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Introduction: Introduction Chongqing Arhat Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple and monastery, is situated in ..

Tickets:Arhat temple fee and opening hourAdmission : 5 yuanOpening hour: 8:00—18:00

Travel Tips:Tips When traveling, please wear suitable clothes and shoes. Its average temperature in Jan,..

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Arhat Temple Introduction

Chongqing Arhat Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple and monastery, is situated in the busiest downtown area of Chongqing. Originally built about 1,000 years ago, during the Song Dynasty, it was rebuilt in 1752 and again in 1945. The present clay arhats were molded in the spring of 1986. More recently, the construction work of the Depository of Buddhist Texts and the Meditation Room has been completed, and the carving and molding are underway.
Arhat temple's (Luohan Si) location is a bit of a surprise—wedged tightly between skyscrapers and apartment blocks. The thousand-year-old building is still a place of worship and home to 18 monks (although o­nce upon a time, 70 monks were in residence here). The main draw is the impressive entrance to the temple decorated with hundreds of terracotta sculptures. This site is worthwhile even for the non-pious.
Chongqing has little frost and snow, much cloud and mist and abundant rainfall, especially in transition between summer and autumn. Its annual average temperature is about 18℃ with early spring, hot summer, short autumn and warm winter. The best traveling time is spring and winter.

Arhat Temple Features

“Luohan" is the Chinese rendering of the Sanskrit "arhat" which is a Buddhist term referring to people who attained enlightenment, while he postponed his entry to nirvana to assist others.
The temple was built by Zuyue monk in North Song dynasty, it was named Zhiping temple originally and recalled as Arhat temple in Ming dynasty. In Ming dynasty, the Xi’an Monk built monk’s hut, lotus pond, and rooms for receiving guests. Behind the monk’s hut, there is a fragrant and elegant kurajong, therefore people call Xi’an White kurajong Monk. The Gufo crag (Arhat cave) was built in Yuan dynasty. In 1885, Rongfa monk imitated Baoguang temple to rebuild Wubai Arhat Hall, so the Arhat temple became famous. In 1912, Haiqing monk went o­n repairing the temple, he rebuilt Law hall, Reception room, Monk hall, View hall etc, the Arhat had a grand scale. During the Sino-Japanese War period, China Buddhist Association moved to Chongqing, and set the temporary office in the Arhat temple which is mastered by Taixu monk. The Arhat became the national Buddhism center. In July, 1940, the temple was damaged by Japanese, it changed into an scorched earth, o­nly remained the great mountain gate and the stone carvings. After the war, it was rebuilt by Zongxian Monk.
Built about 1000 years ago, the temple has a long entranceway flanked by rock carvings, a hall of painted terracotta arhat sculptures and a hall containing a large gold Buddha figure. Behind the Buddha altar is an Indian-style mural depicting Prince Siddhartha in the process of his secular life to ultimate nirvana.
Among the attractions for a tourist visiting the temple are the Four Guardians of the World, the Stele Kiosk of the Ming Dynasty, and the ancient Buddhist cliff inscriptions of the Northern Song Dynasty. After stepping into the temple proper and ascending some stairs, the visitor may view the imposing Sakyamuni Hall and then visit the Depository of Buddhist Texts and the Meditation Room. o­n the temple grounds, there is also a vegetarian restaurant and a stand for sales of incense and candles.

Arhat Temple Tickets

Arhat temple fee and opening hour
Admission : 5 yuan
Opening hour: 8:00—18:00

Arhat Temple Transporation

You can go there by bus 103, 104,105,111,112,122 and electrical bus 401.

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