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Liuhe Pagoda

Introduction: IntroductionThe Liuhe (Six Harmonies) Pagoda is a famous octagonal pagoda, built in 970, which..

Tickets:Fee and opening hours;Admission: 15RMB/per, 7.5RMB/per childOpening hours: 8:00-16:

Travel Tips:Tips:1.there are lots of delicious nosh in Hangzhou, do not miss had better wear s..

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Liuhe Pagoda Introduction

The Liuhe (Six Harmonies) Pagoda is a famous octagonal pagoda, built in 970, which towers majestically o­n the Yuelun Mountain by the Qiantang River. The brick and wood structure is a masterpiece of traditional Chinese architecture--59.89 meters high and a total of seven floors. (It o­nly appears to have 13 stories from the outside.) A stone staircase leads to the top, where o­ne can enjoy the beauty of the Qiantang River.
The Liuhe Pagoda in Hangzhou is also known as the Six Harmonies pagoda and it is located o­n the picturesque Yuelun Hill. Attracting thousands of tourists every year, the pagoda is an example Chinese architecture at its best. It was constructed in 386AD during the Northern Song Dynasty and it derives its name from the six Buddhist ordinances.

Liuhe Pagoda Features

Legends have it that the Pagoda was built in order to calm the tidal waters of Qiantang river and as a navigational aid. The temple overlooks the sparkling Qiantang River and the West Lake. When you finally reach the top of the temple by climbing the spiral stone staircase, you can have a spectacular view of the grand bridge over the Qiantang River.
The pagoda is mainly constructed of wood and brick and it has an octagonal shape. The temple has the appearance of a thirteen-storied building while it actually has o­nly seven interiors. The ceilings of every floor are beautifully decorated and there are colorful paintings of animals, flowers and birds. Each floor has a strange zigzag corridor, a small chamber and of course the exterior and the interior walls. Such is the structure of the Pagoda that the sun’s light creates various hues o­n the temple surface.

Liuhe Pagoda Tickets

Fee and opening hours;
Admission: 15RMB/per, 7.5RMB/per child
Opening hours: 8:00-16:30

Liuhe Pagoda Transporation

Bus: 808, 594,538,504, 308

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