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Hongyadong Introduction

Hongyadong is located within 500 meters of Jiefangbei, o­n the cusp of the large CBD area made up of Jiefangbei, Daozishi, and Jiangbeicheng. The gravitational-like force of Jiefangbei, already the nucleus of commerce and business, makes Hongyadong a window to Chongqing and a must-see for travelers.
Additionally, Hongyadong offers much in the way of natural eye candy. Next to the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, it offers spectacular views of both water and city. In Chongqing, residences with river views are in high demand; and under the curtain of night, Hongyadong becomes a shiny focal spot of the landscape.

Hongyadong Features

-1F Binjiang Haochi Street
Over 300 Famous Treats to Tempt the Palate
Haochi St. of Hongyadong is close to the Jialing River. Its goal is to become the first bazaar solely devoted to famous Chinese snacks. More than 300 treats will offered, and no delicacy can enter the street without being accredited by the local government.

1F-2F Zhiyanhe Coastal Bar Street
America’s Largest Bar Comes to Capture Chongqing’s Elusive Night Owls
The bar street covers an area of over 15,000 square meters. o­n June 18th, the Pirate Bar, said to be America’s largest, opened its doors. The Pirate Bar has an area of 1,800 square meters, with 150 locations around the world, and it attracts big name stars from abroad.

3F Tianchengxiang Baiye Gongfang Street
Chongqing’s Colored Glass Curio Street                                                 Like the colored glass production street in Beijing, Tianchengxiang Baye Gongfang Street will also offer prints from Qijiang, paper cuttings from Liangping as well as other cultural crafts from around China. There will be many shops displaying rare calligraphy and art collections, craft exhibitions, colored glass production as well as auctions.

4F Tiancheng Romantic Folk Cuisine Street                                               With the Bayu Theater, a RMB60 Million Investment
Twenty meters above ground, the 4th floor is the most heavenly street in China. The Taiwanese Hongzhu Wedding Hall holds banquets and offers over 56 different national wedding customs. The “Hongding Meirenmei Hotpot” creates different styles of hotpot based o­n 8 Chinese dishes. And covering an area of over 4,000 square meters, the Bayu Theater, a RMB60 million investment, can seat 800 comfortably. Possessing the latest in international design and technology, it is even equipped with advanced acoustic engineering, including 8.1 tracks, a rarity in China. o­ne laser light in the Bayu Theater is worth over RMB1.8 million.

5F-8F Hongyadong Cuisine CitY                                                           The Most Luxurious Food in China
The top food names from all over the country can be found here. Quanjude has rented 3,000 square meters to offer all of Beijing’s specialties to the Chongqing people. The 4-star Longmen Hotel can also be found here.

9F-10F Exotic Apparel Street
The Hot Spot for Chongqing’s Fashion Divas
Beautiful clothes attract beautiful women. And, in the future, all of Chongqing’s beautiful women will be attracted here. “Xinguang Apparel” has already opened its doors, offering more than 200,000 items. There are also top international salons and home furnishing shops.

11F City Veranda
Restoring Several Historic Sites of Hongyadong
The Diaojiaolou Restaurant restores several historic sites of Hongyadong. The large city sculpture “Mountain City Memory,” winner of the annual “National Excellency City Sculpture” award can be found there. The sculpture incorporates the character “shan” (mountain) in ancient script, and put the hillside stilted houses together into the mountain with artistic and skillful fusion.

Hongyadong Tickets

Hongyadong Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: free
Opening hours: all day long

Hongyadong Transporation

Hongyadong is next to the Jiefangbei, the traffic is quite convinent.
9822,9833,862,609,604 will take you to Jiabing stop, you can see Hongyadong at o­nce.

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