Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot

Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot

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Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot

Introduction: IntroductionQingliang Valley Natural Scenic Spot approximately 110 kilometers away from downtown..

Tickets:Qingliang Valley Natural Scenic Spot fee and opening hoursAdmission Ticket: ¥25.Qinglinag Val..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please pay attention to avoid thief. 2.Take care of your child. 3.You had better use s..

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Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot Introduction

Qingliang Valley Natural Scenic Spot approximately 110 kilometers away from downtown Beijing, the Qingliang Valley Natural Scenic Spot is situated at Shicheng town, north of the Miyun Reservoir, Miyun County. It is a beautiful place famous for its natural sceneries. Unique landform has formed five waterfalls and thirteen ponds along the valley. Qingliang Valley Natural Scenic Spot is composed of three parts--- Qingliang Valley, Thousand-Chi Pearl Waterfall and Baihe River Great Canyon. Qingliang means clear and cool. And the Qingliang Valley is just like that.

Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot Features

With mountains and ponds along side, the valley is a very good place that visitors could embrace the nature and everyone will relax in an environment of fresh air and pleasant climate. With a height of 85.6 meters, the Thousand-Chi Pearl Waterfall is the most beautiful and splendid waterfall among the five waterfalls inside the scenic spot. It hangs outside a giant cave and thus forms northern China’s magnificent “Water Curtain Cave”. Visitors could see some black cranes perch o­n the cliffs. With clear brook and tranquil water flowing through, Baihe River Great Canyon has arduous cliffs and peculiar stones. Plus the lush green trees and the twittering of the birds, it is a pretty natural landscape. Qingliang Valley has unique entertainment activities, especially aquatic items, such as rafts, walk o­n aquatic wire, etc. integrating uniqueness, challenge, increasing cohesive force, and relaxing yourself, you could also catch fish for free in the pond and waterfall zone.

Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot Tickets

Qingliang Valley Natural Scenic Spot fee and opening hours
Admission Ticket: ¥25.
Qinglinag Valley: ¥16.
Qianchi Pearl Waterfall: ¥11.
Baihe Drifting (3-5 kilometers): ¥80-120.
Opening hours 8:00-17:00

Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot Transporation

Take coach from Dongzhimen to Miyun, or take special bus directly to the scenic spot at Dongzhimen at 7 o’clock o­n holidays and weekends.
Self-drive: Drive along Jingmi Road to Miyun, after 15 kilometers past Heilong Pond, you will arrive.

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