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Zhenru Temple

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Zhenru Temple

Introduction:   Zhenru Temple, located in the north of Zhentu Town, is an important historical monument un..

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Zhenru Temple Introduction

  Zhenru Temple, located in the north of Zhentu Town, is an important historical monument under special preservation with an 800-year history. The Temple was built in Jiading era of the Southern Song Dynasty and called Zhenru Yard. It was rebuilt and then renamed Zhenru Temple by Monk Yong An in Jiading era. In the seventh year of the Yanyou era of the Yuan Dynasty (1320), Monk Miao Xin applied for funds to newly build the main hall, which is the oldest timberwork building of the Yuan Dynasty survived in south Yangtze River Area. “The ancient temple remains splendid despite 800 years”. At present, Zhenru Temple covers an area of 20 mu, with a floorage of 8,500 square meters. The scenery in the temple is very graceful and elegant. Tourists can see various antiques in the temple, which is a window for acquiring the ancient culture in Shanghai and is deemed as a classic work of Buddhist culture in Shanghai.

Zhenru Temple Features

Details of the Scenic Spot:
  Overall Introduction:
  The temple covers an area of over 20 mu. In the temple, the Mahavira Hall, the Avalokitesvara Hall, the stupa and the newly-built Tripitaka Houses and Abbot’ Room compose of an axis, o­n the both sides of which, all the side halls were built gradually. These buildings fall into a four-progressive-entrance yard divided by the 200-meter-long stele-corridor, the corridor before the hall and the gatehouse. The Mahavira Hall in the front of the yard was built in the seventh year of the Yanyou era of the Yuan Dynasty (1320). The 50-meter-high nine-storied stupa in the north of the yard has been the first stupa in the Shanghai area since the late Qing Dynasty. The whole fane, with a spectacular and beautiful style, is an eye-catching historic interest of Zhenru Ancient Town in Putuo District—the “West Hall” of Shanghai.
  Distinguishing Features:
  The Mahavira Hall is an important historical monument under special preservation of the state. Among the 16 poles in the hall, there are 10 poles constructed in the Yuan Dynasty. The gold poles in the front and in the back of the hall lean inwards; hence the name “Inward Feet”. The bases of 6 poles are the antiques of the Yuan Dynasty. o­n the bottom side of the ridge beam, a 26-character inscription that record the precise time of installing the beam. The other archaistic buildings are all constructed in accordance with the style of the hall, by adopting grey tiles, white wall, gable and hip roof with single eaves and dragon fastigium. Besides, they are decorated with the primary-colored woodworks, which make the whole building cluster look simple and unsophisticated. Along the river, there is a 200-meter-long stele-corridor that is rare in Shanghai. In the Avalokitesvara Hall, there is a four-side whole-piece white marble Kwan-yin, which weights 35 tons and is rare in Asia. The nine-storied stupa, in which the Buddhist relics are treasured, is the landmark scenery in Zhenru Town in the northwest of Shanghai. The figure that consists of the stupa, two Tripitaka houses, the cloud path in front of the stupa, the lotus ponds beside the path and the dragon-eyeball-shaped stone lotus springs in the ponds looks like a sleeping dragon. The virescence sights, such as the Wheel of Law and the four Chinese characters meaning persistent running of it made from plants o­n the lawn before the stupa and various precious potted plants before each hall, are unique among the temples in Shanghai.
  Major Sights and Main Attractions for Investors:
  the Yuan-dynasty Great Hall, the four-side Kwan-yin, the nine-storied stupa, the long stele-corridor, the picture of sleeping dragon, the picture of Wheel of Law, the Liuhe Garden, the ancient-tree Kwan-yin, the multi-arris wall, the stone arch bridge, the Buddhist relics, etc.

Zhenru Temple Tickets

Ticket fees:RMB 5

Opening Hour:8:00--16:00

Zhenru Temple Transporation

Address: No.5 Houshan Road Zhenru Town Putuo Area

Tel: 021--62971581

Traffic:No.01,62,63,105,106,129,136,223,516,550,551,706,708,717,724,740,742,743,754,766,768,807,838,852,858,860,866,Tourism Route 6A,Airport No.6

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