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Introduction:For many centuries, Dali was the principal city of Yunnan, far more important than Kunming. Dali was the capital of the Nanchao Kingdom which made its power felt deep into China. Much la..

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Dali Introduction

For many centuries, Dali was the principal city of Yunnan, far more important than Kunming. Dali was the capital of the Nanchao Kingdom which made its power felt deep into China. Much later, in the mid-19th century, Dali was a Muslim stronghold from were the Yunnan capital of Kunming had been raided several times.
Still now, Dali is predominantly inhabited by Bai people, o­ne of the strongest ethnic minorities in Yunnan province. The Bais are closely related to the Thais of Thailand, as well as to another ethnic minority in Yunnan province, the Dais.
Actually, the Thais of Thailand o­nly became an ethnic group distinct from the Bais and Dais of Yunnan after Kublai Khan had defeated the Nanchao Kingdom. At that time, a large number of the Nanchao aristocracy, together with many of their subjects, migrated south, into Southeast Asia and present-day Thailand where they dislodged the Khmers who at that time were ruling over much of Southeast Asia.
The Thai group of people now classified as Thais, Dais, Bais, and under various other names, had been settling the Dali area for more than 3,000 years. Even today, there is much awareness among Thais that Yunnan is where they originate from.
Like Kunming, Dali, some 400 kilometers to the west, is located near a major lake, Erhai Lake. And like Kunming, Dali lies at an altitude of about 1,900 meters.
The main attraction of Dali is probably the surrounding countryside. To the west lies the Cangshan Mountain Range with peaks well above 4,000 meters and a large number of most picturesque Buddhist temples. Unlike the Han Chinese, the Dais and Bais of the Dali area are Hinayana Buddhists, so o­ne may see saffron-robbed monks.

Dali Traffic

Dali lies at the junction of the Yunnan-Burma Highway (320 National Highway) and the Yunnan-Tibet Highway (214 National Highway). From here Dali connects to other regions of western Yunnan Province. In addition, the Dali-Kunming Freeway is now open. Three long-distance bus stations handle freight and passenger transportation in and out of Dali with ease. Dali also has o­ne railway station that runs four trains a day to Kunming. And Dali has its own airport. This increasingly modern transportation system makes it easier than ever to commute between Dali and other cities.

The urban public transportation in Dali is very convenient. There are dozens of city bus routes covering the entire city. Recently, the government has begun expanding the construction of country roads. And with taxis, autobuses and minibuses, it's easier than ever to explore the scenic spots of Dali. The basic charge of common Taxi is 5 RMB, and 6 RMB for Santana.

Dali Festivals

The traditional festivals of Bai ethnic group include: the March Fair and the Torch Festival.
The March Fair, which falls between March 15 and 20 of the lunar calendar, is a grand festival of the Bai ethnic group. It is celebrated every year at the foot of the Diancang Hill to the west of Dali city. It is a fair as well as an occasion for sporting contests and theatrical performances. People gather there to enjoy dances, horse racing and other games.
The Torch Festival is held o­n June 25. Torches are lit everywhere to usher in a bumper harvest and to bless the people with good health and fortune. Streamers bearing auspicious words are hung in doorways and at village entrances alongside the flaming torches. Villagers, holding aloft torches, walk around in the fields to drive insects away.

Dali Service Telephones

Dali Tourism Complaints Tel: 0872-96927
Yuannan Province Tourism Complaints Tel: 0871-4608315
National Tourism Complaints Tel: 010-65275315

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