Xinglong tropical botanical garden

Xinglong tropical botanical garden

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Xinglong tropical botanical garden

Introduction: IntroductionXinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is located in Wuning City of Hainan Island. The ..

Tickets:Xinglong tropical botanical garden fee and opening hoursAdmission: CNY45, CNY20(student, teach..

Travel Tips:Tips1. There are free guide.2. June to September are the typhoon seasons, is not suitable for..

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Xinglong tropical botanical garden Introduction

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is located in Wuning City of Hainan Island. The Garden gives tourists a panorama view of many kinds of Tropical plants and trees in the island as Hainan Island lies in the tropical climate zone. It was built in 1957 and covers an area of 0.4 square kilometers. It possesses more than 1200 plant species such as coffee, pepper, cocoa, and dragon trees. The garden is developed and managed by the Tropical Spice and Beverage Crops Research Institute of China Institute of Tropical Agriculture. It not o­nly has preserved kinds of tropical spice and beverage crops, but also various rare tropical plants.
From November to the next March, while the other places are covered in the chilly air, sunlight here is shining,  it's the best time to visit here and enjoy the summer sunlight in winter.

Xinglong tropical botanical garden Features

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is nearly perfect for plants to grow; now the botanic garden does not o­nly play the role of an important agricultural base, but also a famous tourism resort. It really deserves the name of "tropical plants encyclopedia". It will be a wonderful experience to know what Coco, coffee, peppers and many other plants we may never see them before look like before you have them in your cups. It is o­ne of the most popular tourists attractions o­n Hainan Island.

Xinglong tropical botanical garden Tickets

Xinglong tropical botanical garden fee and opening hours
Admission: CNY45, CNY20(student, teacher, the elderly), free for the armyman
Opening hours: 07:30-18:00

Xinglong tropical botanical garden Transporation

1. bus from Haikou East Bus Station to Xinglong, 2 hours
2. motorcycle from Xionglong town to botanical garden, round trip CNY 15.

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