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Xuebu Bridge

Introduction: IntroductionXuebu Bridge from a story is located in Handan, Hebei Province. Every year, many ..

Tickets:Xuebu bridge fee and opening hoursAdmission 20yuanOpening hours 9:00-16:30

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubbis..

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Xuebu Bridge Introduction

Xuebu Bridge from a story is located in Handan, Hebei Province. Every year, many Chinese go to visit this bridge to see where the story was set. The people of Handan named the little bridge ‘Xuebu Qiao’ or ‘Learning to Walk Bridge’. The bridge serves to remind everyone that you should never pretend to be someone you are not.
Handan touches Taihang Mountain at its east.
The climate of Handan belongs to the pattern of continental monsoon of the warm region, with four distinguished seasons, with temperate rain; Spring and autumn are short, while Summer and Winter are long. The best seasons for traveling are Spring and Autumn.

Xuebu Bridge Features

Xuebu bridge is from a old story “Handan xue bu”. 2000 years ago, in a town near Beijing, there lived a young man. o­ne day, he heard someone saying that the people in Handan walk very gracefully. So he ignored the advice of his family and used a large sum of money to travel to Handan to learn how to walk as they did. When he arrived in Handan he saw that everyone, men and women, young and old, all walked very gracefully. Every day, he would go and sit by a bridge to observe how the people walked. Then he tried to learn how to walk that way himself. Learning from others is right, but we should not completely imitate others. Finally, he did not learn waking from Handan people, and forgot how he walked before. If we imitate others, we not o­nly will fail to imitate them perfectly, but we will also forget our own way of doing things.

Xuebu Bridge Tickets

Xuebu bridge fee and opening hours
Admission 20yuan
Opening hours 9:00-16:30

Xuebu Bridge Transporation

Car from Huichexiang and turn north way, Congtai road

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