifang yuejiashan, it is a branch line of baocheng railway . it is built in 1976.
Guanghan city has 9 public bus lines, opens 4 urban public bus lines. the price of line 6 is 1.5 yuan, and others are 1 yuan. So far guanghan city has three taxi companies which have 170 taxis, 387 drivers. The starting fare is 2 yuan, and then 1.6 yuan per km.
Bus and fare: chengdu zhaojue bus station has bus from chengdu to guanghan, the fare is 10 yuan. After you arrive in guanghan city, and then visit sanxingdui museum by line6 , the price is 1.5 yuan.

Guanghan Festivals

Bao Bao international festival
February 23, Guanghan, Sichuan held Bao Bao international festival, many people choose the same day, unpaid blood donation, the day 152 people to donate blood to 30,400 milliliters. Background information: Guanghan, Sichuan Bao Bao from traditional folk festival "You sickness" and pull "Bao Bao" evolved from the custom of traditional folk festivals, select the legend o­n trips to avoid illnesses, strokes Cheung Nafu.

Songlin peach blossom festival: songlin is 18 km away from guanghan city, it is known as Huaguoshan. When spring is coming, the peach blossom is in full bloom, attacts many visitors . since 1999, songlin peach blossom festival has been held in March to actract more and more tourists to play.
Burn and play dragon lantern: swing dragon is a traditional folk activity in guanghan.on annual Jan 15 , people hold the activities such as swing dragon and burn dragon lantern in the center of city urban.

Guanghan Service Telephones

Water search and rescue dedicated telephone 12395
Consumer complaint hotline, 12315
The quality of goods complaints hotline, 12365
Prices complaints Tel :12,358
Chengdu City Tourism Bureau complaints 86622065
Taxi complaints 86636630
Sichuan Tourism enforcement Corps 86654780
Dujiangyan tourism inspection group 87271069

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    Guanghan Hotel

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