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Old Dragon Head

Introduction: IntroductionThe Great Wall appears like a huge dragon with its head ducking deep into Bo Hai t..

Tickets:Old Dragon Head fee and opening hoursAdmission 25yuanOpening hours 8:00-16:00

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubbis..

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The Great Wall appears like a huge dragon with its head ducking deep into Bo Hai to paddle in the water and frolic among the waves, so the place is popularly called “Old Dragon Head”. It is located in the area 5 km south of the Shanhai Guang city, which is o­ne of the most essential parts in the military safety defense system of the Ming Great Wall, and o­ne of the most important scenic spots in Shanhai Pass Scenic Area. Old Dragon Head reaches deep in the sea in the shape of a peninsula.

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The body of the wall naturally bends and extends along the coastline. It is built with blocks, and is composed of seven parts, namely, Joining the Sea Block city, the Sea God Temple, Jinglu Platform, South Sea Exit, Chenghai Pavilion, Ninghai city and Seashore Great Wall. Among these parts, Joining the sea block city is said to be built by the famous Anti-Japan General Qi Jiguang of Ming Dynasty, which is as high as about thirty foot. Half of the wall was under sea level and collapsed in later years, o­nly the granite foundation stones can still be seen immerged in the sea water; the Chenghai Pavilion is the highest point of the Old Dragon Head, an ideal place to appreciate the vastness and grandness of the sea.

Old Dragon Head Tickets

Old Dragon Head fee and opening hours
Admission 25yuan
Opening hours 8:00-16:00

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Bus34,25 to Shanhaiguan

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