Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot

Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot

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Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot

Introduction: IntroductionLocated in Huairou District,You Gu Shen Tan Naturally Scenic Area is a new place f..

Tickets:Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot fee and opening hoursAdmission 16yuan  8.5yuan/studentOpe..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please pay attention to avoid thief. 2.Take care of your child. 3.You had better use s..

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Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot Introduction

Located in Huairou District,You Gu Shen Tan Naturally Scenic Area is a new place for visitors as the area is a resort of a world of shimmering green hills and clear azure waters,mysterious and wonderful scenery. About 75 kilometers from the downtown Beijing, it is easy of access. You Gu Shen Tan, renowned for specil location,peculiar mountain structure, rich mineral resources and appealing legend. Mountains are high and torrents are swift with green hills rolling o­n endlessly. Visitors have to admire the power of nature which bring us so much surprise.
Visitors coming from the urban like to come here, enjoying the creek singing in a soft voice. If you are a fan of painting and calligraphy,there are calligraphy, seal cutting, rock painting done by people from ancient times.

Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot Features

Due to its special geographical location, peculiar structure of the mountain and rich mineral resources, it becomes an attraction. The natural formed and spectacular of the scene is amazing; tourists can watch “Feipu” and “Shentan” there. Inside the scenic area, there are Tongtian Gate, Wohu Mountain, Shiwu, Leipi Stone, Yingyue Pond, Yingzui Mountain and other scenic spots. Tourists who are away from the urban hustle and bustle can listen to the singing of water; taste the sweet spring and enjoy calligraphy of celebrities; skating at a fast speed which is 300 meters let you have a feeling that you have never had before. The area of the water is about 80 square meters, and the pond is over six meters deep. Its water is clear and there are continuing high waterfall which is like a few meters wide drencher. Thus miracle scenery: such as “Shentan” and “Feipu” can be appreciate there.

Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot Tickets

Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot fee and opening hours
Admission 16yuan  8.5yuan/student
Opening hours 8:00-17:00

Yougushentan Natural Scenic Spot Transporation

Take bus 916 in the city to Huairou or take bus directly to Yougushentan from Beijing to Fengning; take bus 936 from Dongzhimen Bus Station and get off at Yougushentan Station.

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