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Introduction:Fengtai District is a precinct of the municipality of Beijing. It lies to the southwest of the greater urban area of the city. It is 306 square kilometres in area, making it the third-la..

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FengTai Introduction

Fengtai District is a precinct of the municipality of Beijing. It lies to the southwest of the greater urban area of the city. It is 306 square kilometres in area, making it the third-largest precinct in the greater urban part of Beijing, and is home to 1.36 million inhabitants. This precinct is newly urbanized in comparison to those precincts in the old city, and until mid-1980's, it was still a mostly rural area: pig pens and goat pens were common, and major parts of the precinct had no electricity. It was o­nly during the recent rapid economic development that the precinct was urbanized.

Changxindian (population 78 092) and Yungang (population 32 894) street committees of Beijing make up an urban area distinct from Beijing. Examination of the Google Earth image gives an area of 14.5 square kilometers for this area and a population estimate of 130,000. In Qing Dynasty times, Fengtai was where the Imperial Manchu Army had its camps, trained, and held parades o­n festive occasions.

FengTai Traffic

The southwestern stretches of the 3rd Ring Road,  4th Ring Road and 5th Ring Road all run through Fengtai area, as well as the Jingshi Expressway (Jingzhu Expressway).

Taking taxi is a convenient choice. Taxi brands in Beijing are mostly Xiali and CIORTEN ZX. Fees are charged according to driving mileage. Taxi-takers will be charged 1.20 Yuan per kilometer by taking Xiali and new China Sub-warhead. Basic charge 10 Yuan shall be charged by supposing to drive 4 kilometers. Taking Santana and CIORTEN ZX charge 1.60 to 2.00 Yuan pr kilometer and the basic charge is 10 to 12 Yuan. The indication of price charging for per kilometer is usually indicated in taxi windows. Taxi fee will be added appropriately in case of waiting, driving at night and mileage for driving without passenger. Please form the habit of asking for bill when getting off the taxi. Such information as car number, company name to which belonged and complaint telephone etc. are listed in the bill. If you lost something in the taxi or you were charged too much, you could check out the car by telephone quickly. It is recommended to look at the map before getting o­n the taxi and get a rough comprehension about the direction and driving route in case of delaying time for traveling.

FengTai Festivals

The Festival of Lanterns takes place at the end of the Chinese New Year Celebration, o­n the fifteenth day of the first moon.  Lanterns have been part of Chinese life for centuries so it's not surprising to see a festival of lanterns.  

People usually hang lanterns in the gardens, outside the houses, and o­n the boats.  These lanterns are signposts to guide guests and spirits of ancestors to the Lunar celebration.  After a sumptuous fifteen-day feast, these lanterns light the way for the spirits back to the world beyond.

Silk, paper and plastic lanterns vary in shape and size and are usually multi-colored. Some are in the shapes of butterflies, birds, flowers, and boats.  Other are shaped like dragon, fruit and animal symbols of that year.  The most popular type of lantern is the "horse-racing" o­ne, in which figures or animals rotate around the vertical axis of the lantern.

The special food for the Lantern Festival is Yuen Sin or Tong Yuen.  These are round dumplings made with sticky rice flour.  They can be filled and served as a sweet snack or made plain and cooked in a soup with vegetables, meat and dried shrimp.  The round shape of the dumpling is a symbol of wholeness, completeness and unity.

The Lantern Festival is an occasion for families to get together and for everyone--young, old, rich and poor to have fun.

FengTai Service Telephones

Travel Advisory: 81191011
Tourist Complaints: 81191168
Folk Hotline: 8119688381194274
Price Complaints: 12,358
Taxi Dispatch Center Tel: 68373399
Civil Aviation Information: 2580
Civil Aviation Reservation: 2581
Beijing Railway Station Inquiries: 51019999
Beijing West Railway Station Inquiries: 51826273
Beijing South Railway Station Inquiries: 51837262
Beijing North Station Inquiries: 51866223
Railway Information: 2585
Train ticket booking hotline: 2586
Beijing Fire Protection Hotline: 62228119
Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Complaints Tel: 65275315

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