Zou Taofen Former Residence

Zou Taofen Former Residence

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Zou Taofen Former Residence

Introduction: IntroductionThe Zou Taofen Memorial, located at the former residence of Zou Taofen in Shanghai..

Tickets:Zou Taofen Former Residence Fee and Opening HoursAdmission Fee: RMB1Opening Hours: 9:30-16:30..

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Zou Taofen Former Residence Introduction

The Zou Taofen Memorial, located at the former residence of Zou Taofen in Shanghai, is a museum in memory of Zou Taofen (1895-1944), a Chinese correspondent, political commentator and publisher. The memorial was opened to the public o­n November 5, 1958, the occasion of the 63rdanniversary of Zou Taofen's birthday. The memorial is composed of two parts, Zou Taofen's former residence and the auxiliary display. The former residence is the place where Zou Taofen lived and worked in the 1930s. o­n May 26, 1959, the memorial was listed as o­ne of the municipal-level historical sites under the protection of Shanghai Municipality. The former residence is arranged as it was and most of the material objects are original. The part of auxiliary display reflects Zou Taofen's life story and ideological development with pictures, material objects and captions. Also o­n display are the inscriptions written by State leaders.
The memorial has collected 3,378 cultural items, of which 17 belong to Class o­ne collection, such as the manuscript of his posthumous workAdversities in My Remaining Yearsand the fountain pen he o­nce used. The main exhibits are as follows: Zou's original handwriting, posthumous manuscript, things left behind, articles for daily use, various editions of the books written or translated by him, the original copy of the publications edited by him, and the articles not publicly published; the publications of theLife Bookstorefounded by Zou Taofen and his comrades-in-arm Hu Yuzhi and Xu Boxin; the main archives of theLife Bookstore, such as the minutes of meetings and the restricted publication ofNewsletters of Bookstore Business; and the historical information of the major events of his time such as the Nation-Saving Society and the incident of the Seven Men of Virtue (a patriotic struggle related to the Nation-Saving Society from May 1936 to July 1937). The collections of the memorial also include the handwriting or reproduction of the inscriptions of the Party leaders and State leaders, such as Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianying, Song Qingling and Deng Yingchao after Zou Taofen's decease in 1944 as well as the rare collections of the handwritten copies of the elegiac couplets and elegiac speeches noted down at the memorial meetings held in Chongqing and Yan'an.

Zou Taofen Former Residence Features

Zou Taofen, a famous publisher and statesman in China. His old name was Zou Enrun and Taofen was his pseudonym after he was the editor in chief of Life.
He attended  Saint John's University in Shanghai when he was young. Saint John's University was originally a mission school opened by Americans ,the earliest university in Shanghai,currently named East China University Of Politics and Law . Taofen Building and Taofen Statue are the landmark buildings of the University. A famous monthly magazine named Education and Vocation was editored after his graduation. In 1930, Zou Taofen and his wife rented a house in  French Concession as their habitation. In November 22,1936, Nationalist Party Government arrested illegally Zou Taofen and other comrades from Save Nation Community and Seven Incident shocked the world. In 1944, Zou Taofen passed away in Shanghai.

Zou Taofen Former Residence Tickets

Zou Taofen Former Residence Fee and Opening Hours
Admission Fee: RMB1
Opening Hours: 9:30-16:30 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

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Bus Route: 17,24,36,146,575,780,781,786,864,869,933,932, Tunnel 8, Bridge Line 1

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