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Huilongtan Pool

Introduction: Introduction:Huilongtan Pool Park locates at Tacheng Road, Jiading Town.  The park is adj..

Tickets:Huilongtan Pool Fee and Opening Hours:Tickets: 5RMB/perOpening Hours: 7:30-17:00

Travel Tips:Tips:There a lot of characteristic nosh in Jiading, such as “five taste” drumsticks. Don’t&..

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Huilongtan Pool Introduction

Huilongtan Pool Park locates at Tacheng Road, Jiading Town.  The park is adjacent to Confucian Temple. The Park got its name from the Huilong Tan pool (Pool of Convergent Dragons) in the front. The 400 year old pool was dredged up in Wanli period of Ming Dynasty (1588). It is said that five streams converged at the site of the Huilong Tan and the situation is just like five Chinese dragons winding their way. Yingkui Hill in the centre of the pool.  Seen from above, the hill is like a pearl surrounded by dragon-like green water, which forms an impressive natural beauty.

Huilongtan Pool Features

the construction of Huilongtan Pool Park was started in 1928, it was named as “Kuishan Hill Park”. By the side of the Pool is Kuixing Pavilion with double overhanging eaves, and among the luxuriant green trees o­n the hill is Siyi Pavilion, facing the plate of Confucian Temple in the distance.  Water reflection of the hill scenery doubles the beauty of the environment. Besides the natural scenery, the park also has cultural and historic relics such as the monuments of Hou Tongzeng and Huang Chunyao, who are regarded as 2 personages of loyalty in Ming Dynasty, and the site of wretched slaughtering of thousands of Small Knife Society risers. Other primitive, historic and well-protected scenic spots include stone pavilions, stone pagodas, stone hills and etc. of different dynasties such as Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing, and etc.

Huilongtan Pool Tickets

Huilongtan Pool Fee and Opening Hours:
Tickets: 5RMB/per
Opening Hours: 7:30-17:00

Huilongtan Pool Transporation

Beijia line: Jing’an temple(yan’an road, huaihai road)—Jiading city center(highway), tour line6, Jiading station.

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