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Introduction:Chongwen District is located southeast relative to city center (Tiananmen), and is situated between Yongdingmen and Qianmen. It spans an area of 16.46 square kilometers and its population..

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Attractions: Longtan Park Temple of Heaven Beijing Museum of Natural History Mosque Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park Beijing Amusement Park Baiyunguan Temple Linlong Mountain Baihua Mountain Natural Scenic Area National Stadium

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Chongwen District is located southeast relative to city center (Tiananmen), and is situated between Yongdingmen and Qianmen. It spans an area of 16.46 square kilometers and its population, at present, has reached over 430,000 individuals (346,205 in 2000 Census). Although not outlying, Chongwen Precinct is among o­ne of Beijing's more compact precincts, with per capita area being considerably less than others. Its rather meagre size makes it the smallest of the four districts which used to comprise the old city. Before the communist takeover, Chongwen and Xuanwu Districts were the two precincts with large number of residents who lived in poverty.

Chongwen Precinct is renowned for The Temple of Heaven and Longtan Park, as well as housing both Quanjude and Bianyifang, the two original (and still most authentic) Peking Roast Duck restaurants.

The Beijing Subway station Chongwenmen is located in this precinct.

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Taking taxi is a convenient choice. Taxi brands in Beijing are mostly Xiali and CIORTEN ZX. Fees are charged according to driving mileage. Taxi-takers will be charged 1.20 Yuan per kilometer by taking Xiali and new China Sub-warhead. Basic charge 10 Yuan shall be charged by supposing to drive 4 kilometers. Taking Santana and CIORTEN ZX charge 1.60 to 2.00 Yuan pr kilometer and the basic charge is 10 to 12 Yuan. The indication of price charging for per kilometer is usually indicated in taxi windows. Taxi fee will be added appropriately in case of waiting, driving at night and mileage for driving without passenger. Please form the habit of asking for bill when getting off the taxi. Such information as car number, company name to which belonged and complaint telephone etc. are listed in the bill. If you lost something in the taxi or you were charged too much, you could check out the car by telephone quickly. It is recommended to look at the map before getting o­n the taxi and get a rough comprehension about the direction and driving route in case of delaying time for traveling.

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The spring holiday can be more than banquets with families and friends, lazing around o­n sofas watching TV soaps and surfing the Internet. There are plenty of activities that happen during the spring festival, such as temple fairs.

As an important form of folk economic and cultural activity, temple fairs are where people trade, entertain and worship. As the name suggests, the origin of temple fairs is closely related to temple activities. They used to be held o­nly during temple festivals or special temple fair days and were complemented with some business activities. As time went by, the religious color of temple fair faded and temple fairs became more and more like flea markets for common folks.

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Beijing tourism hotline: 65130828
Beijing Railway Information: 65288448
Beijing Civil Aviation Information Inquiry: 962580
Beijing air ticket booking tel: 962581

Travel Advisory: 81191011
Tourist Complaints: 81191168
Folk Hotline: 8119688381194274
Price Complaints: 12,358
Taxi Dispatch Center Tel: 68373399
Civil Aviation Information: 2580
Civil Aviation Reservation: 2581
Beijing Railway Station Inquiries: 51019999
Beijing West Railway Station Inquiries: 51826273
Beijing South Railway Station Inquiries: 51837262
Beijing North Station Inquiries: 51866223
Railway Information: 2585
Train ticket booking hotline: 2586
Beijing Fire Protection Hotline: 62228119

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