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Introduction:Fengning Manchu Autonomous County City is in north-west of Chengde. The southern part of it is next to the capital city of Beijing, and distance of them is o­nly 210 km. Fengning is..

Districts: Shijiazhuang Baoding Beidaihe Cangzhou Changli Chengde Fengning Handan Henshui Langfang Luanping Nandaihe Qinhuangdao Sanheshi Tangshan Xingtai Bazhou GaobeiDian QianAn Renqiu

Attractions: Wahuang Palace Puning Temple Ruyi Islet Jiaoshan Mountain Xifengkou Panjiakou Reservoir Gold Coast Lizheng Gate Middle Sea Beach Yesanpo

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Fengning Introduction

Fengning Manchu Autonomous County City is in north-west of Chengde. The southern part of it is next to the capital city of Beijing, and distance of them is o­nly 210 km. Fengning is very vast and has unique tourism resources, it contains the first Beijing North Prairie, White Cloud Hole, Kowloon Pines, Hung Tang Temple Spa, and other attractions.
Fengning is very rich in tourism resources. "Promote the tourism, opening up, large conglomerates and large-scale development" This is in the Fengning economic development strategy. With the development of tourism resources, the county economic development will be faster. Fengning people will be a new attitude to meet tourists from all directions.

Fengning Traffic

Fengning County is in north-west of Chengde City. To the south, the distance between Fengning and Beijing is o­nly 180 kilometers, and is 170 kilometers from the Chengde.
The National Road 111 and 112 pass through the county, and added with its various levels of highway travel, it made a convenient traffic network. In addition, the Beijing-Fengning railway comes through the County in the southeast.
Taxis in Fengning type broadly as: Xiali, Antelope, General Santana, Fukang, and so o­n.
The starting fee is four yuan / 2 km, and 1.2 yuan per kilometer. Nocturnal fee (evening 22:00 to 06:00 the next day) is 1.4 yuan per kilometer.

Fengning Festivals

Spring Festival is a traditional festival, and it is symbol of unity, prosperity and the future sustenance of new hope for the festive season. According to records, in China the Spring Festival has a four thousand years history. In the past Spring Festival is also called New Year's Day.
Lantern Festival is also called the yuan night, the Festival of Lights.
the total population of Fengning Manchu Autonomous County is 368,000, and it has Manl, Mongolia, Hui, Han and other 13 nationalities. The population of Man is 62.5 percent of the total population , in addition, there are a significant number of Mongolian population. Here Man and Mongolia national customs is strong.

Fengning Service Telephones

Fengning Manchu Autonomous County of tourist complaints Tel :0314-8012130
Fengning Manchu Autonomous County of maternal and child health centres :0314-8012571
passenger terminal Tel :0314-87025775

Fengning Hotels

  • the MS dam Villa Ranch · cowboy town

    the MS dam Villa Ranch · cowboy town

    Two-star or Less Fengning Price:-

    We will provide your business and tourism to provide all the services guests each needs to be the most convenient.---

  • Xiulan Hotel

    Xiulan Hotel

    Five-star Baoding New Urban Price:-

    Baoding's Xiulan Hotel (Baoding Xiulan Fandian), located on South Lekai Street, provides a range of deluxe business suites. It has a conference center, which can hold up to 600, at ..

  • Jinjiang Inn (Zhangjiakou People's Park)

    Jinjiang Inn (Zhangjiakou People's Park)

    Two-star or Less Zhangjiakou Price:-

    Situated on the bank of Qingshui River, the Jinjiang Inn (Zhangjiakou People's Park) (Jinjiang Zhixing-Renmin Gongyuan Dian) is adjacent to a commercial street, a long-distance bus sta..

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