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Introduction:Fuyang has established itself as o­ne of the "100 cities of superior overall strength" in China, and was listed among the first batch of open door coastal cities. Fuyang is situated ..

Districts: Haining Hangzhou Anji Cixi Deqing Dongyang Fenhua Fuyang Haiyan Huangyan Huzhou Jiashan Jiaxin Jinhua Lanxi Linan Linhai Lishui Longyou Ningbo

Attractions: The Gaoming Temple East Lake Yinshan Mausoleum Lanke Mountain Anchang Town Liuhe Pagoda 100-pace Beach Santiao Bridge Jianhu Lake Putuo Temple

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Fuyang Introduction

Fuyang has established itself as o­ne of the "100 cities of superior overall strength" in China, and was listed among the first batch of open door coastal cities. Fuyang is situated at the center of the geographical triangle marked by Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo. Nature endows Fuyang with the amenity of environments, scenic beauty, the mildness of climate, and the grace of four seasons. The whole city covers 1830 sqaure km, including 16 towns and 9 townships, with a total population over 600,000. With tourist attractions and rural beauty, as well as easy transportation, Fuyang has become known as "The backyard of Pudong, New Area of Shanghai. It stands out as a ge m along the Fuchun River - Huang Mountain - Xin'an River tour lines of travel.
Fuyang, which in ancient times was known as Fuchun, has a long history dating back to the beginning of the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC). Fuyang is sewn liberally with relics of human cultivation, as well as natural magnificence. Some shining examples are Sto rk Mountain, the Eight Scenic Spots of Fuchun, and the Angling Terreace of Yan Zilling, o­nce residence of the famous artist Huang Gongwang, of the Yuan Dynasty(1279-1368), painter of the famous landscape "Life in the Hills of Fuchun".Fuyang has been the h ome of many historical people, including Sun Quan, King of Wu during the period of Three States (220-280), and Yu Dafur2 (1896-1945), famous writer and novelist. Recent history brings a time of economic developement, with Fuyang taking advantage of status as o­ne of the first open door coastal cities, supporting the utilities, facilities and transportation infrastructure needed to promote international and domes tic trade.

Fuyang Traffic

The 320 National Highway stretches across the region; the new 32.5m wide semi-enclosed expressway is completed along its entire length; the airport of Hangzhou is o­nly 40km away. The First Fuchun Bridge spans from north to south, linking the 104 High way and Zhe-Gan Railrod to the city. Meanwhile, regional railway is being planned within the division.
Taxi: the basic charge is 6 yuan, and 2 yuan/km for the additional mileage.

Fuyang City Bureau of Transportation Tel: 0571-63323866
Fuyang City Motor Transport Bus Company Tel: 571-63322792
Fuyang City tourism charter Tel: 0571-23223200, 23223208
Fuyang City passenger transport station hotline: 16826665
Fuyang City Xindeng bus station: 0571-23206130
Fuyang City Flight Ticket Office: 0571-63347111
Fuyang City car calling hotline: 16860999
Fuyang City Bus Companies Inquiry Tel: 0571-23206102
Fuyang City new station Tel: 0571-63323648

Fuyang Festivals

Spring festival: the first day of lunar new year." open the door" with firecrackers at dawn, men prepare sugar soup and changshou noodles for women. In the past time the portrait of ancestor would be hung up in the major room and the householder worship the ancestor, the younger generation hand in eggs and tea respectfully to the superior. There is also the custom in Fenshui area to invite relatives to feast. The floor are not to be swept and no knife or needles or something else with a sharp blade to be used. And then pay a New Year call the next day.

Dragon boat festival: also called "Duanwu festival". In the past days people decorate the door with herbal leaves, and smoke inside the house by burning herbs. Spread limes along side the wall and sometimes hung portrait of "zhongkui” to scare ghosts away, or stick charms o­n the door. o­n the day with no exception people eat rice dumpling and "five Guan"(yellow-fin tuna, yellow eel, vitellin, cucumber and king’s yellow liquor), in addition they boil meat with garlic. Children wear aroma bag, eat king’s yellow horse bean and smear king’s yellow o­n their foreheads. Doctors collect herbs for standby o­n the day. Before the day of the festival, grandmothers give their grandsons fans, bellybands, aroma bags and tiger headed shoes etc.

Fuyang Service Telephones

Fuyang City Tourism Bureau Inquiry Tel: 0571-63326346, 63326348 Fax: 0571-63348015
Fuyang City Longmen County Tourism Inquiry Tel: 0571-63506192 Fax: 0571-63506232
Fuyang City Fuchunjiang Tourism Inquiry Tel :0571-64652646 Fax: 0571-64651949
Fuyang City Tongtian Waterfall Tourism Inquiry Tel :0571-63283388 Fax: 63283398

Fuyang Hotels

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    fuyangfuchun hotel

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