Qionghai Wanquan River

Qionghai Wanquan River

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Qionghai Wanquan River

Introduction: IntroductionWanquan River, its natural zoology conserved the most perfectly in China tropic zon..

Tickets:Qionghai Wanquan River fee and opening hoursDrift fee: CNY120Opening hours: 8:00-18:0

Travel Tips:Tips1. prepare clothes to change2. sunscreen cream, sunglass and hat are necessary3. prevent y..

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Qionghai Wanquan River Introduction

Wanquan River, its natural zoology conserved the most perfectly in China tropic zone, named as Chinese Amazon River, is the mother river in Hainan.
The whole length of Wanquan River is 163 kilometers, originated from Five-finger Mountain. Along the upper reaches are marvelous peaks, flourishing coconut trees and busy ships and people can't bear themselves away because of the charming water scenery; along the lower reaches are densely covered ports and people enjoy themselves so much by the scenes full of pastoral characteristics. Wanquan River tourist zone that is provincial landscape zone takes the nature river scenery as its principal part, and its main function is tour, travel, entertainment and taking holiday. Wanquan River is mainly made up of Wanquan River tourism and entertainment dock, megalith Coconut Street, Shopping Street, Red Women Army Statue, ShaZhou lsland, and Wanquan River Big Dam. The tourist items include the big water sightsee yacht, motorboat, yacht, bamboo raft and so o­n.
Travel o­n Wanquan River, return to the nature, and together with the sky and earth, will bring you the most perfect and memorable travel all your life.

Qionghai Wanquan River Features

Wanquan River Drift  takes more than 2 hours to go through entirely. Along the course, you gain opportunity to experience excitement while drifting over torrent and dangerous shoal and pleasure while journeying along the river to feast your eyes with natural beauty o­n either bank.
Valley Exploration constitutes of a number of thrilling programs just as rowing up against rapid current, going through the rain forest, jumping off the cliff etc. that turn you back into the bosom of nature and challenge yourself to conquer fear.
Valley Mystery Discovery is free from creepy feelings but safety and tranquility. Close your eyes to imagine that a boat is crawling among mountains; People are lingering about beside brooks and valley; springs running down from a daring height are overlapping, so are waterfalls, what a comforting experience it would be.
Night Drift in the valley calms you down as still as creatures at night: foggy mountains, vague trees, flying firebugs, singing birds and insects. o­nly the charm of mother nature can last forever.
Besides drift, exploration and night drift, other programs like angling, camping and fire party are within choice. Wanquan River Natural Banquet will feast your stomach generously. Putting aside holiday taking, Wanquan River Shen Ao Valley Scenery Spot is also quite suitable for firm or organization exploration training and student quality education.

Qionghai Wanquan River Tickets

Qionghai Wanquan River fee and opening hours
Drift fee: CNY120
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

Qionghai Wanquan River Transporation

1. special tour bus to Wanquan river drift, address: Dongfeng Road 88, Qionghai city(near Qionghai head office of ICB). 9:30am and 1:30 pm
2. taxi from Qionghai urban area to Yanyuan Hydropower Station, CNY150
3. Dongxian speedway, Haikou-Bishilong intersection, 98km
4. Sanya-Baishiling/Zhongyuan town intersection. 1 hour
5. Qionghai-Guantang-Yezhai-Baishiling-Longjiang town-Dongping farmland-Yanyuan hydropower station

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